Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hoosier mama....???
ME!! I am living in Indiana!! The house has not sold yet. We were supposed to sign on the 26th - then the 30th. So, you may be wondering what happened. The house is under contract. The appraiser they initially hired suuuucked. First of all she was a day late - said she had car problems but I highly doubt that!! She was an hour late the day she was to show up. I parked down the street to make sure she showed up at all. She looked like she did not know what she was doing - seriously struggling with the tape measure (weird) then she never turned in her report. There was some weird mix-up in that a male (I knew it was a woman) said he would have the report Wednesday and if they didn't like it they could hire someone else. Whatever the mix-up was - no report was ever turned in. If you've ever sold a house - or bought one - you know everything has some time constraint. We had to sign papers to extend the buyers buying time because of this. So, they hired a new appraiser (who came in while we were packing the truck). That report came in TO-DAY. We had already rented a moving truck, Scott made plane reservations to fly out and Ryder made plans to drive out with us. I had put in my notice.... the ball was rolling!! Scott got to Colorado the evening of the 24th. We packed the 25th, loaded the truck the 26th and left the 27th!! We stayed in Independence MO that evening and arrived the 28th!! We unloaded the truck into a storage unit - or three!! Looks like they will sign on the house by next Tuesday. We have our realtor signing for us - limited power of attorney. Then we start looking for a new house!!
I was going to stay a little longer in Colorado - that is unreasonable. I was miserable without Scott. I thought I would do so many things while he was gone - turns out I like him more than I thought and I pined away the days. Now we can get back to doing the fun things together!!  I'm happy to be back with him.
I like Indiana so far. Boy is it humid here!! It is so green!! I saw fireflies for the first time in 35 years (ack I'm old) WOW they are magical - just magical. Yes, I know they are bugs but I am enamored!!  I am lost most of the time. Scott thinks I'm being obtuse but really when you use a GPS you are basically going where you are told and it takes longer to learn the route - I think anyway. I found a few stores, and a laundromat so I'm doing good!! For my birthday my friend Joanie found a cross-stitch store 20 minutes away and got me a gift card - WOO HOO!! I did not realize there was one so close!!
 Ryder flew back to Colorado on the 29th. Scott and I are officially empty nesters. I don't know how I feel about that. Seemed like it took forever raising kids and then in a blink they are gone. With Ryder I feel like I released a little fish into a big pond. I hope we raised that kid right. When he was going through security I kept thinking to myself - we are suppose to let them go - we are suppose to let them go. Taylor left home under suspicious circumstances that I wont go into but when she left I was mad  - so I didn't get to have those sad feelings about her moving on  - because she didn't really move on she just moved out. Ryder has to get himself to Santa Fe NM by August 22nd because he has been accepted into an art school there. He is thrilled and I hope it all works out - but that also gives me anxiety. Why couldn't he have done that when we were there to move him to his new state? AHHH  The past is behind us and I have to let them go be the people we raised them to be. Here is hoping hey make good decisions and are happy with the outcome.
always a ham
Mo - ohh Mo. That damn cat is afraid of his very own shadow. He only cried for a few minutes in the cage in the car. He was quiet the rest of the trip. The first day he kept an eye on where we were going - bridges are scary. The second day he slept. Apartment living is it's own weird hell and we have upstairs neighbor kids. They are noisy - not so much that it bugs ME and I'm a grumpy old lady, but the cat? He has been hiding since we got here. He's lost weight - he's a mess. I hope he adjusts soon.
So, I have some pictures of diners, a few finishes and stuff like that but it will have to be another post. Hope you all have a flashy butt kind of day (that's firefly talk)  

Monday, July 15, 2013


Scott was home this weekend!! It was nice to have him home - of course. We went to a diner from Diners Drive-ins and Dives. We thought this was the last one in Denver but those sneaky bastards slipped in another!! I guess we will have to try and go before we leave - or when we come back to visit!
The place we went is really cool. During the morning it is the mild mannered "Denver Biscuit Co." and in the evening it is the unpredictable "Fat Sully's". We ate there in the morning.
Scott and Taylor


The Dahlia and a goofy kid

biscuit French toast with a side a bacon and a goofball

DBC club

The Franklin 
 Right over our house that morning was hot air balloons - it was pretty cool!!

Ryder was in a class that did some animations for the Heartland Emmys. So the class was invited to go. We are so proud of him!! He met some of the news team from 9 news

Adele Arakawa

Kyle Clark 
Scott had his birthday alone in Indiana. I found a bakery to deliver a pie to him so he wouldn't feel all alone too!! Kim's Kake Kreations and Bakery delivered this strawberry pie!!
mmm looks good!! 

Ryder got Scott this tool box for his stamp carving supplies

nice - right!

I got him this pottery dish from Stonehenge in Georgetown CO

and I got him a Dutch oven - I want him to cook!! 
My birthday is also in July.

Elephant Poo paper card  - neat right!  There is a website!!! 

Preponderance of Pears by  Sweet Romance   - they have some gorgeous pieces. This picture doesn't do it justice! 

FUN!! I cant wait!!
I have a few pieces from Sweet Romance. Once we get moved I will do a bracelet post - or 5 - I have some great ones!! 
my sweetheart!! 

double rainbow - so cool

beautiful moutains!! 

this is what happens when I tell them to cooperate

so I can take a picture

they are so handsome

but ridiculous!! 
Hope you all had a good weekend - with people you love.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello stranger....

I know it's been awhile since I posted. I don't know what my problem is because there has been a lot going on. My friends Sharon and Jessica and I went to Wyoming to Ewe Count. Jessica brought her son because he loves to cross stitch and he was devastated that we would go without him!! He is adorable. We got a letterbox or two while out there - yes I'm trying to pull more people into my cult hee hee!  Wyoming has a new rest area that has the coolest stuff in it - dinosaur bones, a history of the area. It is really a nice place! They have a jail and, of course, Jessica and Jaedyn got arrested - can't take them anywhere!! I believe they were drunk and disorderly - or maybe it was a bank heist...
that other guy looks a little grey - yikes!! 
Wyoming has some lovely art but I only kept one picture to show you...

  I bought two cute patterns and the Simplicity sheep from Little House Needleworks. I bought Honey Bunny by Just Nan OMG I stitched one already but didn't put it together. I thought I had bought the wrong size fabric because the bunny is so small. Nope, the bunny is 3 inches by 2 inches and you fold it in half. So tiny!!

see my needle - TINY stitching!!
I also bought Needle Tweets also by Just Nan. I got "Pinky" I bought pink fabric for it - fun!!

I won't be buying Just Nan products any more because.... when you can't get the embellishment pack through them they won't help you find pieces for their patterns. I just needed a code for the bee because when you order them online it's hard to see how big they really are.  A note about their bee - after they said they wouldn't help I noticed that the bee in the picture doesn't match so I'm not sure why they can't help. My policy is - if I can't get help from the company I don't buy their products any more. I will just have to go to a shop and pick out bees to make more but grrrrr.
My neighbors are wonderful people. They are Dick and Marilyn. I mention this because he has been stitching - you won't believe his piece!!!

That is a picture of him  - and his stitching!! I am so impressed!! He told me there are like 250000 stitches but if you count the cross then there is  500000 - I told him that it doesn't count!! I'm impressed.
had to break up the typing with a cute kitty!! 
So, it looks like our house is going to sell. We had an inspection and the inspector told them we had to have our wash machine rewired - not true. I am shocked that he could not see that it was plugged in - in the right spot. You didn't even have to move the machine to see it, I don't trust him. We did have an electrical issue that might have burned down the house ... eventually - but he was pretty melodramatic about it. Ridiculous. Plus, he wanted a fire door right next to another fire door - what? He says we have radon as well. So, we are fixing the electrical issue, not doing the door, we will knock $500 off for the radon and they can do it if they want. The wash machine is a non issue. We sign on the house - well I sign on the house the 30th of July (Scott has to give me power of attorney.... rubbing hands together and laughing evilly) I will stay about a month and then I'm out of here!! I am staying with a friend for three of my work days - well maybe - her circumstances may have changed.  I will stay with my mom the other days.  We will be letterboxing our buns off HA!!
We had some scary weather one night - I saved some pics to show!!

Ryder and I will be going to Santa Fe NM to look at a school he is interested in. No, I am not in the middle of selling a house or moving across the country. Great planning....
Good thing he is cute
He looks so young in this picture - see my nekkid walls!! 
Hope you are all staying cool and having a nice week!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A finish

I finished my two Little House Needleworks sheep virtues - "Faith" pieces. I changed the pattern a little. I wasn't loving the flower pot on top so I put a chimney and heart shaped smoke puffs - I think it's cute! 

a close up of the roof! 

see the chimney pot?
I have a question for anybody who stitches....Have any of you bought the Hinzeit reindeer and sled patterns (10 patterns)? I am trying to find a stitcher who is willing to sell just the patterns. I don't want the crystals and so I think $18 per pattern is lofty - of course you can't buy them without the crystals!  
Thanks for visiting!!