Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the good, the bad and the stitchy

Ok, which should I start with? I say the good - we got an offer on our house!! Yay!! Now we begin packing in earnest. We've gotten rid of some stuff but not really packed. The next month will be so busy that I am not sure I will be posting much but if you want to see pictures I will post them on my Instagram. I really love that app - I have over 100 followers - something I could not manage to do here. Guess people would rather see pictures than "hear" me blather on about stuff! Anyway - IG is cricketbug33. Another good thing is I got to watch a bird family build a nest, have eggs, hatch them and see the babies fly away. The one ugly spot about it - Ryder smokes but him being outside at all hours of the night has prevented the raccoons from stealing the eggs from the nests on the porch. This is our first and only batch of babies. It has also kept the deer from eating all my flowers - but still, smoking is so bad.
parents feeding

one baby head

getting ready to leave the nest
There were three babies and I got to see two of them leave the nest. They were all sitting out there with just their heads poking up and Scott went out to move the hummingbird feeder and he said - "what are you guys lookin' at?" and they all ducked down - it was super cute!!
I am skipping the bad and going to stitchy - that way if you don't want any part of the bad you can leave after the stitchy. I have a finish
Boo and Baa-bbie With Thy Needle
  I really love this piece. I have Patriotic Poppies - it also has felt flowers on it and I can't wait to start it. I changed the threads - stitch from stash. EXCEPT I didn't change the sheep color - I even ordered the right thread and it hardly shows up - I think I have that problem on every project. blah!  I finished the plums on Teresa Wentzler's Fruit Bell Pull

 and started the cherries
I finished  page 3 which was the halfway point on Tiramisu and started page 4
Oh I have another finish - it's not ironed - sorry 
Barbara Ana Designs - Autumn Tree
It was in Cross Stitch and Needlework Nov 2013 issue but you can also buy it online. Now I am on Pleasant Unity by Stoney Creek - I am hating this project. I have a frog sitting right in the middle of that thing. It's an easy  - even boring pattern but I am ready to throw it away. With all the things going on on my head I just don't have the patience to deal with this mess. I am plugging on though - I guess I like the torture of stitching it twice.  
And now the bad. My daughter got married last Sunday and didn't tell us. We found out because her wife posted pictures on Facebook. She had stopped talking to us awhile ago because she says I'm a racist, she had posted this incorrect data on her blog and when my husband told her that wasn't fair nor was it true she opened a new blog so we wouldn't know what she was posting and only answered in one word answers when we would text her. She's been trying to find an excuse to stay away from us for years. We see through her bs and she doesn't want her version of her life story to have any truth shining on it. Her wife - Lindsay invited her parents. I was surprise because Taylor - or as she is now called - Vivian - railed against these people for years, unclean, drug addicts, klepto and mean but I guess she could be lying about them too.  I wish I could say that I hope the very best for them for many years and eventually I will but right now it just hurts. So, I am going to close the door on the past, lean against it and have a good cry and because I don't expect there to ever be a knock, I am going to walk away. It is apparently what she wants.
So that's it - the good, the bad, and the stitchy. Now I have to pull myself out of this funk and pack a house which is not as easy as it sounds - the packing part is fine but the funky part is a little harder. Hope you are all enjoying the ridiculously hot heat we are now having - uhhhhhhhhh I am a sweaty disgusting mess. Stay cool babies and thanks for stopping by!!