Friday, January 31, 2014

a sale!!

Bush Mountain Stitchery sells a lot of European designers - like Renato Parolin , Jardin Prive and Sara Guermani. Right now she is having a 10% off sale - if you add the name of the football team you get 5% more off and if they win it's 10%. All the information on her Super Bowl sale is on the home page of her site - I've ordered from her and never had any trouble!! So, if you are looking to buy a Parolin - now is the time!!! I ordered two Jardin Prive - Joyeaux Noel aux Rennes and l'abre aux aseaux - How fun!!!! The easiest way to find the designers is to use the designer tab - she puts them in order for the first letter of the first word - so Renato Parolin is under "R"

Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm so excited..... my first finish of 2014 ... Renato Parolin "Easter"

Not sure why my camera is adding a red tint - I tried taking the picture in several rooms on several surfaces - always the red!! grrrr To get the whole picture in you have to be pretty far back so I added two close up pictures too!! Isn't it lovely? I almost ran out of 523 so it's the last color I did last night - when it was done all I had left was two strands about 18 inches long - whew!!!
 I have been a dreadful person - by forgetting to tell you that my lovely friend Chiara from The Grey Tail sent me a Renato Parolin postcard for Christmas - I was going to take a picture of it but it's a pattern so I don't want to violate any copyright laws. The post card is Nel Regno Silenzioso

 I took this picture from the internet - it's the one with three flowers - isn't that wonderful!!?? I think it's a brilliant idea to do pattern post cards!!! Thanks sooo much Chiara!!
My next project is - sheeeep ugh!!! The last of the 12 LHN Virtue sheep. I hope to be done with that in a week's time. My intention is to only do WIP's until they are all done but we shall see how many new patterns trip me up.
I also forgot to mention that Ryder made it to Santa Fe NM - to the college he is going to. His roomie is Columbian - how cool!! He started classes just this week so it's going well so far!! We are so proud!!
Today is the best I've felt in two weeks - still have a headache and congested a bit - but better. What a horrid virus this is!! It is so cold in Indiana today - what a crazy winter this state is having!!
Well I have to get to the grocery store and get some laundry done!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - stay warm!!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Howdy folks,
Holy cow - I am sick - I have been sick for about 6 days. I am done being sick but I guess sick is not done being me. I haven't slept a full night in about 4 nights - that means Scott doesn't sleep either. I offered to sleep elsewhere but he doesn't want me too - sweet guy!! Last night I thought I would sleep but the horrid coughing portion of this cold has decided to descend and I had to prop myself up on pillows to keep from hacking. I decided to clean my house today - why? Because if I convince myself that I am no longer sick then it has to go away - right?!?!? This has been fairly painful - sinus pain and chest pain. My daughter brought this with her from Colorado. I already told her next time she visits she has to be quarantined for a month (in a cage) and any sign of sickness - back she goes!!
Scott is feeling better - this stupid cold just hangs on!! He still sniffs a bit and gets headaches from sinuses but doing much better. Scott got some stuff done this weekend and I have pictures!! First we went antiquing, didn't find much - just a piano bench with a coffee sack as a cover - cute

perfect to sit at the window

a little house - we will put a (non flame ) candle in it

bought some Park Designs chair pads - cute!!
 We also bought a few dish clothes from Park Designs. Soon we will get valences from them for the kitchen windows - yay!! My laundry room has a cute split door but I can't use it because of the cat - his litter box is in there and I'm not sure he can figure out that the top is open.
 Scott put up a shelf  and a bar to hang clothes to dry on - I love it!!Finally got my chickens up!!
 Because I have been sick - I have had a ton of time to work on my Easter tree - this is 3 weeks worth of work. I am almost done!!
 Scott puts a container in his chair because he doesn't like the cat sleeping in it - I thought this was amusing.
The cat has enjoyed my illness - he has someone to sleep next to all day while I stitch. What a lucky guy!!
Well I have laundry to fold and the sweeper to run. Hope you are all healthy and happy!!
Oh and

Monday, January 13, 2014


I hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours wasn't bad - stayed home mostly. Scott has been sick - he is doing better but is still sick. We decided to re-watch Downton Abbey season 3 before starting 4. I love that show!! We are almost done and will have two season 4 episodes to watch - YAY!!
Here is the Sunday night picture of Renato Parolin's "Easter"
That is two weeks worth of work. When I added the second brown to the tree, I found a spot that I messed up - so I had to frog about an inch of stitching and redo it. I love it! The picture makes it look smaller - I know I said it in the last post but that is a 25x18 piece of fabric! It's a good size!!
Scott put tile up in the kitchen. I had a before picture but when I went to the airport to pick the kids up my phone said something about a fail - so I restarted it and I had lost all my pictures ALL OF THEM AHHHH. Luckily I had put all of the other before pictures on here already but still distressing to lose them all. So I have no ugly before picture. This tile is just a temporary fix since we plan on remodeling the kitchen in a year or so.
 It's very pretty. Don't mind the ugly cabinet - the contractor who sold the house repainted the cabinets because they are so horrible. There used to be a microwave there - which was dumb because the cabinet is too low to have a microwave that close to the oven top. When we took it down it was covered in mouse poo so I'm glad we ditched it anyway!! The holes are covered but I don't want to redo the whole section if we are just going to remodel. You don't really notice it - unless it's pointed out and the tile draws your eyes away anyhow. It will do until the big redo!
We had rain this weekend so most of our snow is gone! I was going to do some step aerobics but the VCR ate my tape - guess that is what you get for still have tapes right. So, I went for a walk - man is it windy!! It was surprising to see the damage from the snow. I only took one damage picture.

still snow in the valley

Steep!! It's hard to walk down it!!
I walked 2.58 miles in an hour - boy is this area hilly!! Tomorrow is a yoga day!! It's a disc - not a tape!
Hope you all have a lovely week! Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!!

I have been gone - I meant to post on Monday but life got in the way!! My kids made it back to Colorado - in spite of Indiana crazy weather! I'm sure everybody has heard about the weather woes for this side of the US. This is a picture post - ready....
my adorable people

winter fruit and walnut pie. Not pretty but tasty.

art in Indianapolis seen from the library

West Baden Angels - neat exhibit in Indy - the link has the article about these angels!!

Ryder does this to our to-go containers

see all those tree limbs down - ugh

Framed - gift for my mom's birthday
lots of wet snow

more snow!!

I am keeping these ornaments from escaping

one week progress pic for "Easter" by Renato Parolin  - don't be fooled that is 25x18

my boys - took 20 pictures to get one I could use

Taylor was a knitting machine!! 7 dishclothes!!
attempt to thaw pipes  - could not get to the frozen part though

I am watching the wall destruction from a safe distance~

trees down - bad roads

like this ALL the way to the airport - even on highways!!

kids on the other side of security

Eastern Towhee


look at all that snow!!
my people
The washer pipes froze right up. We had to tear that wall down as well. Got them working and now we unhook it at night and let them drip too. What a pain in the arse!! The bathroom thawed itself without breaking thank goodness - we can not figure out where it is frozen - finished basement and all. We lost power for a few hours on Monday - got down to 52 in the house but we had a fire going. I got the house cleaned (and unChristmased) and all the laundry done. Holy cow my house was filthy! It was nice to have the kids here. We had a good time.
Hope you are all staying warm!! Thanks for stopping by!!