My husband Scott and son Ryder 


Die Smiley 

Swetsville Zoo

Uncle Joel, Uncle Jeff, My Mom, Aunt Deb

Ryder's 19th birthday!

My Gram's senior picture

Die Smiley

me and my mom

my mom

Scott and grandma Rhinehart

Me, Uncle Joel and Ryder

Ryder, Scott and me

Me, my stepdad Brian and Ryder

Me, Uncle Joe and Ryder

Ryder, my mom and me

me, Aunt Deb and Ryder

Ryder and me 

Me, Aunt Carol and Ryder

Scott and me

Ryder, me and Taylor



Brian and Joel


Ryder and Scott 
Ryder baking - Scott supervising!
Christmas 2012
Scott and Mo
Botanical Gardens
Santa and his helper

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