Tuesday, December 29, 2015

last post of the year

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I had a fantastic day - got lots of lovely gifts!! I am a spoiled girl!!
look at all those patterns - that man loves me!!

a bracelet I asked for at the last possible moment!

Jim Shore

San Pascual saint of the kitchen and cooks

hadncarved box - picture is upside down!

opens to look like this - it was FULL of chocolate!!
LOVE these gifts!! I got some other things - immersion blender, grater attachment for my Kitchen Aid, Nessie ladle, 2016 calendars. Scott is great at gifts and I loved every one of them. I got to stitch all day and then Scott made prime rib, crispy rosemary potatoes and French onion soup - I love that man.
Ryder made it from Santa Fe. It's hard to get used to having an adult child at your house. He is so skinny - I don't like it. He has to be in Atlanta GA by the 5th to start school. I hope he gets more out of than he got out of Santa Fe.
I have three finishes to show you. I almost have a third Prairie Schooler Santa done. The fabric on the right is wonderful to look at - soft to touch. It's natural oatmeal floba turns out I hate stitching on it. You come up in one hole and the thread slides to the next hole. You can't sew stitch which slows down all the red of the coat. I am still doing two on this fabric - the one I'm almost done with is on it too. Fabric on the left is vintage country mocha and I like it much better.
 It's hard to stitch these when I have new patterns. Scott got me Glendon Place Tiramisu I already bought the thread pack (Dinky Dyes) now trying to pick a fabric. I have so many great patterns to do - which one which one?!?!?!?
Scott asked me to make a doily for the new sewing cabinet.  I am no longer fond of crochet. It seemed to take forever and I can see 2 errors. It is pretty though.
So my stitching year is - 32 finishes (one of those is the doily) only two of those were WIPS from years past. That's not a bad amount of finishes.
 I can't believe the weather we are having. We had one of our trees fall - it was a small one and fell across the road but still. I don't like the wind because I'm afraid of the big trees falling. I don't mind no shoveling though.

What is this ridiculousness???????

I am ready to start nursing school - scared and nervous but ready. I bought all the books and other items I needed. I had to get 7 immunizations - still have two more to go. The MMR hurts - A LOT - it hurt all the way down my arm ugh. I have to get another one on the 11th of January. I also had two blood draws and two TB tests. I'll be glad when this section is over. It's been pretty pokey.
Have you all made your resolutions? I have two - get healthy and do my best in nursing school. I am ready. Plans for New Years? We usually stay home and that is what we are doing this year too. I hope you all have a safe New Years  Eve. See you  in 2016!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Seasons Beatings!!

HA! We went to Bloomington Indiana for the Krampus parade. It was fabulous!! I found out about the parade last year - two days AFTER it happened grrr!! I had to wait a whole year!! It was worth the wait. If you don't know who Krampus is - he is  part of Alpine folklore dating back to the  1800s- he punishes children for being bad. He carries "Ruten" which are birch branches painted gold to beat children - they also touch the naughty children's faces leaving an ashen mark that attracts bad dreams. Krumpus can even carry children away in a sack. We went too early - I was worried about parking. That made time for antiquing - always fun!! They have a few booths set up where Scott bought a shirt and I got a bundle of Ruten. We also got stickers

Then we made our way to the parade route. The parade starts with St Nicholas and his angels. They hand out candy to those with Nice stickers.Scott got candy - well the angel gave he naughty kids candy too - Scott asked why be nice if everybody gets candy? See, he is the troublemaker.
 St Nicholas is behind the angel  - I never got a good picture of him.

Then the Krampus start arriving

 this truck has wood on it to make it look like a sled or box - there are children in the back. One of them cried out as they passed "this is not what I asked for for Christmas" and the Krampus growled loudly - it was pretty funny.

 look at those horns - scary!!
I got swatted several times - partly because Scott kept pushing me out into the street - he really should have been wearing the naughty sticker. Then one of them touched me - see my ashen mark. I really enjoyed the parade - Scott was getting tired of hearing about it. The costumes are fantastic. I'm already excited to go to the event next year!!
After the parade we ate at the Irish Lion - nope, I didn't take one picture. The food was fabulous though!! We will be going back! It was such a good night - we even got free parking!
I hope you haven't been bad enough to have the Krampus come for you.......

Monday, December 7, 2015

random ramblings

Wow I have been away awhile - my absence is due to 5 in laws for 6 days. Six days doesn't seem like much but there are the days leading up to and the days following full of preparation and clean up. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was nice.
We had traditional foods - turkey, mash potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, etc. We played games - it was good. We took them to see the West Baden Springs resort - I know going to see a hotel seems silly but it is really spectacular, The story is a good one too! They have it decorated for Christmas - beautiful!!
Scott's grandma - who just turned 95 really enjoyed seeing the hotel. We took them over to the winery and then the casino hotel.
There they had people singing Christmas songs - grandma enjoyed that too.
They had a 7 foot tall gingerbread house - made of real gingerbread baked right there at the hotel.
We ate at a place called The German Cafe - it was very tasty!!
 Scott had a little beer haha
 The apricot liqueur I made was a big hit - I gave the recipe to my in-laws and Scott's aunt Elaine. Aunt Elaine and Grandma left on Saturday - they live in Ohio. Scott's parents and nephew stayed until Monday - before they caught the flight back to Colorado we took them all over Indy - a quick car tour.
I have a finish - this Mosey N Me Santa.
What a pain in the butt this pattern was - I didn't enjoy stitching it as much as I thought I would. I didn't realize until it was done that there is some back stitch on the cover picture that isn't on the pattern - also I think the staff is darker on the cover. bah. Now I am making some Prairie Sampler Santas to make into little pillows for a bowl in my dining room.
Bon Appetite recently ran an article on cured egg yolks of course I had to try it - I only made two - and they have been done for days but I have not tried them. Crazy!!

 They say you grate it over anything that you would grate a hard cheese onto. Speaking of weird foods - we went to a Mexican market in Indy and they had rambutan - it's a tropical fruit and I had to try it. It's kind of like a gummy bear - very good. I looked up how to eat them on Wiki-how and it said the seed has traces of poison and should not be eaten but the Wikipedia page says you can eat it because the seed being poisonous is folklore - a little contradiction there. We didn't eat the seeds.

If I had known people would love my dyed undies story so much I would have posted it much sooner. I think everyone has an idea of how it would look but it's probably not what they really look like. The waistband and the stitching don't pick up the color.and they get a swirly effect on them - see... they turn out cute.
Scott decorated for Christmas this weekend.
We are waiting to decorate the tree until Ryder is here - should be here on the 20th. He will be going to Georgia to Savannah College of Art and Design in January. Scott hung up a quilt I made years ago - I never really liked it but that might be because we hung it on a white wall which made it too loud - in this setting it's actually not so bad.it even has matching chair backs!
Scott dug up some things I made years ago that we haven't put out in years. ( last year we didn't even decorate!)  Like these eggs Santas I made - funny. They are paper mache eggs with split pea noses!!
I hope you are having a lovely Christmas Holiday!! Thanks for stopping by

Friday, November 13, 2015


Have you decided what you are having for Thanksgiving?  It's less than two weeks away!! We haven't really talked about it. Rumor has it we are having it here at Ravenwood with 6 to8 people, but I'm not sure our plans are solid. This week I made some crescent rolls - I had never made them before and I was testing the recipe to see if these would be the rolls I would make for turkey day. I don't have a picture - mine turned out ugly because I had to roll them out and then bunch it back and roll it out again. The dough didn't like that. I think I will make them though because they tasted fabulous. Today I bought a pastry mat (I feel like a real cook now!!) You have to roll the dough into a 12 inch circle - with the mat I will have the right measurement.. Next time I make them I am going to make sure I only roll them out once - roll them to 14 or 16 inches (instead of 12) and make 16 rolls instead of 12. The dough is real thick and rich so I think more rolls would be better and it is easier to cut 16. I have found the most wonderful squash recipe - of course it's Skinnytaste - it's roasted seasoned winter squash medley I only used butternut and it was fantastic!!! I already plan on making it again. I made the Skinnytaste lasagna soup. There was a sausage incident.... so it says to use sweet Italian chicken sausage. I looked at the store and they only  had two that were Italian flavors but one was an odd size package and I would have to buy two which I though cost too much. The other one had massive amounts of fat - I could have just used regular sausage if I was going to put all that fat in there. So I picked out smoked chicken sausage by a local company Miller. It was on sale, one package was enough, and had low fat. The sausage is really good - I will buy it again but not for the this soup. In all the time it took me to decide what to use it never occurred to me that smoked sausage might not be the best thing. I was too focused on price and ounces and fat.... so my soup tasted like hot dogs and spaghetti. Not great - edible but not what I expected. So, if you make it -  buy the right sausage flavor haha. The Boozy Apricots I told you about are done today 
of course I tasted one. A lot of times when you soak fruit in alcohol, the fruit ends up tasting like lighter fluid. These don't - they turned out delicious. Tonight I will have some apricot liqueur with dinner. It's a great recipe and it would make a fun homemade gift. The recipe says you can dry the apricots and dip them in melted chocolate - I will have to see what Scott thinks about that because I think they are good without it.
Last weekend Scott and I went to a moving sale - the people live down the street from us and they are moving to....COLORADO!! We found three things to buy - and got a great price!!!
8 dollars for this scoop

$8 for this one too - it has metal on the back

$125 pie safe
They had used the pie safe as a TV cabinet so they had taken off the top doors. They also took off the bottom doors and *gasp* put Plexiglas in them. Luckily they saved the doors and all the pieces so Scott is going to take out the Plexiglas and reattach the bottom doors.  This is the liquor cabinet. We put it in the dining room which means the hutch had to go in the kitchen
put the deacons bench in the dining room too

 the door looks hidden but it's just the shadow - there is enough room there to go in and out no problem! They also had a day bed that I really want - but I'm not sure if I really need one. It would be cute as a couch in the craft room but I already have a lot of fabulous furniture in there. I told Scott - I have to just walk away from it haha
 Kroger had bags of little pumpkins on sale for $1 - normally $4.99 so I bought three to fill my bowl!! Perfect for Thanksgiving!!   I am going to make some Santa pillows for one of my baskets - I think they would look great in the dining room! 
The rest of that day we raked - good grief.

look at the size of those leaves

see that ridge of leaves - Scott is 6 foot - see how high and long that ridge is!!!

At one point I was laying on the ground looking up at the trees and I took this picture Ü We raked all afternoon and then moved furniture - ughhhhhhhh
I found this picture on Scott's phone - it's from when my family was here - in the background is the West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick Indiana. Scott, Carol, Brian, my mom Diana,  Joel and me.
Orientation was exciting. I need to buy so many things for school - it's crazy. I have to pay for a background check, drug screen, uniform, books, immunizations, stethoscope, CPR etc.  Too much money. I went this week and did my drug test, ordered the background check, had a physical which meant I had the first hepatitis B shot (there are three) a tetanus booster, had two vials of blood drawn to see if I have immunity to MMR and chicken pox plus my first (of two) tuberculosis tests. My left arm was just going to fall off. I got my flu shot a few weeks ago - thank goodness. I go back in 3 weeks to start the next tuberculosis test (they put some stuff just under your skin and two days later you have to go back so they can make sure you didn't react to it - I had to go in this morning for the check on my first test) then I go back in 4 weeks to get my second hepatitis B shot. I have felt a little under the weather because of the shots - I didn't think as an adult that I would have a reaction to it but I did. Might just be because I had so many done at once. I have my CPR class in January - I've done that class several times in the past.  I still have some stuff to do but those things have to be done early so I needed to get them started.
Last but not least - stitching. I am working on Mosey N Me - Father Christmas. I have wanted to stitch this forever - I bought it from ebay quite awhile ago and stuck in in my "to do" basket. Well, I pulled it out and got all the stuff together. I pulled the pattern out and growled - it is a hand drawn chart. U G H
I can do it  - so I started it. I love his face so I did the white first and then did his face. The directions say to do the  eye over one - well it doesn't really SAY it... this is all it says, .
but the stitches around it should be larger to indicate which stitches exactly are over one - so it was a little confusing. So I tried it over two and the eye was too big. I did it over one and it was beautiful. I tried to do the backstitching and it was not fitting on his face the way the picture shows. I tried several times - finally counting my rows and the patterns rows - perfect. I counted the rows on the picture on the front - there is an extra row on the face on the cover which is why my backstitch was crowded together.
see how it's crowded together - looks attached

cover photo
Not happy about this - at all. I am not tearing it out to add a line to the face so I scrunched up the nose a little.
my scrunched up nose
Also, I think now that I see it I should have put it on a darker fabric. Damn it.
I asked on Facebook if anybody would be willing to sell me their Merry One by Plum Street Samplers because I can't pay $30 for just a pattern - it comes with the thread but I hear it's not enough to use two threads which I prefer so I planned on using my own thread. I was hoping someone would sell me theirs. Well a woman named Shannon offered to let me borrow her pattern - of course I jumped on that offer!! She felt she took too long to send it to me (which is crazy!! She could have taken forever - it was nice of her to let me borrow it!!!) so she sent me the kit - I am one lucky girl!! Thanks so much to Shannon - you are so nice!!!  I had emailed Brenda of With Thy Needle and asked her to convert her One Starry Night needlepunch into a cross stitch pattern - so when she released it I felt obligated to buy it (plus I LOVE it) so  I ordered it and the RED fabric!! So exciting!! 123Stitch has it on sale and if you get 30 ct Aztec red (which I did - save money where I can , since I need it for school!!) it is also on sale, just don't forget to recalculate the picture size!!
On a weird and funny note I have to tell you that I bought new underwear - know how they always add white ones? Who likes white ones? I wait until I have a few pairs and then I dye them HAHA One time I did them green - this time I did them brown. Really I would have liked to do purple or something but I just used what I already had here, I have brown for dying cross stitch fabric HA!! Anyway -  I use a tablespoon of dye and a tablespoon of salt in enough hot water to cover them. I just leave them a few minutes and they always turn out swirly tye dyed looking. It makes me smile every time I get a pair out of the drawer - because who dyes their underwear? Yeah - ME that's who HAHA Ü
Well, this super long post makes up for the last short one I did. I guess I better go do some homework!! Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!