Sunday, March 16, 2014

woo hoo!!

Howdy folks,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend! We have had a wonderful weekend - I have some fun pictures!! First I have a finish
L'arbre aux Oiseaux by Jardin Prive
I used Wisper thread to do the sheep - which you can hardly see on the picture. Yes, I know - sheep again - wth!! It's only 6w x 5h so it stitched up quick! Next up is the pin cushion
Carré d'abeilles by Jardin Prive
Love it - can't wait to see it finished!!
I have some funny cat pictures for you as well - Mo does not like the new ottoman. I don't know why - he's ridiculous! So he tried so sit right up on my lap - most nights this is fine but one night I had my stitching board where he usually sits....
why is that in my way?

fine I will go under

 what a goof - it made me laugh!!
This weekend we went to Ohio to The Heart of Ohio Antique Mall  in Springfield Ohio - about 3 hours from us. Wow!! What a lovely HUGE place!!  We got there at 930 and didn't leave until 530!! They give you a map and a piece of paper so you can write booths down that you want to revisit. You get 10% off anything under 100, anything over 100 you can place an offer on - they call the vendor and get an answer for you. We found a pew that I really wanted - they wanted $160 (which is a great price compared to all the other benches we've priced) we offered $120 - we ended up paying $136
I love how it's distressed!

love love love this!!
We also got a little table for the entry
underneath is a V shape for books - kind of hard to see it

got the blossom light at Kirkland (love that store!!)

perfect - right!?!
We bought a shutter - have a great idea for it but it has to be cleaned up - so you'll have to wait!! Also a pretty lighted Tiffany shelf

 not my picture - found it on the web and it didn't have a link so I don't know who it belongs to. Ours isn't up yet so you'll have to stay tuned for that as well. Last thing we bought were these beauties....
 I think we did really well - and spent less than I had expected!! We had a great time!! Here are a few pictures of things we didn't buy...
a little creepy

foot warmer

whaaaa? who stuffs a skunk? yikes!!
We went to Columbus to the Melt Bar and Grilled for dinner - we have eaten at all their locations now!! The sandwiches are a bit ridiculous but still fun and delicious!! 

hangover fries

big popper

fish and puppies
I failed to mention that we made it to our 50th Diner Drive in and Dive!! Momocho in Cleveland - funky fun food!!
We decided to start raking our huge yard this week. We decided on doing 45 minutes a day - only worked for 2 days because of the weather. I feel like we did a lot but we still have so much to go - and the damn wind blew Friday - but the yard still looked good - is blowing today and now it's covered with leaves again - *grrrr*
sooo many leaves

see all that yard behind him - whew!!

 The internet here has been up and down and I had to re-type part of this twice *grrr* So I'm going to sign off - hope you have a good day!! Thanks for stopping by!!
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another finish!!

Happy Sunday!
I finished another project - Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs. I made a huge mistake - I guess I didn't read ALL the directions so the 4 bigger pieces are on too small size fabric. They are suppose to be laced and then glued down - I just stuck them in there on a mound of batting.

You can tell on the right side ones that I did try to lace them anyway - but the left side looks better so I will probably undo the lacing. *grrrrrrr* I think it's cute but I am irritated with myself for such a silly mistake!!  I am now working on this Jardin Prive...
I'm half way done with it so next week I will have another finish!!
We bought curtains for the one window in the new living room. We bought them from Primitive Home Decors. It's hard to take a picture of a window. I took one and then one of the tie backs (also from Primitive Home Decors) and the cute bird curtain rod (Lowes) Isn't that corner cute - love it!!

We also bought a toilet paper holder from Primitive - they really have some lovely stuff!

 I remembered to get a picture of the ottoman we just got - great price on that thing!!

It has a nice wood tray underneath - The front opens and the tray comes out...
 This weekend we went to Bloomington because we heard of a big antique mall - waaaaaaay overpriced!!! Yikes!! I did find a "Lucky Brand" purse that I just had to have! I tried to look it up online to see if I was paying too much but I can't find one like it anywhere.It's brand new suede - the green and brown are pockets and it has pockets on the side - adorable!
While there we found a delicious pizza place called Mother Bear's Pizza  First we had stuffed shrooms and then we got a half  Dante's Inferno and half Pride of Palermo -it was really good!! We also went to a bakery - Scholars Inn Bakehouse we got cupcakes (one lemon and one pumpkin), a brownie and a bar with coconut, chocolate and nuts on it (can't remember the name).
Last year when we went to Live and Breath we bought a few letterboxing patches. I finally sewed them on today. I really hate sewing patches - the fabric is always hard - I even had to use pliers on some of them. They are in hard to reach spots and it makes your fingers hurt! I had 13 to sew on- blech. Ryder bought Scott a tool backpack for Christmas to use as a boxing bag - so half the patches went on his. It's a great bag for boxing - has a rubber bottom and lots of loops to put flashlights and pens (his is in the left - mine has pink on it Taylor gave it to me as a Christmas gift a few years ago)

We've had a nice weekend - Hope you have too!! Thanks for stopping by...

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Monday, March 3, 2014


I have a finish - more than just a picture - a room too!! I finally finished A Year In The Life of....

Now I am working on Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs. I already have 6.5 of the blocks done - 3.5 to go!! I posted a picture of the box a few months ago when I painted and distressed it. I'm looking forward to seeing it done!! I had another happy mail day - last one though - I don't have anything else on order.

This week Scott finished up the fireplace room - he filled in the nail holes on the baseboards - then sanded - then painted them. Saturday we moved the furniture into the room - we put the entertainment center on 3 different walls to see which we liked. this is the placement we chose...

This is that night - no decorations hung up. Sunday Scott decorated - I don't help decorate because Scott has a knack for it and I just muck things up.

Here it is during the day with some pictures and quilts hung up - I love it!! In the pictures it looks a little cramped but it isn't when you are in there. It is cozy - especially with a fire going. Now we need to buy furniture for the front room. We bought this metal candle holder to put in the downstairs bathroom
That quilt I made a few years ago - cant remember the name of it or the magazine but if you need it contact me and I will find it!!
 It snowed again Sunday - so we shoveled and then it snowed again so this morning we shoveled - again. I heard that we were really close to having the snowiest winter since in Indiana since they started keeping track. I still blame the long steep driveway for all the snow. I think we need to do a Spring dance or something - noooo morrrrre snooooooow!!!

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Thanks for stopping by - Hope you have a good week!