Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend fun

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine wasn't bad. I miss Scott so damn much - so there's that. I spent a day doing chores and stitching so that was nice. Saturday I met my mom in Littleton. We did some shopping and some letterboxing.
Polish Pottery outlet 

They have gorgeous pottery!
Mom got an amazing deal - she got a plate for 70% off - she paid $15!! I did not get a picture of it - darn it!!  Scott gave me a gorgeous cup and a wooden box he had bought here for Christmas!
We stopped for coffee and a danish at Romancing the Bean It is in a 135 year old train station - they have fantastic goodies. I got "Silver Doodle" coffee - cinnamon, chocolate, carmel and hazelnuts - so tasty!
cheese danish mmmmm
Mom made a friend - he is from PA and his hobby is train pictures. He was a nice guy - talked about how things are not made in the US anymore!
We went to buy tomatoes - mom says they have to be planted on a full moon - ok. They had a Mariachi band there - Scott says it's so the tomatoes are spicy!
Mom and I went to this burger place - I have to mention it because it is entertaining. It's Bud's Bar in Sedalia. They have no website. Here is the menu
That is it - no more. Do not ask for fries - I guess Bud would yell at you when he was alive. His daughters run the place now.
This is the cheeseburger

This is what the check looked like, $11.20 for two burgers and two drinks. Not bad burgers either. Then we went to mom's house. My step-dad Brian's mom turned 80 and they had a get together. I only took a few pictures
Phil, Brian and Hugh (Brian's brothers)

Courtney (Brian's Daughter)

Brady (Brian's son) Phil (Brian's brother)

Carol - the birthday girl

Kelly (Brian's daughter)

Kevin (Brian's brother) doesn't he look like John Travolta? 
 I did not get pictures of Brian's sister Patty or of her husband or daughter. I missed Kelly's boyfriend too.
I did get a picture of Luke - I fed him carrots but he was grumpy. He used to be dark grey - he's an old guy - old and grumpy! I tried to get a picture of mom chasing chickens - very amusing but I couldn't get it!
Scott got a chance to go to the Indy 500 - he had a good time. The guy he was there with works here in Colorado at one of the places Scott used to work. He has gone to the races for 30 years. He then showed Scott around Indy - Scott took some great pictures. Indy is a beautiful place!!
This is the only picture I have to post though. His seat was on turn 3 - very loud!!
That is all folks. Hope you have a good week! I am back at work Sunday - Wednesday. Next week I will have pictures of Grand Junction - visiting family!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I have done

So I have taken my alone time to finish some projects.... While Scott was packing he found two large boxes of t-shirts that he has saved over the years. (you don't even know - Pepsi cans, Star Trek figurines, records, CDs, books sheesh) I told him we could make a t shirt quilt... He gave me all the ones he wanted to use. Yes, I have been known to quilt as you will see in this here blog but I am not very good at it - always crooked. I have a friend at work Jessica - she is amazing at quilting!! I asked her to do it for me. She will be making two quilt tops for me - 24 shirts. I bought all the stuff for it and the terms of the agreement are secret. I will tie them when she is done. This left a few extra shirts. In our new home we plan on having a music room. Scott will be able to have his hundreds of CDs, records and posters all in one great spot. I envision there being a couch so I decided to make some pillows out of the extra shirts - nothing frilly because they are for the music room...

One on the left was a Led Zeppelin shirt, next is Capitan Tigers shirt - that is the high school Scott graduated from in Capitan NM.The shark shirt Scott got when we lived in Alaska. It's art by Ray Troll - he lives in Ketchikan AK.   Eat Me Raw Honey Company  sells - honey - in Clam Gulch Alaska, one side was the front of the shirt and the other side is the back - clever, yes?
I also put together a kit I bought in Georgetown CO at the Quilted Purl - it's a Kansas Troubles pattern

The shop in Georgetown had no applique on it - I really liked it. I am sure it is crooked - grrr. I have not quilted it because I am not fond of quilting - at all. This is most likely the last quilt top I will ever make, Scott thinks they should be hand quilted - yes, I have told him it is time for him to learn to quilt then - and that is so time consuming, I have three or four king size quilts to hand-quilt already (yeah, right) so I will make no more. This one sure is pretty though! I got an email that I won the new Icicle Kisses pattern from Kansas Troubles blog  so I may have to make one more quilt after all!! It is beautiful!! Thanks so much Lynne!!
I am still plugging away at 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate. Two and a half more snowmen to go.
Hope you are all having a nice weeken!! Happy Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Ryder turns 20 today. Yeah, that makes us old!! Yesterday I took him to lunch and forced him to letterbox with me. I had two boxes in the area that Scott and I had already tried  - they were there this time...odd.
carrying my bag!
this is a huge family!!

I counted 25 babies!!! 
We went to lunch at The Vietnamese Cafe it is one of our favorite places to eat.
combo noodle bowl

spring rolls

ice Vietnamese coffee 

the coffee dripping - YAY

he got curry shrimp- picture is missing...

yep, store bought - I'm a terrible mother
I had not had the coffee before - it was wonderful! I had a good time - Ryder said he did but you know how 20 year old boys are....
Last week Ryder and some friends went skydiving.

He LOVED it!! He wants to be certified but that costs $2000. Maybe someday...
Happy Birthday Ryder - here's to many more happy birthdays!!

Well, that was painful...

Scott is living in Indianapolis. He packed all his stuff-even his pillows- and left on the 14th. Ryder went with him to help unload the truck. For the most part, the trip went well. There was some construction in St. Louis that caused a major delay for them and finding diesel was a pain in the backside. That made them late getting to the apartment so they had to stay in a crappy hotel because there were no rooms available at the nice places. They got everything unloaded and ate at Shapiro's. Ryder made it home and loved flying! He did get a little lost at the Denver airport though.
Scott is not fond of his apartment. The carpet and paint are new and even the cabinet fronts but it stinks like a cigarette and living in an apartment after living in a house...well, you know. He is sleeping on an air mattress for now and has to use a laundromat. He is finding his way around though and work is slowly coming together.
Skype is a great thing!! We get to talk face to face every day. I still miss him terribly. He wants me to go do things without him but it's hard when you've done everything with the same person for years to just go do things alone…
I do have some pictures of some projects I've done but I am using the kindle fire Scott got me for mother's day and it doesn't love posting so it has to wait. I will post again on Sunday-until then, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a finish

Today was cool and rainy. I was at home with my cat, hot tea and stitching. It was lovely but then I had to come to work ugh. TGIF! (Wednesday night is Friday for me)
Scott is in North Carolina doing some training. He is also eating at a DDD without me - I'm not going to add it to my list. I told him he could not get any letterboxes there without me - I have to draw the line of "having fun without Jamie" somewhere.
 I have had some trouble sleeping - just too many things to think about and I am trying to keep from getting a cold. I finally took a sleeping aid and slept almost 8 hours today - ahhhh so good. Work is so much better when you are not struggling to stay awake.
 I got the buttons added to my pin cushion. I also bought some metallic pins to put in the top,  they are next to that un-photograph-able chenille scarf I made - I just can not get a good picture of it.
The picture dulls the colors but they are cute. In an earlier post is the pin cushion tops and underneath pictures. I think I added the link too.
A year or so ago I started making crocheted animals for a friend of mine with small children. My adult coworkers begged and harassed me for them. Giraffes in particular.
Isn't she ADORABLE!! 
So I have made a few for coworkers. One of them didn't get one and has bugged me ever since. When it got out that I was leaving he said - I guess my chances of getting a giraffe are gone - so I decided to make him a giraffe of his own. I am not giving it to him until I leave - it will be a surprise.
giraffe pattern
I finished it last night. Now I am back to working on 6 Fat Men by Lizzie*Kate. Hope you all have a lovely rainy evening - with your cat, stitching and hot tea.

Monday, May 6, 2013

My weekend

We had a nice weekend. I am freaking out a little about Scott leaving - 6 months didn't seem to long when it wasn't a sure thing, but now that it is - geez - that seems like a long time. *sigh* Plus, the fact that he is packing and I am not - weird. We decided to put the house on the market sooner than later - so I might be homeless soon. If the house sells he will come get the rest of our stuff and the cat *sigh*  I will stay here - somewhere, maybe with my mom - commute will suck. It will be worth it - it will be worth it - it will be worth it!
We went to another diner this weekend. Remember a few posts ago I told you that Guy had been to a few restaurants in Denver that had not aired - we went to Hops and Pie. Well, that Monday one aired - Highland Tavern
Highland Tavern

pork rinds

tavern tots

"The Boomer" brie, mushrooms, and truffle oil with sweet potato fries

"El Guapo" green chilies, cheddar, mayo, pickled onions and fries


Ryder was with us. He got the Reuben because they were out of the sandwich Guy had. We had over an hour wait - which is not surprising for a Denver restaurant on Saturday night. We ended up sitting at the bar and ordered the tots and rinds - good thing we did because they ran out of those too!! Very busy place! We had a good time and the food was great - tots are FANTASTIC!!!
Scott framed two pictures for me today - in the middle of packing!
I got this print for Christmas Kevin Eslinger is the artist . He has an owl I love! 

Teresa Wentzler Futurecast
The dragon was great fun to stitch. You are instructed to choose an over-dyed fiber color and pick all you other colors from that thread. Mine turned out very dark. If you look at the gallery you will see the other colors people picked - mine is on there under SnowflakeAK! You can't really tell that the frame is a sparkly purple from the picture - but it is!
The Cat in the Hat print had to be photographed in the dark hallway because it was very reflective - you could see me in the damn thing.
I finished the one and only knitted scarf I will ever make. It is not for Scott but he modeled it for me - what a handsome fella!! Yeah, it's hard to see - but there isn't much to see anyway.
chenille scarf
Scott will be gone Mon- Fri in Charlotte NC for training. He leaves for Indiana the 14th. Ryder is going with him to help unload the moving truck and then flying back. *sigh*