Finishes 12-15


Mosey 'n Me - The Key to Christmas

Blackbird House Zipper Kit by Bent Creek

flannel quilt 

Spring Snapperville
mokeys are the front and clouds are the back

Victoria Sampler Ravenhill Herb Farm
Winter House Zipper Kit by Bent Creek

front and back



Mosey n' Me / part of Merry Motif
Mosey n Me from the 2012 Just Cross Stitch ornament  issue

Zeb Zebrared devilgrim-reapermonsters

Scott made this frame!

Bushel and a Peck by La D Da

idea from Pinterest - heart over where you lived
Made these for all the places Scott has lived.

Acorn Hill
acorn bagMcKenna Ryan "When Friends Gather"

Pumpkin Patch Farm
Little House Needleworks

owlmushroom house
The Trilogy "Trilogy Square"

 Wisdom and Friendship - Little House Needleworks
I changed the pattern a little. I took out the 1+1=2. I repeated the stem. I made the heart red.

crooked Courage - Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks

Roadkill Squirrel

Cardinal ornaments by foxwood Crossing
Chessie and Me "Buzzin 'Round Ewe"
Kansas Troubles Pinwheels in my Garden

Bear Tree Forest by Little House Needleworks

Lily Sugar n' Cream Stripes

Grandmother's Favorite

cRows a Fine Day - Bent Creek 

The Barn in Autumn - the pattern is also called Autumn Bliss by Bent Creek 

 Jingle Bells Tree Farm by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler

Little Sheep Virtue - Little House needleworks

Little Sheep Virtue - Little House needleworks

pin cushion from May 2013 Cross Stitch and Needlework 


chenille scarf - modeled by the sexiest model!!

Lizzie * Kate 6 Fat Men
vintage postcard calendar
Little Sheep Virtues - Little House Needleworks

Little Sheep Virtues - Little House Needleworks 
I changed the pattern a little. I took the flower pot off the roof and put a chimney with heart smoke puffs.

Just Nan Honey Bunny
Just Nan Needle Tweets - Pinky

Little Sheep Virtues - Little House Needleworks
Pin Wheel by the Purple Thread

Renato Parolin Easter Tree

Little House Needleworks Virtue Sheep  "Joyfulness"
A Year in the Life of... Historical Sampler Co
Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs

Carré d'abeilles by Jardin Prive
roadkill possum

Song of the Season - Little House Needleworks

Quaker Turtle by With My Needle

Jessica made the top I tied it and added binding
Mill Hill

Cross stitch and needlework free download
The Charming House of Lindy Mouse. Just Nan

Harvest Keeper Plum Street Samplers

Prairie Schooler - queen bee mini

Valentine Sampler With Thy Needle and Thread

Pinwheels in my Garden(quilted)  - Kansas Troubles

table runner

Renato Parolin "Noel" front

Band Sampler by Sally Hesketh
Anterselva di Mezzo by renato Parolin

When I started in Jan 2015 it looked like this
Warm Winter Welcome by Best Friends and Sisters

 Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler
Shakespear's Peddler - Count your blessings
Threadwork Primitives - Beggar's Night

Jardin Prive - Dans Mon Jardin biscornu
Alessandra Adelaide Needlework - Maple Leaf.  -Lakeside Linen Vintage 36 count light exemplar - Florimell red clay - 114, 2 skeins. Instead of french knots -Mill Hill petite 42033
Prairie Grove Peddler - 3 pumpkins
Prairie Schooler  mini card
Time for Halloween With Thy Needle and Thread
Blackbird Inn by Little House Needleworks Scott made the frame for me!!
L'arbre aux Oiseaux buy Jardin Prive Scott made the hoop box

Hoop Box directions
Orchard Valley Quilting Bee by Little House Needleworks

Needlework Shop by Victoria Sampler

Plum Street Sampler "Olga's Tart"

Plum Street Sampler "Birthday Tart"
Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Church

Scaldasole - Renato Parolin

Rosignano Monferrato - Renato Parolin

Primaluna - Renato Parolin

the one on the far right I stitched in 1990. Took it from it's frame and made a pillow this year
Mosey N Me - Father Christmas

Merry One by Plum Street Sampler


  1. Wow, you certainly have a lot of finishes and they are all beautiful too. I love the Easter Tree at the top of this page, and all the little boxes and ornaments too. Your work looks very neat and even. Congratulations on a beautiful collection.