Monday, June 19, 2017

I am Groot

Well, actually I am Jamie. (love those movies!!)  I say that because I someone emailed me about buying a pattern and addressed me "Dear wife of Scott" which made me laugh but I also realized that it doesn't say my name anywhere on my blog. So there it is. I changed my "about me" thing too.
This weekend Scott and I went to the Canon Beach sandcastle competition. Canon Beach is about 2 hours away. We managed to find a few letterboxes while we were out. We had a lovely time walking up and down the beach - there were so many people there!! There were some lovely sand creations. I tried to find a site that had better pictures than the ones I got but I could only find this article

We had a great time. If you google sand castles and look at images - there are places in the world that have amazing competitions!! Between Scott and I, we have 95 years on this earth - we know you can get sun burnt even on a cloudy day AND I had two bottles of sun screen in the car - doesn't help if you don't use it. We both got pretty burnt  - but Scott got the worst of it - you can see where he rolled his jeans up to walk on the beach. Those legs haven't seen sun in 40 years!! His poor feet.... wearing boots to work today - not fun!! My burn is mostly gone but my face itches like mad!
 Happy Father's Day to this wonderful man. You are my lobster - ha ha - see what I did there?
I have a few stitching things to show
 my silk gauze progress - hard to hold because I can't use a hoop
 Victoria Sampler Christmas Wreath progress - I don't want to do the wreath back stitch in the center so I set it aside.
 Victoria Sampler Sturbridge Box. I did the flag with two strands even though it calls for one - you can hardly see it. Instagram followers mostly thought two was better as well. The person that does all of my framing and decorating - because he has a great eye for this stuff said one, so one it is. Such a pretty pattern!! 
 This fabric is Zweigart Pearl and the color is Antique but looks like oatmeal, it is the only color it comes in. I have only ever found it one place - Acorns and Threads. I think they are out of it right now but she does ship. It is thick and soft and I love it!! It unravels easily though so you have to sew the edge. I bought half a yard last time - I keep thinking I need to buy a yard just to have it but I keep wondering what I will use it for and that holds me back.

I just have to wait for the glue to dry and stitch them together and I will have the lid done. I don't want to make the box part so I will look for one at the craft store and if I can't find one I will ask Scott to make me one.
I start my new job tomorrow, Training is 4 days a week 11am -830pm, not the best hours. Working long shifts is one thing, working them so that they take up to entire day is crap. Why not 6am to 330pm? Then I could be home for dinner. Whatever. I will be working 9pm to 7am so I shouldn't start complaining about the hours now. 
That's it for now kids - thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a lovely June and remember - WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! Even when it is cloudy damn it.