Friday, January 2, 2015

stitchy stats (edited)

Hello - Happy New Year!!!
This is a stitchy post from 2014 - old news haha!  I finally managed to get the Noel by Renato Parolin done - I was scared to death to do the finishing!! They turned out ok - I had some problems with the back but that side hides on the wall - right? I had trouble getting the points to fold so that the backs would look OK. I made the backs smaller so they wouldn't go right to the edge - maybe they should have - I don't know. Scott cut the triangles - thank goodness or they'd all be crooked but I pinned them so they may be crooked after all - ha!
they are huge!!

N and E have red backs the other two have green

I added gold cord
 I realized that I started the year off with one of his patterns and mostly finished the year off with one of his patterns!! I am actually finishing the year off with Four Season Band Sampler by Sally Hesketh it was in JCS 2011 April, June, October and November issues.

I am not even sure when I started this project but it is almost halfway done. It has been nothing but a pain - the first time I started it the fabric was cut wonky. I got a bunch done on the crazy top and realized that if I kept stitching it would stitch off the fabric sideways - neat. So, I started over but I decided to take the abc and the zigzaggy thing off - maybe because the fabric I had on hand was a little too small for the whole thing and I had already done the zigzaggy thing once on the wonky fabric....One section is one off - had to take some out to make it the band not be one off because I'm pretty sure you would notice that..... It's cute and I hope the rest of it doesn't give me so much trouble!!

For 2014 I had said I would do a WIP and then a new project but it didn't really work out - and I added a new WIP!! BOO on me!! So I had 11 WIPS total - I finished 4, got rid of one and added one so I have 7 WIPs to do. Three are Teresa Wentzler - those are so time consuming that they go to the bottom of the WIP pile.  One is a Brookes Book angel - not sure I want to finish that one. I love her angels and I really love the perforated paper but what to do with them when they are done??? I have one Christmas one done and she just lays on my craft table - so I don't know if I want to make any more of them.
 So really I have 6 WIPS - 5 when this band thing is done!! That's not too bad - since I am excited to work on the patterns I got for Christmas!!
I recently bought a floss app - Cross Stitch Thread Companion but I don't think I like it and am probably asking for a refund. I love the part where you can scan in the bar codes on your new skeins. I love that you can put how many you have (even say you have a half a skein) and how many you need and then it makes a list for the store!! I hate that it is missing most of the Kreinik colors and to add them you have to put in the number - pick a color and put in the color name. I don't have time to do all of that.They answer the emails quickly but are not helpful - like I said when I  added Needle Necessities (yes I know they are no longer BUT the app said you could add any threads you wanted so I added a Needle Necessities category in mine - added all the numbers and when I went back the numbers were all gone!!) - they responded "The app is not advertised to do anything with needles" *sigh*     I had Floss Checklist by opeware but some floss colors were missing - when I looked online he had thrown a nasty fit about people saying stuff about his app so I was afraid to tell him that the colors were missing haha I emailed the company and they never responded. So the whole point here is - do you have a stash app and do you like it. It is time consuming to keep adding my DMC stash to apps just to have them not work out.
We stayed home New Year's Eve - always nice to stay home! We went letterboxing on the first day - good way to start!
On Jan 10th I start school! I'm going to try to get into a nursing program but for now I'm doing prerequisites! Scary and exciting!
Well I guess that is all my I stitchy {and other} news. Hope your 2015 has the best stitching ever!! No frogs or wonky fabrics ( plus health and happiness)!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your Noel Ornaments turned beautiful. I like the BB angels, too. You could hang a string or rope and then use the little tiny clothes pins to hang them on it. :)

    Good luck on your 2015 projects.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Love the Noel pieces and the band sampler you're working on. I'd attach a ribbon or string to hang the BB angel as an ornament or on a drawer/cabinet knob for seasonal decorating. I don't really keep an inventory of my DMC and I created my own spreadsheet for all the other floss brands I have. It was alot of work when I started the spreadsheet, but I've been diligent about updating it whenever I get a new floss. I don't keep an inventory of any of my other stash because that would take me forever to go through and I'd rather be stitching, lol.

  3. What a fun newsy post. First, you are being too hard on yourself! I think the Noel is just beautiful, including the backs! At least you have a bit of a plan for the year. I think I will plan as I go. I am happy with last year's work.You won't believe my great system of keeping track of floss. Big gallon bags!! Like I put all the 600's in a bag and so on. Then I have a huge bag for Weeks, GA, and others. Yes it is a rats nest!! And takes me lots of time when I want to find a particular floss. So I am no example to follow!! But it is my hobby and no one cares. Sweet Jim does shake his head when he sees me going through the bags! Have a great New year filled with lots of stitching!

  4. I love all the pieces you're working on, wonderful choices!
    Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

  5. I love your stitching projects, and especially the seasons one. All your work in beautiful though. Keep up the great blog. I just love it.