Saturday, February 7, 2015

Vegas #2

Woo hoo more Vegas!!
We went to see the show "O" by Cirque Du Soleil.

See that drink I am holding - strawberry daiquiri slush - $16 - SIXTEEN - unbelievable!!!  Scott looks like that because he didn't think the picture would take - so serious. The show was beautiful and amazing! No pictures allowed so you will have to go see the show!!
24 hours - woo hoo!! I love Vegas!!

The Hersey's store!!

Reeses pop tart!!


Beijing No. Nine Noodle
Thai tea with bobba


So we ate at this noodle house that I think I saw on TV at our hotel. They make hand pulled noodles - cool right!? I was excited to go. The inside was super cool. The tea was delicious. Scott's noodle bowl was good - but not worth $18. My noodle bowl was ok - the noodles and beef broth were good but I order beef brisket and got beef fat - gross! The stuff in that bowl is fat and sinew - not yummy.Certainly not worth $18. the dumplings were only ok. we wanted potstickers but on the menu it said "takes 15-20 minutes" so we settled on dumplings which also took 15 - 20 minutes but it didn't say that on the menu. She told us after we ordered and we should have changed but we didn't think of it. The meal was outrageously expensive for ramen. I don't recommend it.  I know I posted a lot of pictures for a place I didn't like but the inside was neat and the food looks lovely - it would have been great food for maybe $8 a bowl!!
We walked all over our end of the strip - drove to the other end and wandered around there too.So much to see and do!! I liked having a car and all the hotels have free parking. There are shuttles and the monorail but wait times can be long  - which is a waste of time when you are only there two days. The first time we went we didn't rent a car and we walked the entire time we were there - only saw one end of the strip which was enough because one end can keep you busy. this time we wanted to letterbox off the strip and go to the museum and Fremont street so it was just easier. We gambled a little - Scott gave us each $20 and I walked away with $40 - Scott lost all his so I gave him half of mine! Winning is fun - I can see how it can be a problem.
walking dead
 We went far away from the strip to do some letterboxing - perfect day for it!! It was sunny and about 60 degrees. Scott really wanted Mexican food - Indiana isn't known for it's Mexican food. We figured Vegas should have some. We asked a local and she told us to go to Lindo Michoacan. So after boxing we went. The building is neat - great view of the Vegas strip. Chips and salsa were good - they bring beans to the table as a dip - good beans! The rest wasn't good. They tried to pass tomatillo sauce off as green chili. The meat was dry. Not good - and expensive. Mexican food is cheap and easy to make it's surprising how many restaurants mess it up. Scott was disappointed - we should have stuck with the diners. 
Sunday morning at 330 am we had to go catch our plane. We had a layover in Denver - long enough to get to the next gate and then we had to wait on the plane because the cabin pressure gauge didn't appear to work. they thought we might be waiting 2 hours while the crew replaced it. they "ran it through" a few times and decided it would be ok - scary no?!?! I have terrible flying luck - half of my flights had a mechanical issues - not good! I ended up taking two xanex again - apparently that is too much because when it came time to get off the plane I could not keep my balance.  Note to self - only take the recommended dose..... duh. All the flights were actually fine. There was some turbulence coming into Colorado but they had warned us. I still think taking ONE xanex is the best way to fly. Vegas was fun - I think Scott was there too long. He was there a whole week.
I started a new project - shameful I know! I was not going to take Teresa Wentzler on a plane - nooo way!! I picked out two small easy projects and realized I didn't have the Sampler Threads for them - ugh really?! So I picked out a Renato Parolin. I left my little granny glasses here on accident so I bought a pair at O'Hare - fun!! I hardly stitched at all - I slept on the planes mostly (drugged haha) and we are only at our hotel to shower and sleep because there is just too much to do in Vegas!! I will finish it because I'm tired of the bell pull - maybe I will do a bell pull square and then a small project and then another bell pull square since they are so tedious. I have ordered the threads I was missing!!
As for the cat feeder - he has figured out that he needs to put his paw up there to get the rest of the food out. That actually works out because it slows him down - usually he eats way too fast. I taped the door up (you can't tell from the outside - it's not as tacky as it sounds) he can only get out what was suppose to come out. Still - I hate things that don't work the way they are suppose to! 
I hope you enjoyed my trip - if you've never been to Vegas you should go at least once. It can be overwhelming and people behave ridiculously - fun to people watch though!!

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  1. This was another fun post. First, it looks like you guys are having fun! Too bad the food wasn't great but a 24 hour Starbucks makes up for a lot. ( I am a big time coffee lover). About the bell pull, when I was stitching Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow, I took a break after 3 of the pictures. I did some small stuff and then went back to it. It took a year, but that was the way to do it. I laughed out loud about you and the Xanax. That sounds like something I would do. I hate to fly and we are going to Al this week to see the grand children. They are worth it but I HATE the trip. Maybe I'll take some Xanax!