Friday, March 27, 2015

bread and stitching

Hope this post finds you well. We are really having Spring weather - we had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night a few nights ago and today it has snowed all day. It's not the kind of snow that sticks, it's a lazy drifting from the sky one or two flakes at a time, but it's still snow. I'm OK with it. Yesterday I baked two loaves of bread - boy do I love homemade bread.
 Today I made three cheese and mushroom soup from Skinnytaste to go with my bread. The package of shitaki mushrooms (which ends up on my list as "8oz shit" haha what's worse is the baby bella mushrooms end up as "8oz baby" yikes!) at Kroger is only 5 oz so I add an 8 oz package of white mushrooms too. Love this soup and it is wonderful with homemade bread - but what isn't good with bread?  I have been making fruit infused water -deliciously different (I'm not a fan of plain water) and no calories! I found a lovely blog that has some good recipes - things I'm sure you wouldn't think of like cinnamon. I'm not sure I want cinnamon water but some of her other ideas are good. It's called Nutrition Stripped the link is to the water recipes. We have had strawberry lime water and this morning I made apple lime. I'm excited to try that one.
Scott made some frames for some of my older finishes - he does such a lovely job! He bought some frames at a Goodwill - he cuts them down to the size he needs, paints them and distressed a few of them - I am lucky to have a framer!!
I know you saw one of these but they go together. Bent Creek

Shepherds Bush Hunt Sheep

Shepherd's Bush Lucky Sheep
I did get the mystery sampler in the mail - borrowed from another stitcher! I joined a group on Facebook called Fans of Blackbird Designs and found a few ladies willing to let me borrow - wish I could find one for L'Atelier Perdu too. Since I was borrowing I made sure I had my threads and fabric ready because I know there is someone after me - here is the first two parts
Someone else is sending me three and five and I already own pattern four - so exciting! I'm using 32 count Summer Khaki Belfast and the variegated threads it calls for. While I wait for the next set of patterns to arrive I am making this pattern again
I will be making a few of them because Scott and I came up with a cute idea - but you have to wait to see it.
Scott reminded me that I was posting pages from my Gram's autograph book entries - darn it I sure did forget to do that - so here we go. I'll do two Hope you enjoy.
Dear Mary ellen
I love you little
I love you big
I love you like a little pig
yours truly.
Nadine Bowman
5916 NM
1605 E 14th
 Dear Mary ellen,
Ducks on the pond,
Swans on the ocean,
Mary ellen can't get
married till
allen toster takes
a notion.
Your Cousin,
Doris xx
Hope you are all having weather that you like - whatever that may be. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey - those frames are super sharp. That guy knows his stuff....

  2. Lovely framed finishes, great stitching!
    Those breads look so yummy... I bet they are all gone now :D

  3. I do the same thing with thrift store frames! It works so well. Scott's frames turned out nice and your stitching looks great in them.

    The soup sounds yummy, as does the bread.