Thursday, April 14, 2016

April update!

Hello! I am here for my monthly post - but I may be able to start posting more. I'm taking the summer off from school to sell my house. Scott and I decided the house is too big for two people. I shouldn't have ever bought it, but I was excited that this 4000 square foot house cost the same as my 2000 square foot Colorado home. Plus, I thought we would have more company. Then two family members became ill and left this world, our daughter decided to drop us like a hot potato and my son is always busy with school. I am tired of cleaning rooms that never see people and if we didn't have so much upkeep to do here we could actually travel more. So Scott and I were running errands and we decided that we were ready - I called and made an appointment with a realtor and when we got home we found a tree had hit the house - really?

It could have been worse - and I kind of wish it had been. Why? Well, there were lots of trees down that terribly windy day and since we aren't put out they are taking their time. Plus, we need to replace that window - why couldn't that have been knocked out? So now we have to pay our deductible for three or four puncture wounds, spouting, a small amount of roofing and siding and tree removal THEN replace the window out of pocket - grrrr. It just figures - so the house can't go up until it is repaired and that is taking weeks. The poor cat will never be the same either - he gets pretty jumpy when the wind blows - stares at the windows and slinks off to hide.  We had some guys come take that tree out and take down some dead trees - pretty impressive how they can make a tree fall uphill with just the right cuts. They will be taking a huge one - tomorrow I think - they will lay tires across my driveway to keep from damaging it - pretty scary and crazy cool at the same time.
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. Scott and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on the 12th. Scott told me we had errands to run Sunday and took me to The Shane Company and let me pick a ring.
Oh I love it - what a sweet man.  It is so pretty and sparkly!! I'm a lucky girl!! We went out for two meals that day. The first one a crazy weird place called milktooth Scott had winter citrus dutch baby pancake and I had toasted house bialy with confit albacore tuna salad. It was really good!! We also tried the potato and celeriac latke. All the food was strange but it was really good. I think the word is quirky.
that is bacon on the side there

sunflower sprouts - I will be growing those - fabulous!!

We went to the City Center and climbed 330 stairs to the top of the tower - had to work off breakfast!!
Yep - the top of that tower!! 330!!

 We walked along the canal that runs through Indy and stopped in the Indiana State Museum

Anila Quayyum Agha - laser cut patterned wood makes this fantastic pattern!!

this statue rains off the umbrella - very cool
We had our anniversary dinner at Morton's steak house - delicious end to a lovely day with my sweetie.
The menu even said Happy Anniversary!!
 I have some finishes to show - a bunch of small ones!
Santa's are all Prairie Schooler

my bowl is full!

all three are from Goodness and Plenty by Plum Street Sampler

Shepherd's Bush Joy to Ewe

The last one is a little washed out. Right now I am working on another Shepherd's Bush "Over The River"So I was able to get these patterns cheap off someone reselling the pattern. I did find a person to supply me with the buttons they use - yay! Speaking of selling patterns - I have quite a few on eBay -  stb90125 I have to downsize because I may not have a craft room any longer. We may have to sell finished pictures if my new place is too small for all these pictures I've stitched!!
I'm off - thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day - I will try to post a little more often.


  1. You have some big changes coming your way. All your bowls look great. I am working on that right now. First for the summer(patriotic theme) then for Fall and finally Santas for winter. I am so sorry to hear about the tree. What a mess. It does look like you had a great day.That food looks yummy. It's almost lunch time here!

  2. So sorry about the family members. Good luck on the sale, such a lovely home and setting it should sell quickly. Santas look good!

  3. Oh, so sorry a tree fell on your house.
    I hope you find a house while you are off from school.
    Your ring is beautiful.
    Great projects finished!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a wonderful day together. Sorry to hear about the tree and the time it's taking to get it all repaired. Good luck on selling the house and finding a new one. Beautiful stitching!

  5. Look at you... finishing gal! They look great.

    Congrats on your 25th! May you have many, many more years.

    So sorry to hear about your house... and wouldn't you know it happened at the most inopportune time.