Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Finally finished!

Hope you are having a good Holiday season! We finally decorated our tree last night. Scott baked 4 kinds of cookies. I ordered gifts through the mail and they are coming in slowly! Seems like I am ready. Speaking of gifts... Ryder asked for a drawing desk - I found it for less than half price on Amazon. All the Amazon boxes show up without descriptions of what is inside - good for gift giving! Well, not this one. Guess it came from the company but on the back was printed the contents and on the front there was a PICTURE!!! Ryder doesn't answer the door often - but, of course, he answered the door and knew exactly what was in it. We just let him take it to his room and put it together. Big gift - 2 weeks early grrrrr.
Futura drafting table
We ended up cancelling our Canadian trip - boo - the tickets for the ferry and hotel were refundable. Guess it was a good thing after all - we had a winter storm and probably wouldn't have been able to drive the 4 hours north to catch the ferry. The Vegas trip is still on - since we only have to pay for me. That ticket is non-refundable so I am definitely going.
I am not going to be able to go to school. I am looking for work in dispatch again. I had forgotten how much work goes into getting a job in dispatch. I have two tests to take and a huge packet of background information to fill out. That is for two different agencies. Keep your fingers crossed - well when you aren't stitching.
I had some finishes - some stuff you have seen but now completed and some you haven't seen yet.
Jeannette Douglas Acorn Shaker Box
 I changed the variegated thread color - it's different on each. Somehow I stitched the first one on the wrong count fabric! Scott thought they would be cute on the jar tops.
Scary One - Plum Street Samplers

Witches Night Out - Branda Gervais

yes another bag

with a made by tag in it HA

Juggling Snowflakes - Brenda Gervais smaller one is Plum Street Samplers - Merry Two
I ordered the Juggling Snowflakes limited edition kit from Brenda Gervais - then I ordered more snowflake tealights.( to search for them you have to put in primitive snowflake tealight and make sure you get the ones that are 4 inches across the entire snowflake) Who knew there were two sizes. I ordered the "Tarnish" fabric from Picture This Plus and more of the right size snowflakes so the full kit will be on eBay soon.(I have some patterns on eBay that close tomorrow STB90125)  I tried to stitch the snowman over one on the 40 count but didn't like it. Scott suggested the Santa from my Merry Two pillow - good idea!! I changed some things about it to make it fit - and of course the color of his coat. While stitching it I thought it would be cute as a pocket watch
I ended up making 4 snowmen and 5 Santas!! I love the way they turned out!! Now I am working on Pomegranate Santa from Plum Street Samplers. 
We ate at a Diner from the Diner Drive Ins and Dives show  - me 91, Scott 98 It was Podnahs Pit BBQ - the meat was really good. They had a mac and cheese that isn't always on the menu - that was good. Potato salad and baked beans - eh nothing special. We shared a wedge that desperately needed tomato and onion.
Here are the potstickers I made - I made a million - well 90 something. They were so good. I tried frying them and steaming - I couldn't tell a difference. 
Thanks for stopping by - hope your Holidays are happy!!


  1. You have been a busy girl! Too bad Ryder saw his gift way too early. :( Love all your stitching!

  2. That's a shame about the box Ryder's gift came in. But what a nice drawing desk though! You've been busy stitching and I have not. All your finishes are great!

  3. How frustrating about Ryder's gift! I do love all the stitching. I need to do Scary One, I love the way it looks. All the Santa watches are cute too. Good luck with the job situation. Things like that can make life tricky.

  4. Lots of great stitchery and finishing. I love those jar lids. Always wanted to try pot stickers so point me to a good recipe. Ryder's desk is sooooo nice.

  5. Oh no!!! Such a shame about Ryder's awesome gift!!! Well, I'm sure he was very happy with his creative table ;)
    Lovely stitching & love the snowflake finishes, they are really nice and unusual.
    Good luck for the job, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Ryder's desk is gorgeous! I hope he wasn't too disappointed with the spoiled surprise.
    Too bad about your canceled Victoria trip, but hopefully another time will be better anyway. Try for the spring or summer when you can really enjoy Butchart Gardens!
    Good luck with the job search and Happy Holidays, Jamie!!

  7. I'm sure Ryder loves his desk anyway.
    You have done some cute finishes.
    The Acorns turned out nice as jar tops.
    Good luck with your dispatch tests.
    Happy Holidays!

  8. I love every single thing you stitched! I think we have the very same taste in patterns. :) blessings, marlene