Monday, May 15, 2017

cough cough

I have really become a bad blogger. There is so much going on and nothing at all - weird but true. I have been sick - I have had three respiratory illness since December. I am tired of it. This one was like breathing through cotton. I coughed so hard my ribs hurt. I probably should have gone to the doctor but who has the energy for that? I am finally feeling better - although last night I spent several hours on the couch trying not to keep Scott awake. Between my bagpipe breathing, coughing and the dumb cat yowling away in the bathroom (yes, I still lock him up but he has managed to shred one of the new chairs even though I watch him like a hawk) I hardly slept at all. Albuterol and decongestant are the only things keeping me going. I really do feel better though - doesn't sound like it but I do. I have a few stitchy things to show but school as really cramped the stitching. Scott and I made some tea boxes for our mothers - and one for me - for mother's day. Scott did everything but the stitching. He is so good at finishing projects!! Sometime this week I am posting a tutorial - at the request of some of my Instagram followers- on how he finishes pictures.
Nimue - the drunken hat

 Scott used a wood burner to put the stuff in the lid and on the bottom. I love it!!

Autumn Tree Barbara Ana Designs
 Love the frame he chose for this Autumn Tree - whimsical
Father Christmas Mosey N Me

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow
 I am not enjoying this stitch - the colors are wonky but I will keep going
Red Velvet Cake Glendon Place
 I am using called for colors and fabric - irritates me that you can't see some of the thread.
Prairie Schooler
Loving the little stitches on this - may take the rest of my life though!!
I finished the jean rag quilt I made for my brother. He loves it which makes me happy.
I have been reading some books by Sarah J Maas. Two different series. One of the "Court of Roses and Thorns" Is really good. The last book came out May 2nd (and actually she is going to do more books from this trilogy - which makes in NOT a trilogy) I actually bought the book - I never buy books but I just had to read the next one - it was missing 33 pages in the middle. Then on several of her books I get the CDs from the library - well somehow on three different books I missed one CD - it seems like a conspiracy, except it's my own incompetence (well not on the actual book - but still). How annoying, guess I need to pay better attention.
Scott and I went to the Woodburn tulip festival - there were so many people that it took us two hours of sitting on the road to get into the place. Very pretty. They had craft booths and food. I managed to get a few pictures with hardly any people in them - the crowd was crazy big!! 

 One night the news went off early due to technical difficulties and they showed a local tourism show - we saw that Patrick Dougherty had put up a stick sculpture in Oregon so we went to see it. He has these all over the place - so you should check and see if there is one in your area - very cool exhibit!!

 They are huge!!
 So after applying in November, after two tests, two panel interviews, an information session, sit along in dispatch, a background check (where I had to provide high school and college transcripts, driver's record in every state I have held a license (yikes) and 30 other pages of information) a background interview, fingerprinting, a 5 hour psychological test and interview, an eye exam, hearing and general health exam including a drug test, I have received a conditional job offer. BUT I am waiting to make sure I passed the psych and medical stuff to know if I actually have a job and THEN I don't know if I start in June or September  (yes you read that right -  September) whew - no wonder nobody ever leaves this job - it's too hard to get back in. So, I am still waiting to hear.......
For Mother's Day my son bought me flowers and gave me a gift certificate to Bath and Body - what a nice boy!!
Scott made me biscuits and bought my favorite yogurt for breakfast. We went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy - love those movies!! It was a good day!! I hope all of you had a nice day too!
My mom and stepdad have cows at their house. Every year they have babies and then they take them to the ranch for the summer. One of the cows had trouble having her baby - it's her first - so they had to help her and then she walked away. Sometimes that happens and the babies die but my mom and stepdad are bottle feeding this one. HE IS SO CUTE!!!! I wish I lived closer so I could go love on him. He thinks Brian is his mother - my mom says the cow - named Slider - makes cute noises when Brian calls his name. So cute!!
my mom and Slider on his birthday - big boy!!
 My mom would yell at me for posting that picture - I think she is adorable but she would say "AHHH I had been up since 3am birthing a cow!! Don't post that!!" Luckily she doesn't read my blog so there it is.
AHHH he is so cute it's killing me!!!


So that is all I know - told you busy but not at all. School work is busy work and you don't want to see pictures of that! I hate math but I never thought I could hate it more - statistics - ugh worse math ever. First you have to learn formulas and then they are in Greek and you have to know when to use which one - ugh NO just NOOOOO.
Hope you are having a lovely Spring. I will try not to stay away so long next time!!


  1. Those boxes are amazing! Your hubby has skills and an eye for shape and form. The Barbara Ana looks great in that curvy frame. Hope you get to feeling better soon also. The tulips are gorgeous! Poor little Slider, looks like he's in good hands.

  2. so nice to read your blog post! first, I love the stitching projects you are doing. I'm impressed with an alphabet one and Autumn at HRH. That's 2 biggies!! Sure hope you are well soon. One year when I was still teaching that happened to me. I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia so take are of yourself. Sure hope that job is worth all the hoops they are putting you through. We both have nice sons. Jeff and company sent me some beautiful flowers too.I'm always so impressed with the things your DH is able to do. Loved seeing the tulips and the cute little calf!!

  3. I hope you get over the wickedness your body has been enduring for TOO long. What a sweet baby, glad he is being saved and cared for. You two always take the sweetest photos.

  4. Sounds to me like you have been superbusy and having respiratory infections is absolutely no fun! I have just got over bronchitis and it has been awful, however, if you do get sick again please do go to the doctor this time - it sounds like you might need antibiotics and/or steroids to help you. Lovely stitching and I love your story about the calves.

  5. I hope you get rid of that pesky bug and that your health come back to normal. I love those tea boxes!! What a treat :) Have stitched the Nimue designs 3 times? That is brave.
    That tulip trip looks like it was a great day out. I too went to watch GoTG. Loved it!!!.... I am Groot!! I used to have that exact same Walkman when I was younger :) Take care & wishing you good luck for the job. I can't believe you had to go through all these. You deserve to get it, simply for applying for it in the first place.

  6. Such a great post! Thanks.

  7. Geez, I hope you feel better soon.
    It seems that this past Winter took a toll on a lot of people, sickness hanging on too long.
    The tea boxes are so nice, and great framing.
    Love the Dutch shoes!
    Slider is too darn cute, I can see why you want to visit him. :)

  8. Wow! What a news filled post, Jamie! I just love how well you and Scott work together to create the perfect finishes. I look forward to your tutorial :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your job offer comes through and you can start quickly--exciting times! Feel better soon!

  9. I never want to do a college math class again, and I hear statistic classes are miserable. I would also never want to fill out the application packet and background checks for my job again. The tea boxes are such a sweet gift, and the frame on the Barbara Ana piece was a perfect choice for it. I've been tempted to do the PS alphabet altogether, but there are too many other designs I want to do first. Good luck on the hiring process, and on your classes.

  10. Fingers crossed that job comes through for June!! Loved catching up with all your stitching and other activities! :D

  11. I can relate to the coughing. I have my own going on. I'm so sick of it, too.

    Those tea boxes are adorable. What's the turquoise thing inside?

    The framed piece turned out lovely.

    My... what big feet Scott has!! LOL