Monday, June 19, 2017

I am Groot

Well, actually I am Jamie. (love those movies!!)  I say that because I someone emailed me about buying a pattern and addressed me "Dear wife of Scott" which made me laugh but I also realized that it doesn't say my name anywhere on my blog. So there it is. I changed my "about me" thing too.
This weekend Scott and I went to the Canon Beach sandcastle competition. Canon Beach is about 2 hours away. We managed to find a few letterboxes while we were out. We had a lovely time walking up and down the beach - there were so many people there!! There were some lovely sand creations. I tried to find a site that had better pictures than the ones I got but I could only find this article

We had a great time. If you google sand castles and look at images - there are places in the world that have amazing competitions!! Between Scott and I, we have 95 years on this earth - we know you can get sun burnt even on a cloudy day AND I had two bottles of sun screen in the car - doesn't help if you don't use it. We both got pretty burnt  - but Scott got the worst of it - you can see where he rolled his jeans up to walk on the beach. Those legs haven't seen sun in 40 years!! His poor feet.... wearing boots to work today - not fun!! My burn is mostly gone but my face itches like mad!
 Happy Father's Day to this wonderful man. You are my lobster - ha ha - see what I did there?
I have a few stitching things to show
 my silk gauze progress - hard to hold because I can't use a hoop
 Victoria Sampler Christmas Wreath progress - I don't want to do the wreath back stitch in the center so I set it aside.
 Victoria Sampler Sturbridge Box. I did the flag with two strands even though it calls for one - you can hardly see it. Instagram followers mostly thought two was better as well. The person that does all of my framing and decorating - because he has a great eye for this stuff said one, so one it is. Such a pretty pattern!! 
 This fabric is Zweigart Pearl and the color is Antique but looks like oatmeal, it is the only color it comes in. I have only ever found it one place - Acorns and Threads. I think they are out of it right now but she does ship. It is thick and soft and I love it!! It unravels easily though so you have to sew the edge. I bought half a yard last time - I keep thinking I need to buy a yard just to have it but I keep wondering what I will use it for and that holds me back.

I just have to wait for the glue to dry and stitch them together and I will have the lid done. I don't want to make the box part so I will look for one at the craft store and if I can't find one I will ask Scott to make me one.
I start my new job tomorrow, Training is 4 days a week 11am -830pm, not the best hours. Working long shifts is one thing, working them so that they take up to entire day is crap. Why not 6am to 330pm? Then I could be home for dinner. Whatever. I will be working 9pm to 7am so I shouldn't start complaining about the hours now. 
That's it for now kids - thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a lovely June and remember - WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! Even when it is cloudy damn it.


  1. I think that's a spoken word piece by Baz Luhrman - "Wesr Sunscreen."
    You are my lobster babycakes. Love you so -

  2. I make the same mistake about the sun!! You would think I would learn.What a super day at Canon Beach. We have one of those competitions here at Long Beach. We have talked about going but just haven't done it yet. You and Scott really make the most of where ever you live. Very nice stitching.

  3. Twice in my life, I've been burnt so bad that I got blisters on my shoulders. Once I was wearing SPF 100 sunscreen! I stay out of the sun for this reason, but I do wear sunscreen.

    Good luck with your new job!!

  4. Wife of Scott, you have some great stitching going on. The silk gauze project will be really pretty. When in California recently, we went to the beach on a cloudy day and yup, you guessed it. You two are pretty pink! Good luck with training!

  5. Beautiful border stitching. It's too late for me. Florida trips and lots of tanning left me like crepe paper! Good luck in the new job.

  6. Hello Groot!! Sorry to read about the sunburn, it is not fun at all. I am a red hair, so tend to shy away from the sun due to my fair skin but have too been left looking like a lobster! Great stitching as always. No doubt they will all be finished up beautifully :) Most importantly, huge congratulations on the new job!!! I am so happy for you.

  7. Great Sandcastles, and great stitching projects!
    Good luck with your training and new job.

  8. I am just in awe at your stitched box, Jamie! Having seen it on IG, I immediately fell in love--what a beauty!

    Sorry about the sunburns--they are the worst. I am really, really careful as I had a good friend die of melanoma at only 50.

    Hope your new job goes well!! Have fun!

  9. What beautiful pieces and your work is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the finished box. Love your blog.

  10. The Sturbridge Box is lovely! I had been thinking about getting this pattern, and now I DEFINITELY will! Can't wait to see your finish!

  11. So glad you got down to Cannon Beach for the sand sculptures! My youngest daughter and a friend decided to go on a drive this week from Kennewick over to Seaside - for one night, lol! It's all the time they had and wanted a little adventure. Of course, Cannon Beach is a must when you're that close. :) Sorry about the burn - those cloudy days can really give you a false sense of safety against the sun.

    Love all your stitching projects!