Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello stranger....

I know it's been awhile since I posted. I don't know what my problem is because there has been a lot going on. My friends Sharon and Jessica and I went to Wyoming to Ewe Count. Jessica brought her son because he loves to cross stitch and he was devastated that we would go without him!! He is adorable. We got a letterbox or two while out there - yes I'm trying to pull more people into my cult hee hee!  Wyoming has a new rest area that has the coolest stuff in it - dinosaur bones, a history of the area. It is really a nice place! They have a jail and, of course, Jessica and Jaedyn got arrested - can't take them anywhere!! I believe they were drunk and disorderly - or maybe it was a bank heist...
that other guy looks a little grey - yikes!! 
Wyoming has some lovely art but I only kept one picture to show you...

  I bought two cute patterns and the Simplicity sheep from Little House Needleworks. I bought Honey Bunny by Just Nan OMG I stitched one already but didn't put it together. I thought I had bought the wrong size fabric because the bunny is so small. Nope, the bunny is 3 inches by 2 inches and you fold it in half. So tiny!!

see my needle - TINY stitching!!
I also bought Needle Tweets also by Just Nan. I got "Pinky" I bought pink fabric for it - fun!!

I won't be buying Just Nan products any more because.... when you can't get the embellishment pack through them they won't help you find pieces for their patterns. I just needed a code for the bee because when you order them online it's hard to see how big they really are.  A note about their bee - after they said they wouldn't help I noticed that the bee in the picture doesn't match so I'm not sure why they can't help. My policy is - if I can't get help from the company I don't buy their products any more. I will just have to go to a shop and pick out bees to make more but grrrrr.
My neighbors are wonderful people. They are Dick and Marilyn. I mention this because he has been stitching - you won't believe his piece!!!

That is a picture of him  - and his stitching!! I am so impressed!! He told me there are like 250000 stitches but if you count the cross then there is  500000 - I told him that it doesn't count!! I'm impressed.
had to break up the typing with a cute kitty!! 
So, it looks like our house is going to sell. We had an inspection and the inspector told them we had to have our wash machine rewired - not true. I am shocked that he could not see that it was plugged in - in the right spot. You didn't even have to move the machine to see it ....so, I don't trust him. We did have an electrical issue that might have burned down the house ... eventually - but he was pretty melodramatic about it. Ridiculous. Plus, he wanted a fire door right next to another fire door - what? He says we have radon as well. So, we are fixing the electrical issue, not doing the door, we will knock $500 off for the radon and they can do it if they want. The wash machine is a non issue. We sign on the house - well I sign on the house the 30th of July (Scott has to give me power of attorney.... rubbing hands together and laughing evilly) I will stay about a month and then I'm out of here!! I am staying with a friend for three of my work days - well maybe - her circumstances may have changed.  I will stay with my mom the other days.  We will be letterboxing our buns off HA!!
We had some scary weather one night - I saved some pics to show!!

Ryder and I will be going to Santa Fe NM to look at a school he is interested in. No, I am not in the middle of selling a house or moving across the country. Great planning....
Good thing he is cute
He looks so young in this picture - see my nekkid walls!! 
Hope you are all staying cool and having a nice week!! 

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  1. You aint staying behind for a month... cuz we can't live without each other! Just a few more days, babydoll. I still love your little blog - Me