Monday, July 15, 2013


Scott was home this weekend!! It was nice to have him home - of course. We went to a diner from Diners Drive-ins and Dives. We thought this was the last one in Denver but those sneaky bastards slipped in another!! I guess we will have to try and go before we leave - or when we come back to visit!
The place we went is really cool. During the morning it is the mild mannered "Denver Biscuit Co." and in the evening it is the unpredictable "Fat Sully's". We ate there in the morning.
Scott and Taylor


The Dahlia and a goofy kid

biscuit French toast with a side a bacon and a goofball

DBC club

The Franklin 
 Right over our house that morning was hot air balloons - it was pretty cool!!

Ryder was in a class that did some animations for the Heartland Emmys. So the class was invited to go. We are so proud of him!! He met some of the news team from 9 news

Adele Arakawa

Kyle Clark 
Scott had his birthday alone in Indiana. I found a bakery to deliver a pie to him so he wouldn't feel all alone too!! Kim's Kake Kreations and Bakery delivered this strawberry pie!!
mmm looks good!! 

Ryder got Scott this tool box for his stamp carving supplies

nice - right!

I got him this pottery dish from Stonehenge in Georgetown CO

and I got him a Dutch oven - I want him to cook!! 
My birthday is also in July.

Elephant Poo paper card  - neat right!  There is a website!!! 

Preponderance of Pears by  Sweet Romance   - they have some gorgeous pieces. This picture doesn't do it justice! 

FUN!! I cant wait!!
I have a few pieces from Sweet Romance. Once we get moved I will do a bracelet post - or 5 - I have some great ones!! 
my sweetheart!! 

double rainbow - so cool

beautiful moutains!! 

this is what happens when I tell them to cooperate

so I can take a picture

they are so handsome

but ridiculous!! 
Hope you all had a good weekend - with people you love.

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  1. And here I thought I had the only family that acts goofy when being photographed. What amazing breakfasts.I know you will be happy when this separation thing is over.