Monday, February 10, 2014

I got lucky....

In the kitchen, no less!
look at that beauty!!
  If you follow my blog - you know I can not bake!! It tastes OK but looks U G L Y (usually with no alibi) That is my first loaf of bread!! I make specialty bread at Thanksgiving and Christmas but this is just regular ol' bread. It turned out sooo good!! I used the  American Sandwich Bread recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker. A few things about the recipe.... wow is it easy!! I read through the recipe and even looked through the comments to see how long to knead it if not using a Kitchen Aid - couldn't find anything so I thought I would wing it..... When I went to bake it I saw the "note" at the bottom saying that the recipe should be made using a mixer - oops.  I used 1% milk, salted butter and regular AP flour - not because I was being a rebel - it's what I have in my cupboard!!  I mixed my yeast in with my flour instead of putting it in the milk. Kneading is hard work. I did it until I got bored - about 8 minutes haha It really turned out well. I made another loaf today - someone came to the door and I thought I set the timer but I guess I didn't so I over-baked it. Still good - of course I had to taste it!!
 I want to try her Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread  and Honey Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. She has a Sea Salt, Cashew and Milk Chocolate cookie recipe that looks like it might be dangerous (in a slap yer momma way) but I'm willing to try it!! I made a roast this week that was FANTASTIC!!! It was actually beef short ribs but I made them like a roast in a Dutch oven - so good!!  We are trying to keep the calories down so I made a Baked Spaghetti Squash and Cheese from Skinnytaste it is a macaroni and cheese substitute - so so good. I took a picture but it did not look tasty so you will have to look at her pretty picture!!
We had to shovel - again.... I want to remind you how steep and long my driveway is - see Scott down there? Way way down there? We didn't think it would be an issue - it doesn't snow THAT much in Indiana - right? We are inching up the most snow charts - I think we are in third with 41 inches so far. I think it's because we bought this driveway.... 
can you hear me????

deep snow!!

 I had a fun mail day - I also got Jardin Prive "Christmas". I love love love the Renato Parolin, of course - it has little birds and stars on it -delightful! I never would have done the bee pillow but I saw it on Karen's Handiwork and fell in love with it - so pretty. This picture doesn't do either pattern justice!!

I am King of the Chair!! Isn't he a pretty boy!!
We finished all the painting in the fireplace room. We are going to wash the floor by hand and put a layer of Danish Oil on it. Now, it says not recommended for floors but we don't want to use a polyurethane on it - more like a wax or oil. We tried a section and it is pretty - does not appear to come up on your fingers once it's soaked in. So if anybody knows why we shouldn't use it - speak up!!  Then we just have to put up the quarter round and move the living room stuff in there - can't wait!!
This weekend we went antiquing - we found a crazy antique mall in Greenwood - I got a tool box - that I'm going to paint and Scott got an old wooden Pepsi crate. 
Then we went and saw "Gravity" IMAX 3D - beautiful to look at - pretty intense movie. Scott loved it. There wasn't hardly anybody in the theater - love that!! I love going out with Scott - so much fun!!
Well, I am late getting this done - still have some chores to do!
Hope you all stay warm - thanks for stopping by!!


  1. The bread looks great! I can almost smell it. Although I can bake, I use a breadmaker. So much easier and tastes just as good.

    I hear ya on the snow. Snow, snow go away!

  2. Time to buy a snow blower!! That should stop the snow. Bread looks good. I have a bread machine that I used all the time for mom. So hard not to eat the whole loaf. And yes he is a handsome boy.

  3. That yummy looking bread is making me hungry!!! I'm glad Scott is a hardy soul , with that drive he must be. Great goodies at the antique mall!

  4. Beautiful bread! Nothing like the smell and taste of homemade bread....mmmmm. Can't wait to see your final Reno pics. He is very handsome kitty. Hoping the melt comes soon!!

  5. Oh yum, that bread looks delious! drool, drool.
    That's a looooong driveway.
    Great stash aquirement too.
    Looks like that's the cat's chair. lol