Monday, February 3, 2014


I am done - with virtue sheep!!! I finished the last two last night. Not sure why but the frogs were wild last night and I kept having to undo what I had done. It may have been because I was watching the Broncos get trounced. Guess this means Manning has to play another year. In their defense - the Seahawks defense was a MONSTER!!! Wow, I was impressed. I am not impressed with that little Sherman guy - ankle injury feels a little like karma to me - just saying. Anyway - back to my sheep. Here is a picture...
So I had said this year was the year of the WIP but then I did Easter by Renato Parolin - could not help myself!! I did order some new patterns this week - I have another Parolin coming and 3 Jardin Prive to add to my collection. I told Scott it was depressing to think that this year I would not be starting any of my new fun projects just working on old ones and he suggested I do a WIP and then a new one and then a WIP and a new one - that makes sense to me! I consider the sheep to be a WIP - there were 12 (24 because I'm an over-achiever) Scott didn't think so. I have one new and one WIP done this year. The next WIP is "A year in the life of..." it is from Historical Sampler Company Limited   My friend Joanie bought this for my birthday a few years ago. I tried to work on it at work but I kept messing up - and so far it was only squares - so I put it aside. It's a kit so I just pulled it out. You can tell it's from the UK because November is Guy Fawkes instead of Thanksgiving - fun!! 
This weekend we attempted to go letterboxing - I have been home for far too long!! Last time we boxed was in September of 2013!! The weather here has been atrocious. We decided to go see the covered bridges - didn't make it. We went to a state park first and did not find either of the boxes we were looking for. What a drag!! Here are some pictures though -
craziest holes in the trees here - wood bees? or wood peckers?

beautiful bridge

Then it started to rain. The next two boxes we went after, we found but I was soaked by the time we were done. We went to an antique place - we were trying to find one of those big antique malls but only found a small one.
lovely fog

this little guy was snuffling around in the grass in a frantic manner - so cute

we scared him up a tree - on accident  - see his cute little face?

ice fishing? this is on the pond by our house!

look at the ivy on this tree - crazy!!
 I found this PB2 at Kroger in the health food aisle - it's really good!! It is powdered but has less calories and fat than regular peanut butter. They make one with cocoa in it - fabulous - especially when you are on a diet and would like some chocolate peanut butter on your toast!!

I put out my heart ornaments - the patterns is from Under the Garden Moon You'd have to email them and ask about the metal tree - I'm sure they know where to buy them!! They have ones for all seasons. I just took off the quilt ornaments - same company!
Over the last two weekends we have been working on the fireplace room. I only have before pictures

 Had to finish painting the walls - they are not suppose to be striped  - you can see that it's wood panels on the next picture. We also had to get all that damn paint off the wood floor. Scott used a razor to scrape off the heaviest spots and I had a paint remover spray to get the over-spray off. We pulled off the baseboards. We now have the walls painted brown.  The baseboards, doors and window trim repainted the ivory color we picked. All we have left is - we are going to find a wax to put on the floor so it still looks rustic but maybe richer, and we need to buy some quarter round trim to put in front of the baseboards - then we are done!!! We will move the living room into this room - yay!! Soooo close!!
 I saw this "Very Berry Coffee Cake" on another blog and decided to try it. It smelled like Christmas when it was baking - mmmm. If I made it again I would use mixed berries - the batter is really sweet so if the berries are tart it would taste better!

The news has been squawking that we are going to have terrible weather starting tomorrow - rain, ice storm and then snow. Bleh - I am tired of snow. Sunday morning we had to shovel our driveway which, I have said before is STEEEEEP, we had to shovel across and then salt to keep from falling  - it had ice under it from the rain the day before and an inch or two of snow on top. Here we go again....
For Christmas I got season 4 of Downton Abbey from my girlfriend Joanie. It came in the mail Friday and this weekend we watched the rest of the season - so cool to be able to watch it before it's on TV!! But I am sad that it's over - until who knows when!! So if it's snows I will watch season 4 again!!
Thanks for stopping by - stay warm and stitch on!!


  1. What is letterboxing?

    Congrats on your sheep finishes!

  2. Scott has the right idea do a WIP and then a new one!! I like the way he thinks. Your sheep so look great. I can imagine you are glad they are done. Bad news, more snow!!! My friend in Chicago says the same thing you do , she is so sick of it!! Stay warm and safe!

  3. Nice finishes. The Home Improvements are coming along nicely. Very cool winter pictures; stay warm and safe.

  4. Your husband sounds awesome! All husbands should be so cool. He's the best.

  5. The sheep are too cute.
    That sounds like a great idea of swithing to old and new.
    The PB sounds yummy!
    Nice progress on your house too.