Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keep Close to Nature's Heart - John Muir

Howdy folks,
Again, I have been away for a long time. I am always so busy - with work, keeping up laundry - cooking, and hiking!  I guess a post once a month is better than no post at all. Let's see, I'll start with New York. We went hiking in the New York Catskills. I can't say where exactly because it's a letterboxing mystery adventure. There are 20 some boxes hidden there. There is a puzzle to figure out the start point - very fun!! We went with Kristen and Becki - the girls we met at Live and Breathe in MA!! The drive was 16 hours On the way up we stoped at a diner - Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse NY - it was very good!!

Reuben fritters

Irish meatlof

Shepherd's pie
We had a good trip up - got to Albany New York in time to find a few local letterboxes and get a good night's sleep! The hike was 12 miles - it took 12 hours - remember we did not hike straight through - we stopped at least 20 times to search for things....
Kristen and I

Becki - signing in at the trail

Kristen and I

What a view!!

here too!!


It was a great day!! At first it didn't seem like a bad hike - flatter than we thought. Then we moved onto another trail and it was up and up. We had to climb several spots!! We got to the top - what an amazing view!! You can see 5 states from up there!! All the boxes were great!! The trip back to the car was tough. The last part of the trail is all rocks and roots - very hard to walk on for so long. We were exhausted!! We went to Brown's Brewing Co in Troy NY for dinner - I think it was delicious - hard to remember because I was in a fog of exhaustion!! We are so glad the girls went with us - made the trip a fantastic time!!
The trip back took two days - we are not sure why. We took the back way to another diner - which may be why we ended up staying in Mechanicsburg PA one night. The second diner was The Pineville Tavern in Wrightstown PA

snapper soup - yeeeuck!! Scott liked it though

eggrolls (reuben, meatball, philly cheesesteak and meatball)

eggplant parm

mushroom ravioli
My new job is  -well -  it's a job. You know - the thing I have to do to do the things I want to do. It's closer to home than the last so that's a plus. They just let me change my hours  - I start an hour later now - which is great.
This weekend we went to Turkey Run State Park to grab some letterboxes - I say grab but it was a 7 mile hike. It took us about 5 hours. It was 84 degrees and humid - ugh the humidity just kills me!! The park is beautiful - and packed with people. All 5 of the boxes we were after were missing - frustrating!! 
that sign says be back to the bridge before sundown!!
1st a suspension bridge

the trail is behind them!!

THAT is the trail!!

Yes, there are ladders

strangers - so many people at this park!!

hiked up boulders
and down stairs

through roots

more boulders
It is a beautiful hike and parts of it were pretty hard!! Ryder - who was not carrying a 50 pound backpack - weighs 100 less and is half my age couldn't understand why I couldn't bound up the stairs like a goat. I only threatened to leave him there once..or twice. After this hike we went to Crawfordsville and ate at Barefoot Burger (not on DDD but really good) I had a burger with brown sugar Jamaican jerk bacon and Brie!! Ryder had a burger with pineapple, bacon and macadamia nut butter! Scott had an all American double. It was delicious!! We tried the seafood nachos - not bad! The last few nights the fireflies have been out in massive numbers - it is beautiful!!! I just love fireflies!!
I have not managed to get much stitching done. I finally finished Song of the Seasons
 I made myself a roadkill possum - I used a variegated thread for the intestines. It will be a letterboxing thing - not just a morbid toy.

 I also made two Princess Leia (Star Wars) hats - looks like her hair with the buns. The first one was too small for the person I made it for - I don't have a picture of it yet. Here is the pattern though - Princess Leia crochet hat I'm still working on Noel by Renato Parolin - slowly!! Most days I only get about an hour to stitch so it's slow going.
deer and her new baby in my yard!!

stray that loves to torment Mo

Scott made bisquits and we had fresh fruit for breakfast!!

my boys

that cat is spoiled!!

Scott found another turtle in the yard - it tried to bite us!! So cute!! 
That's all folks. Hope you have a great weekend - thanks for stopping by!!!

Mary Ellen's autograph book (I'll do two this time!!)
Roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you
                     yours till the
                     pillows where
                     slips     Joyce A S.

Dear Mary Ellen
When you get big and
want to get married. marry a
man with plenty of money
so you will get rich
           yours truly
       Angelia Masintonio
Who's the        guy anyway
A                      F
???                 ???


  1. You guys were in on e of my all time favorite laces. We lived in Schenectady , NY for a few years. I loved it there. We often went to Albany for different things. I love history so I was in a great place!! Of course, we have no humidity here so I guess I can live without history. You are both great hikers!!! Wow! Those were some long hikes. It does look like you had fun!! So nice having your son home for a visit!!

  2. They would have had to bring in a helicopter to get me out of there. Good for you!

  3. Wow, I'm tired from your hike! Way to be adventurous. It looks beautiful.

  4. Your hiking adventures look like fun.
    Interesting restaurants also.
    Song of the Season is pretty, and the Roadkill is too funny. lol