Sunday, August 3, 2014


Yeah, my computer is broken.....has been for a month now. Scott says I should try to blog from my Kindle or I might never blog again! I do have a ton of pictures to share so I will do two posts instead of taking your whole day with my chatter!
We ended up in Colorado over the 4th of July. We were supposed to go in September for a wedding but my Aunt who has been fighting cancer for a few years was given some bad news and we wanted to go see her. I am traditionally not a flyer but we didn't want to spend four days on the road so I got some Xanex -wow! That stuff really works! Now I want to fly to all of our destinations to save time! I do enjoy a road trip but I never want to drive across Kansas or Nebraska again (we've done it at least 25 times) We had a nice time in Colorado -saw our daughter, our friends Joanie and Al, our letterboxing friends, my dispatch buddies and our families.
Scott, Taylor and I

Feeding chipmunks on the Grand Mesa

My uncle Joel

Uncle Joel and Aunt Carol

View from Grand Mesa

Cousins Chase and Sheafer

Scott, Joel and Carol

Our birthdays are both in July and kind of got lost in the shuffle. I got Scott some CDs and shirts.I baked him a cherry pie -which I pitted cherries for- turned out AWFUL! I've mentioned that I can't bake -right?
None of the sugar melted.....we still ate it. Scott made me a pumpkin praline tort -wonderful! He bought me the organic soft lips - I think I have every "flavor" lip stuff they have. Scott also bought me two more signs for my hanger.
It's backwards but not for long

It has a battery operated candle!

He bought the signs at Doc Holidays.
I think we are worn out from all our travels so we've been doing home projects! I will post those pictures tomorrow. I'm really excited about a garden door we bought- but you'll have to come back for that.
Thanks for coming back after all this time!


  1. Wow. That's beautiful scenery. Happy birthday to you both - belated!

  2. So glad you had time to spend with your family in Colorado. I love the signs,very cute. A happy late birthday to you both!

  3. Beautiful pics of Grand Mesa.
    Happy belated B-Day to both of you.
    Love the signs..
    The desserts look good too! :)