Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I WON!!!

Woo hoo!! I won the traveling Shakespeare Peddler pattern that Kim over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread gave away. It's a super cute pattern you can see on her page - here. When I get it I will stitch it up quick and offer it to you guys. Looks like there are only two stipulations - you must pass it on when you are done and you have to have an active blog. I am still working on the mystery sampler by Black Bird Designs - I'm on the third part and the house is taking me forever - no, really - forever!! I will have a picture on the next post. Today I finished the rest of my homework in my classes for the semester - what a relief. I cmplained to Scott about how much I hated math - I didn't need to know how much cement it took to fill a basement - until we opened the door to the basement and saw this
It was HUGE!! Now I know why I need to know how much cement it takes to fill a basement....
I just have to study for finals and correct my rough draft in English once the teacher returns it. I am still holding on to a straight A semester - I hope it stays that way for the next three weeks! More exciting news - we finally have all the curtains up in our house - What? I know, it only took a year and a half but those things are expensive - I think it was $200 a window and we have five windows sooooo - you can see why it would take so long. Lucky for us several people helped out with 20% off coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond - Heather, Dixie, my mom and Scott's mom (hope I didn't miss anybody) curtain pictures are hard to take
The shelf is new too - it lights up and looks like a Tiffany lamp. I also have some more fun home improvement pictures

fun bracelet holder Scott got for me

Taylor bought that chicken chime years ago - finally found a good spot for it! Yes, that says squash-iladas They are delicious.

Scott hung some rope lights (can't see them from the road) on the porch and this picture doesn't do it justice - it's a soft glow you can see from the street - the picture makes it look really bright  - those are candles in all the windows and they are not that bright either.
Scott framed another picture

Scott distressed it - painted it blue and then handpainted the gold trim  - looks very pretty! He repinned an old picture because it was getting saggy
It's a picture I made for Ryder - years ago!!
It would appear that I need to find a group called
 "coconut-aholics anonymous" I am in love with coconut - I use coconut shampoo, conditioner, hair serum (to keep my curls from being frizzy and dry), baby oil, lotion, chap stick, and I love coconut cake, Noosa coconut yogurt, and coconut/almond chai pudding. I even have coconut tea! I'm addicted!! A few posts ago I told you of my love for panna cotta so I had to try Skinnytaste's coconut panna cotta recipe from her cookbook - it's OK. It is nowhere as creamy as panna cotta but it is tasty and I guess if you don't need all that fat - and I don't- then it's a good replacement. She also has a macaroon recipe that is delicious! I made her Lomo Saltado which is Peruvian stir fry - it might be my new favorite dish! Next time I am adding more jalapenos though - ours were not hot at all.

Look at that strange bird - this raccoon is really cute - it pats the ground while looking around - adorable!

When your in the
kitchen frying meat
think of me and my
great big feet
James Abel

                                            March 11, 1942
Dear Mary Ellen,
It's fun to be a little
girl, to be fun and happy.
Always think happy
and lovely thoughts and
you will grow more
lovely each day
                     Irene Truesdell
                    1912 e 5th

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Those friendship book quotes are fun to read. I hate racoons! We had one that climbed up the post to our deck , ate the bird food, and used our deck as a restroom. We had to bring the feeder in at night to keep them away. I hope all turns out well for your semester grades. All those A's will help you get into nursing school. I also think you and your DH have your home looking so pretty. I have enjoyed watching the progress. We were just talking about using lights on the outside for summer. Your house looks so pretty. Finally, I do know about houses in the BBD designs. I thought I would never finish that huge white one in "Where my Heart Blooms"!!

  2. Your decorating looks great. The chart you won is adorable, for sure.

  3. That spider did me in for the evening. I am watching every step I make.

  4. ACK! Hate Spiders!!!!
    The curtains and decorating are pretty.
    The Squash-iladas sound good, might have to try those.
    Thanks for the link.

  5. Oooh no!! Really DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS!!!
    Congrats on the lovely chart win from Kim :)