Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Windy City and a long-winded post

I have a fun trip to tell you about but first I will show you the stitching!
 The house took forever but the 4th part went quickly!
Of course I sat in a hotel room for 3 days and stitched so that might have helped. I almost have the last part done- good thing because I got my traveling pattern yesterday when I got home from Chicago and I bought a pattern while I was away!! So Scott had a truck convention to go to in Chicago and I was able to go along. When we got there we found out that at the same convention center was also having C2E2 which is a comic and entertainment convention. That means that the hotel was always filled with people in costume!!
 I don't know what game these guys are dressed as but I loved them!!
 I don't know what is going on here!
 Han Solo - crazy how much he looks like the actor!!
Scott had to work days and I mostly stayed at the hotel - listened to books, drank tea and stitched. It was good. Scott was free every night except Saturday. The first night we hit a diner (of course) Turfanos Vernon Park Tap - it was wonderful!! The staff was awesome the food was fantastic!! (If you go - it's cash only) We had calamari - best I've ever had. I had the lemon chicken they are famous for and Scott had lasagna and a meatball.

then we went downtown to see the Cloud Gate sculpture aka The Bean

The next night we went downtown to eat - nothing worth mentioning but driving in the city is horrifying - those people are the worst drivers I have ever seen and they honk for NO REASON!! Traffic can not go and they are honking their brains out - a more ridiculous group I have not seen. Parking in the city - un- fricking-beliveable!!!!
Do you see those prices? WOW This particular lot had a sign that said if you bought $10 worth of stuff at Nordstroms then parking was only $15 - well worth it but what can you buy for ten bucks? HAHA not much - Scott found something he wanted though.....
Yeah he did! Plus they let you have sample bottles of cologne so we got two bottles for Scott - mmmm smells soooo goood!!! We walked through the city at night while it poured buckets of rain - we were soaked - so much fun!!!
Not wet yet!

 See the rain - very cool art in the city!
 bottom is parking top is apartments - cool!
 you can tell it's raining in this picture! so pretty.

the "L"
Saturday I decided to brave the streets in the rental - scary!! I went to Country Cupboard a cross stitch store in Orland Park. What a wonderful place!! Sadly, I don't have many stichy friends so I talked the owners ears off - poor Barb!! She was super friendly though and her shop is awesome!!  I bought Threadworks Primitives Beggar's Night - there is one in the shop done in #5 Pearl Cotton and I fell in love with it. I never would have bought the pattern if I hadn't seen hers there at the shop.
I tried another shop but it was closed for some show in another state. It was raining - all day - so I headed back to my room for more stitching and tea! Scott went to dinner with his bosses but between his convention and their dinner reservations we managed to go to C2E2 - what fun! We met two comic artists that my kids love and bought them some autographed stuff
 See that one says Ryder's name!! Invader Zim artist Aaron Alexovich
 Plus we met Chad Coleman from the shows The Walking Dead and The Wire and got his autograph - yay!! Now I have Carol and Tyreese - slowly I will get them all!!
Sunday night we went to Lao Sze Chuan  1331 W Ogden Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515 which I had found on Local Eats. A lot of the reviews say the food is spicy - and we always trust local eats. Well, we loved it! Scott got dry chili shrimp
it was pretty spicy!! We also tried dumplings - which were homemade - yum. I had beef Szechuan it was spicy - I couldn't stop eating it!! We also tried "stewed beef trim flankie noodle soup" yes the names are strange and there are some weird weird things on the menu but the noodles were great! Most of the meat was fatty and inedible but it's used for flavor and like I said the noodles were great!! After eating all that and being stuffed to the gills we stopped for ice cream - unbelievable we could eat any more - at Oberweis and had ice cream. Of course it was good. Monday we went to three restaurants before we found an open one - one off the DDD site - didn't say they would be closed. One Scott saw on TV and wanted to try - a diner that doesn't open until 11am? Doesn't seem smart to me but we finally ended up at White Palace Bar and Grill  - it was on DDD and the food was great!!

We grabbed a letterbox, then over to Rex Italian to get some stuff to take home, also has been on DDD and we have eaten there before - so good that we wanted some to take home for dinner! We get the Aracini - sausage and meatballs! It was a good trip!! Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a good week!!
Here is a picture from our hotel room - 29th floor - at night! 


  1. WOW! What a trip - looks like you enjoyed every second!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I don't care for driving in Chicago either. Your stitching looks great.

  3. love the stitching :) had a giggle at some of your photos ... well done on the driving there you are braver than I ... thanks for the email :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Great progress on your BB piece.
    The convention looks like a great time.
    What great sculptures, love the giant bean!
    All of the food looks good too.
    I refuse to drive in Chicago. lol

  5. Ah yes... Chicago... I've driven in the traffic many times. Rush hour is the worst, and they drive fast when traffic is moving. It's always better to parking in the paid parking lots than on the street. I'm surprised you didn't go the museums! Looks like a fun time at the convention center.

    Stitching looks great!

  6. Fantastic stitching, fantastic trip & fantastic food!!! Simply wish I was there too ;D

  7. I love this post!! I was born and raised near Chicago. My dearest friend still lives there. Actually she lives in the suburbs. She always takes the train into the city. I don't think she ever drives. Now for the fun stuff.She took me to see the bean the last times I was there. I also went to the country Cupboard in Orland. I agree, they are the nicest ladies. They have ordered me a few things since and I get the newsletter. It really is a small world! Loved hearing about the comic characters and all the good Chicago food!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!