Sunday, June 28, 2015

a finish here a finish there

A little finish everywhere.....
Not much been going on here - I study a lot! We have to memorize so much stuff - the human body is amazing and full of bits and pieces. I have an 88 right now and it is killing me! I need to get up to an A because it's easier to maintain an A than try to work up to one - grrr.I have managed to get some finishes - even though I don't get to stitch much. Here is one that I got the color and bead idea from Stitchville USA
 The pattern is Alessandra Adelaide Needlework - Maple Leaf. Stitched on Lakeside Linen Vintage 36 count light exemplar 2 threads over 2 threads. Thread is Florimell red clay - 114, 2 skeins. All the french knots are done with Mill Hill petite 42033 autumn flame beads.  I love it - so pretty!! It would have taken me longer but Scott got sick so we spent a Saturday watching movies! He is having hernia surgery soon so I will get some done then too - of course I have to study first. Next finish is
Prairie Grove Peddler - three pumpkins. They turned out cute. I couldn't bring myself to make the biggest one - I don't know why but I just wanted these done. I have the fabric to make the third one so I might eventually make it.... I don't know why I had such a hard time working on these. The pattern says to stuff them lightly but I made one and then took it apart to add more stuffing - pumpkins are not soft I wish I had even put more stuffing in them but I didn't want to take it apart again! Barb from Wicked Stitcher was a gem and let me use her pattern!! I got this nifty tin from my mom's house and Scott said it would be cute to put some stitching in the opening - I made this cute squirrel.
 It's Prairie Schooler mini card - I did it on 40 ct stitched with WDW Rum Raisin, I put it on fabric - wasn't going to but I cut it too small on accident soooo.....
One more finish and it's a small one...  Time for Halloween by With Thy Needle and Thread.
the pumpkin has a spider charm on it you cant see clearly on the picture - and it opens

I am currently working on Blackbird Inn by Little House Needleworks - I have the border partially done and the words Blackbird Inn - not bad!
Blackbird Inn - Little House Needleworks
When we moved from Longmont I asked my friend Jessica to make Scott's t-shirts into quilt tops. He had a lot of t-shirt, she finished one pretty quick but then she had a bunch of stuff going on and didn't get to the second one until just recently. I just have to finish it into a quilt. Jessica does a fantastic job on these!! It's so cool to have these quilts - the extra shirts I made into pillows!
quilt top two
quilt 1
t-shirt pillows
A few posts ago I mentioned the Polish Pottery outlet - when I went looking for the url to make a link on my blog I saw that they were having a pattern clearance - we bought a few more plates. The ones on clearance were sets!! There is a Santa cookie jar that I would love - but it is pretty expensive!! Here is a picture of my pretty plates!!

each set came with three sizes. I love Polish pottery!!
This frog was on my window during one of our torrential rain days -  Scott says it's frogs on the windows humid here.... It was really neat to have this frog on the window because you could see him up close and he didn't try to get away.The red-headed woodpeckers are really pretty - brilliant red!
red headed woodpecker
For Father's Day I took this wonderful man to breakfast. I also got him a card. I have a terrible father  - we call him the sperm donor because he was just that involved in my life. It kind of lets him off the hook for all the crappy things he managed to do before he disappeared but the point is when you have a great dad you should take a minute to acknowledge that he is a good man. Scott you are a great dad and I am glad that you are in my life. I love you with all my heart.
Hope you are having a good summer - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous stitching - those pendants are so pretty! Happy Fathers Day to Scott!

  2. OMG, that Leaf is soooo pretty!
    The Pendants turned out so nice too, and the little squirrel and Pumpkins.
    What pretty pottery, enjoy it.
    Great start on the LH piece.

  3. For someone busy with school, you have done some great stitching!! I love the way your pumpkins turned out, much better than mine! I am so glad you found such a great guy! after the sperm donor! Love your Polish pottery, I have a little set that we get out at Christmas. It is actually from Poland when my kids lived in Germany.

  4. Love you too, baby. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

  5. Wow! You have done heaps and heaps of wonderful stitching - well done and good luck with your studies!

  6. P.S. I should have said wonderful pics, the quilts look amazing and I love your new plates.

  7. Love your stitching!! The little pumkins are just so cute!!!

  8. Oh, I just love your tiny pumpkins so much--great job on them and all of your projects. The little witch in the fob and squirrel in the tin are so cute (I LOVE anything tiny!!)...

    Wonderful collection of Polish pottery--I've always admired it, but have none of my own.

    Your husband sounds like a keeper, just like mine! Aren't we lucky :)

  9. New to your blog, but have to say I love all your recent finishes, very pretty.