Sunday, June 14, 2015

The book

As I mentioned in a previous post my Uncle Joel accidentally left his library book - with only two pages to go (who does that?) - at my Mom's house. He lives about 4 hours from my mom. Uncle Joel and his wife Aunt Carol came to see us while we were in Colorado
So, the book went on a little vacation with us... hee hee. Scott even wrote a little poem.

Joel's Book
Joel was a man with a book
Which, along on a road trip, he took
When he packed to go home,
Got his wife and his comb,
But then left it behind like a schnook

So he called up his sister Diana
(Who's a palmist in search of Nirvana)
And said "Sister of mine,
So I don't pay a fine,
Please forward it posta urbana"
But the tome was in good mental fitness
And the USPS scared it shitless
So it thought "I'll just skip
On this truck for a trip!"
And the pictures that follow bear witness......

visiting Ryder in New Mexico

New Mexico

letterboxing in New Mexico
Back in Colorado

Vietnamese Cafe in Thornton Colorado

Anji, Lindsey and Taylor at the Vietnamese Cafe

Anji, Taylor and Lindsey

Leaving again


Indianapolis City Center - moments before a downpour



The Comet Cafe Milwaukee WI

Preston Minnesota

Psycho Suzi's Minneapolis MN

Duluth Minnesota

Duluth Minnesota
back home in Indiana

Going home

Stuffed with stuff
and all the souvenirs it took home with it

 Scott would send the pictures as he took them - to my uncle. What a well-traveled little book! It was only a few days overdue.


  1. What an awesome post! You are so cute, and I love all the pics. Scott's poem is hysterical, and tell him the USPS scares us all shitless ;)
    Have a great weekend

  2. This was such a great post!!! I chuckled through the whole thing. Loved the poem. Thank you for the smiles and sharing your adventure.

  3. That book really traveled!
    And it was well-read too!
    The poem is pretty clever, lol

  4. Hilarious!! Scott is quite the poet!!

  5. Okay...this is hilarious! Thanks for the giggle today.

  6. I hope the last few pages were good ones.. but as an avid reader that would have so annoyed me, the thought that I wouldn't find out the ending.
    How good you were and what a trip that book had!

  7. Fabulous post, that book is certainly well travelled and your Scott is a very funny man.