Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello Hello!!

First let me welcome my newest followers - I am almost up to 30!! Time sure does fly. I only have 6 class days left in this semester - 4 of those days I have tests. I am holding on to my A even though it is slippery. One rainy day I dropped half of my flashcards in the parking lot - luckily we had a fire drill and I got them all picked up - had to dry them in the oven
and then re-write them. Geez. Here is my new best friend.I like him because you can take him apart haha
Scott framed a few pictures for me - first is Band Sampler by Sally Hesketh - it doesn't look exactly like the pattern because I left off some of the bands.
Then he made new frames for my Shepherd's Bush sheep. I love these new frames - I think they are perfect!

I finished a project too
Blackbird Inn Little House Needleworks
I have an iron story to tell - my iron was starting to have issues like when you hit the spray button the water came out of the base instead of the sprayer and it didn't steam anymore. It still got hot so I figured it was still fine - ladies used to heat theirs on the stove - who needs steam? I had to iron a shirt at a hotel and realized how much more work my iron was so I decided to buy a new iron. They aren't that expensive and I picked out a nice Hamilton Beach Durathon for $24. The first thing I ironed was L'arbre aux Oiseaux by Jardin Prive I sprayed around the hoop circle and ironed that - worked really nicely. So I kept ironing it and just as I finished some oil or grease came out of the iron onto my stitching. Well, I didn't panic because Dawn is great at grease removal. I took it to the kitchen and put Dawn on it
before Dawn

When I came back to it the grease had spread and was as big as the spots you see with the Dawn. I have never seen that happen with Dawn - I didn't get a picture because I started to panic. It would not come out. So I figured the picture was ruined and I had nothing to lose so I got an old toothbrush and some diluted bleach and scrubbed the spots. It took a bit of scrubbing but it worked - big sigh of relief. I ended up also using a Marly (Santas and Samplers) trick of using some ink to help the white spot look more like the rest
I ironed some shirts (because I still thought Dawn could get out whatever that was) and I don't think it leaked any more. I like the iron but I am irritated that this happened and I don't think I would buy another. I have bought a few irons and never had that happen. I hope that was a one time thing or I will be returning the iron.I decided to pull out a WIP so that is what I am working on now.
Little House Needleworks Orchard Valley Quilting Bee
Scott hung some pictures in the office/study, we hadn't done any decorating in there because we didn't know what furniture we would be getting. I love the way it looks!!

1930's lamp my mom gave me!

Scott and I both have a birthday this month. To celebrate we went letterboxing in Ohio.We saw Annie Oakley's grave and stopped at Maid-Rite Sandwich shop in Greenville Ohio for lunch, look at all the gum on the wall - crazy

We went to Columbus for dinner at Melt Bar and Grilled - I think we have been to every location and we love it!! Scott baked me the Barefoot Contessa's coconut cake - oh my, so so good!! We froze half of it because it is so fattening!!

 Scott gave me patterns - I am a lucky girl!!
TWO Renalto Parolin patterns and the needlework shop!!
Well, I have messed around long enough - I have to go study. I know I wont be back for at least two weeks. I do look at everybody's blogs when I have a minute. Scott has a hernia repair surgery this Friday and I have three finals (for ONE class) next week so I am going to be busy. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of July - stay cool or dry!


  1. I would have been horrified if grease had gotten on anything I stitched! I confess I'm an iron snob and buy one that is quite expensive but I love it and if/when it quits I'll do it again. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Wow. Your classes went fast! I would return the iron, and also write to the company and let them know. Great save on the stitchery and what a Santa group! Does Scott purchase frame molding or shape it himself? AND he baked you a cake? Keeper. Happy birthday to you both. All the stitching is nice but the band sampler is my favorite.

  3. Gorgeous photos of all of your wonderful stitching projects on the walls of your home. So glad you managed to get the grease out of your stitching - how annoying for you that your iron did that to you! Good luck with all of your tests.

  4. OMG that grease would have put me in such a dither!!!! A very happy birthday to both of you!! I just love all the ways you are displaying your needlework around your home , it really looks great!! Scott is so handy with framing. they look very professional. Best of luck on the rest of your classes!! keep that A going!

  5. Great stitching!
    And the frames are nice too, he did a great job on them.
    Nice B-Day stash.
    Happy B-day to both of you.
    OMG! That grease looks awful.
    Like Marly said, I would for sure take it back and also call them.
    I had an expensive iron that started leaking, so got a Sunbeam.
    It leaked oil and water!!
    I promptly took it back and also called them.
    But, all they offered me was a coupon for another iron.
    I asked them, why would I buy another if I wasn't happy with the first one??? lol
    Irons "ain't what they used to be", even the expensive ones.

  6. Oh, I would be so peeved if my new iron greased all over my fabric. I bought a Shark iron a couple years ago... love it. Glad you were able to get the stains out.

    Your framed projects look great.

    Happy Birthday to you both. Good luck with finals. Hope Scott has a speedy recovery.

  7. I really like your new best friend, really handsome :) Must be so interesting though to learn about the human body.
    Absolutely LOVE your SB sheep!!! OhmyImustgetthemallnow!!! Wonderful job on the framing.
    Grease over the fabric! What a nightmare! I would have probably end up putting both project & iron in the bin.
    Good luck with your exams!!!

  8. OH MY GOSH! GREASE!! I would have been in more than a mild panic - so glad your story had a happy ending. Love all your finishes - they are so perfect and look lovely.

  9. Happy Birthday! I would have had a panic attack if grease from the iron got on one of my pieces. Glad you were able to fix the piece. Your hubby makes wonderful frames and frames your pieces so nice! Good luck with the last days of class.