Thursday, July 30, 2015


HA HA I'm back!! I finished that wicked class with an ....... A  wooo hooo!! It was hard - lots to remember but I did it!!I am taking the weekend off and then starting Monday I am studying for the nursing entry test. I have about two weeks before I need to take the test so I will be working hard on that.
lots of stuff to memorize

Mo was bored with all this studying nonsense! Not sure what happened to my hair lol
I do have some things to show you - things Scott finished. First is this picture - it was the traveling pattern I won
Count Your Blessings by Shakespeare's Peddler

 This is what the frame looked like before he stained it. Then he framed The Voice of the Shepherd by Told in a Garden. I finished it in 2008 (I left the words off.) Scott had been looking for a heart frame or heart mat but decided on this frame. It looks fantastic in the study!! It was hard to get a picture of it because the glass picked up all the light.
The Voice of the Shepherd by Told in a Garden

This is the frame before he changed it for the picture!

  Our friend Joanie sent these cool old bells to us for our anniversary. Scott wanted to come up with a neat way to hang them - I think he did a great job! See the "stained glass" we bought it at Home Depot - it's a film that covers the glass - love it! It's prettier in person.
He started with a plaque and some pegs - I love the stuff he does.
This makes me laugh - he likes the frame sitting there but doesn't know what picture he wants to put there yet. Every time I walk by it I laugh - funny guy! I mentioned last week that he had some medical things done - his colonoscopy went well - no bad things to report (whew). The only scary thing was there was a terrible thunderstorm and while he was back having it done the power went off at the hospital. He doesn't remember it of course, but I was a little worried. Generator brought the lights back almost immediately but it was still scary! The hernia repair surgery also went fine. He has had a harder time recovering from it. The doctor said they would do it laparoscopically and it would be three small incisions. Well, one of the incisions is about 3 inches and looks like someone stabbed him with a butcher knife. He had this done 15 years ago with one incision and said that hurt was less than this one. They glued him together instead of sewing -looks terrible and it's so black and purple right now! My poor darling.
So, this weekend my neighbor somehow ended up with a tree on their house. The trees here are HUGE and it is the weirdest thing to drive by a house and see a tree sticking out of the second story. I thought about getting a picture to share but I feel so bad about their terrible misfortune that I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. The damage is pretty bad. I fear this every time a major storm comes through here - which is about twice a month. A few weeks ago this area lost a lot of dead and live trees because it has rained so much that the ground just lets them go!
This picture shows my two story house (last Fall) and look at the size of those trees!! Any one of them would go across the whole house if it fell. The one on the left is maybe ten feet from the house and dead.  We need to have it taken down. Last night at 3am one of its very large limbs fell - when it hit it was so loud it woke me up - and it brought about the 3 am FREAK OUT!! Honestly I know it's because I drive by my neighbors house everyday and see the devastation but I just laid there for an hour thinking about how we needed to sell this house and find one with smaller trees - haha. I also thought that if one of those things fell and crushed us while we slept - it would be days before anybody noticed - not a lot of people go by here. All cheery thoughts to have at 3 am - not. I finally went back to sleep but today I am tired. I have an iron update - I listened to everybody and decided to return it. I found my receipt,  I contacted the company and they sent me a new one. Took less than a week for them to get me a new one - not bad!! I ironed today - but first I ironed an old towel to make sure there was no oil. Seems to be in good working order! I have a date with a cup of tea and my needle. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer heat - ick! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Congratulations on your studies! Enjoyed the post. Glad husband is doing well and I just love those bells.

  2. Good going on that A!!!Scott is one great framer, when he retires he could get a part time job as a framer!!!!Glad he is doing well. How scary about the tree falling. It happens here from too little rain this summer. The poor old trees just fall over. Your 3 am thing sounds like something I would do. I think you always worry more at night! Glad your lovely house is still standing with no trees on top.

  3. Congrats on your A.
    Your hubby has some cute ideas, and great framing.
    Hope he is on the road to recovery.
    It's scary about the trees.

  4. WOOT-WOOT! An "A"! Awesome! Your finishes are so pretty - love the bells - and SO GLAD DH is OK. Man - those beautiful trees - talk about a rude awakening. ;0)
    Take care - hugs all around -

  5. Yay, congrats!! What fantastic result after so much hard work studying :)
    So envious of your surroundings!!

  6. Great job on your "A!" I admire you for setting new academic goals for yourself and going for them :)

    What a pretty house! We are worrying about several of our larger trees, too--it seems like they are falling everywhere this summer with all the rain.

    Pretty framing job and I love how the bells are displayed.. Happy August to you!

  7. Kudos on your A. The framed projects look good. Sorry to hear about your neighbors' misfortune. Trees are beautiful, but they certainly can be destructive in storms, can't they?

  8. Congratulations on the A! Woo hoo!!

    Lovely stitching and I love the framing, too! I hope your hubby is feeling better soon!

  9. Congratulations on the A! Woo hoo!!

    Lovely stitching and I love the framing, too! I hope your hubby is feeling better soon!