Saturday, August 22, 2015

stitchy crafty stuff (edited)

Told you he would take the chair...
Hope everyone is doing well as the summer dies away. I missed the whole thing this year with super study summer school. That class ended July 30th, I took a few days off and then spent the last 3 weeks studying for the entrance exam.There are a several levels that you can achieve but you have to have proficient or above (proficient, advanced or exemplary) to apply to the nursing school. I got "advanced" whew, I think I could have gotten exemplary if I hadn't bombed the math section. So I have 3 days of NO school work before the Fall semester begins. Sociology, communication and Anatomy 2 - here I come.
I have a finish!! It went well - my borders all matched up. It went quick because I sew stitched the houses. All until I got to the last square! The bottom right square was my last one and I was anxious to finish it. I put the tree trunk in as 435 instead of 433 - enough of a difference that I had to redo it. I also missed a section of roof and had to take the chimney off and redo it. Gotta pay attention!!
Orchard Valley Quilting Bee - Little House Needleworks
   I am pretty upset though -the new iron did it..... yep oil or grease or whatever the hell it is. Luckily it only did it on the border. It shouldn't show when framed but I am still ticked.You can see one spot on the above picture - above the RC of orchard. grrrr

This picture just shows one spot - there is another big spot under it. I took the iron back and got a new one - different brand. I emailed them and they said I could pick a different iron from them but I said not a chance - I won't ever buy another Hamilton Beach appliance.
Scott framed two pictures for me. Here is the before picture of the frame
 and after
Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler
Anterselva di Mezzo by Renalto Parolin
Scott holding it so you can see how long it is!!
The pictures don't look as good as they do in person. The Renalto Parolin is 27 inches long - loooong!! The next project Scott and I worked on together - it still needs a hinge but I am impatient!! Scott made a hoop box for me!!

L'arbre aux Oiseaux buy Jardin Prive
I got the idea from Pinterest which led me to the Twisted Stitchers finishing tutorials Scott glued everything - the hoops and the inside and outside of the top. I painted and stitched. Scott will put the hinges on when we go get some.
Scott put a picture in the frame I was laughing about last time - remember?

He put in a fun "old timey" picture of me, my mom and my gram in jail - it's super cute!

I got some cute patterns in the mail - I was going to do them next but I don't have the correct fabric.
I bought the tart pans too. I'm excited to do them. I am going to change the thread a little, only because I don't have exactly what it calls for and I don't want to buy all new threads. I will use colors that are pretty close. Last night I was so tired but I started Victoria Sampler's Gingerbread Needlework Shop. Scott gave it to me for my birthday

 Well I must have been too tired to be stitching because there are two measurements above the directions - the size of the stitching and the size of the fabric. I took the width of the fabric and the height of the stitching to find the center (doing it all on one big piece of fabric) and started the awning. Since I used the stitching height it wasn't in the middle and the awning was way to close to the top
See how close it is to the top- grrrrr This morning I got that much done before it dawned on me that it was wrong. Then I had to figure out why it was wrong - sheesh. I hope that is my only screw up. I almost have the awning done again- in the correct spot.
We are cooking out today - more grilled veggie salsa - YAY!!! So I'm going to go wash veggies. Hope you have a good week! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on the great advanced rating. You have worked so hard. I am very happy for you!! I do love all the framed pieces. Does Scott realize how much money you save when he does the framing.? My DH is good with projects but I just can't get him interested in the framing. I love the new charts. I have been looking at the tart designs. Were the tart pans on the Plum Street Sampler site? That house looks so hard to put together but it will be just adorable! I will be watching to see how you do it. Enjoy your brief break!

  2. Felicidades por unos trabajos tan bonitos

  3. Cats are like that! :)
    Congrats on your studies.
    I went around with the same problems with irons.
    Bought an expensive one, it leaked water like a sieve.
    Bought a Sunbeam with extra steam, same thing, and oil like yours.
    Ended up with a GE, so far, it's been good.
    They just don't make things like they used to.
    Great framing, great frames.
    Love the hoop box and great stash also.
    Ooo, can't wait to see more of the Gingerbread House, it's awesome!

  4. Congrats on achieving Advanced on the exams! Lots of hard work, I'm sure. How annoying about the iron and the oil spots. What is the brand of the new one & does it work like it should?

  5. Great post, wonderful to catch up on all of your news. Congrats on your fabulous result and such beautiful stitching - well done!

  6. Congrats on your exams! I started nursing school at the age of 30 with four if I can do can do it! It's a great career!

    Love your sampler...the iron stain just adds to the's better than having that hand-dyed floss run all over the place when you press it! It 's beautiful and your husband does an excellent job at framing...does he hire out??