Wednesday, August 5, 2015

just stuff

Well, I have no finishes - no new framing - no changed furniture to show. Why am I here? I have FOOD!! and some other little things to chat about. This may be a short post - noooo, I do not have a fever! First stitching stuff - always first!! I am working away at Little House Needlwworks Orchard Valley Quilting Bee. There are some boring stretches - lots of houses and HAVE YOU SEEN THE BORDER - sheesh. Marly provided me a solution - the 2nd link is to her July 12th post where she posted a link to another blog that has a video of the sewing method of cross stitch. It takes some getting used to and I can only use it on long borders and blocks of color (because it's too much thinking on small parts and I end up taking longer) It is so much faster - or at least it seems like it. There are a few things that you have to watch for. First thing is for some reason one strand always bunches a little so you have to watch that you don't have little loops. Also, I am so focused on stitching fast that I have -1. stitched my thread tail into the stitching and had to backtrack and 2. ended up with so little thread on the needle that I had to backtrack just to be able to anchor.  HA! I like it though and it gets you through the boring parts a little quicker! I am really wanting to make some the the Victoria Sampler pieces -the church and needlework shop so I am trying to get this one done - quick.
Know how my cat is always where I am? Well right now he has squeezed his 20 pound body behind my (considerably larger) body on the chair as I type. I had to scoot forward to not squash him and so my legs are starting to tingle - does he look concerned?
When I get up to switch laundry he will take over the whole chair - chair hog.
About the food - Scott was watching Polkabration (don't ask me why - side effect of pain meds?) and they had pierogies (of course) So we decided we needed to make some. It was fun! I used this recipe from the blog Life As A Strawberry  (love that blog - the recipes look fabulous!!) They are a bit of work but it was fun to do and they were delicious!!
Scott rolling out dough

boiling then frying in butter


We froze quite a few of them before boiling - so I have some meals for later!! I had bought a plastic pierogie press at an estate sale but ended up just using a fork to seal the edges- not one popped open!! Next time we might roll the dough a little thinner. Scott used a bisquit cutter to get a uniform size.  mmmmm
We have had a cotton tail bunny hanging around in the backyard.
I know it looks like a jack rabbit but there are none of those in Indiana and they are nocturnal. This guy can eat a pound of vegetation a day - which is good since Scott can't mow yet  - it needs to bring some friends over and help us out!!
I have another obsession - yes, another!! It's Noosa yogurt. The drawbacks are it's expensive and fattening but it is the best creamiest yogurt EVER!! I am not a lemon fan and their lemon is one of my favorites - also pumpkin, coconut, pineapple, tart cherry and now they have cranberry apple which tastes like Fall!!  (I guess it's a short time only but they said that about pumpkin and now it's a regular) Those are my favorites - they have a few other flavors too. Target usually has the most flavors - so they are also a pain in the rear to find. That is the beauty of an obsession - all of the negative things don't matter - you just have. to. have. that. yogurt!!! I did just find a huge new Meijer that had a bunch of the flavors too.
One more food thing - I like to make flavored waters and I started making individual ones!! Scott hates cantaloupe so I made one for me and lime for him - brilliant!! Maybe not brilliant but a good idea haha!

aaaand I'm done - see, shorter than usual! Hope you are all having an wonderful August - WHAT? August? yikes!!! Another  year whizzing right by. Even though June is halfway through the year - August always feels like a tipping point. I am ready for Fall colors and flavors but not raking! I have family visiting in October - so excited!! ok I really am done - Have a lovely day!!  


  1. Never heard of that yogurt. Yes the sewing method, even when doing a complete stitch at a time, is faster. Makes houses and large blocks of color so much easier. I need to check that pierogi dough recipe. We use the one with sour cream in it and it's like silk to work with.

  2. Great food in that blog. Love pierogis. I like lemon verbena flavored water. I am going to go back and check Marly's blog post about the sewing method, anything to make those big spaces go a bit faster. I love houses in designs but they can be a bit boring to stitch.

  3. Mmmmmm, those pierogies look delicious!
    Maybe eventually Mr. Bunny will mow the whole lawn. :)

  4. I use the sewing method for almost all my stitching and I stitch "in hand" so I don't use a hoop. One other thing I notice when using the sewing method is that the thread twists more -- for me anyway.

  5. Oh, I'll bet those homemade pierogies were wonderful! I tried the sewing method--just couldn't master it so I'll stick with my old stab and stitch method :)

  6. Food and animals!!! Always great pics. The pierogis look sooooo yummy!