Monday, October 19, 2015


Where does the time go? I waited two months for my family to show up for the visit and they are already gone!! That went quick!! I think they had a good time. They saw something every day!! We went to the covered bridge festival - what a crowd!! We only went to Bridgeton because every stop was PACKED!!! I could not believe how many people were there!! We saw the mill and the bridge and then got out of there!! Brian got us in to see the mill - they usually don't take tourist down there but Brian always makes friends!
Mom and Brian

Bridgeton Indiana
I had to go to school two of the days they were here. They went to Indianapolis to see the Speedway, the other day they went to Nashville and Columbus Indiana and saw some covered bridges without any crowds!! We went to the Bluespring Caverns and took a boat ride into a cave - very cool!!!

A cave lizard

 We took them to see the West Baden hotel in French Lick Indiana - also went to the winery!!I didn't get any pictures of the hotel this time. The blog post from 2014 of the hotel can be seen here.We went to Jasper Indiana and ate at the Schnitzelbank
Joel and Carol

The food is good but the gift shop with German chocolate and coffee is the place to go!! I bought both - delicious!!  They left Friday morning - see how quickly that went!! It was nice to see them. They brought with them a trailer full of furniture. Some of it I wont be posting - some of it you wont see until it's been refinished. There were a few things that got cleaned up and put in the house right away. My mom brought me the deacons bench from my grandmother's house. I am going to buy a braided rug type seat cover for it but for now...
My uncle Joel and aunt Carol are going to downsize because they are going to travel more so Joel is loaning me the sewing machine cabinet from my Gram's house. Gram refinished it long ago.



drawers inside

 the slits in the drawers are where the locks slide in - very neat!! 
 The sewing machine part gets pulled up by this neat pulley system - the pulley is made of leather
 super neat wheels underneath - isn't that cool!!!
It's in my bedroom!! Speaking of my bedroom I am delighted and embarrassed to say that we bought a quilt from a department store. Shame on me - I know but it is so pretty. None of my beautiful homemade quilts are big enough. Yes, I should make one but I would rather cross stitch than hand-quilt a quilt big enough for this bed!!
the angle makes it looks small but that is a king sized bed!!

Mom also brought a dresser and side table that we put in Ryder's room

Mom brought 2 rockers

3 stools but I am only showing this one

this fun German silhouette candle holder!!

pretty painted stool

 Joel is also loaning me one of the quilts my Grandmother made - hand-quilted!! It is beautiful!!

 She also made these two pillow cases - the one on the right has to be retired. It had two major parts that needed repaired but the repair makes it look like I sewed the mouth shut on one - and the button I had was a tad bigger - so I put it in the closet. I don't want it being damaged. The other one is on the guest bed now.

Joel and Mo seeing what is in the fridge
Mo misses his grandma and Joel - the guy who sneaks him lunch meat!! Naughty!! So, that's it - the whole trip went quickly. There are several pieces to refinish - exciting!! My next post will be about a cross stitch finish and some frames Scott made - I'm really excited to post them - fantastic frames!!! Welcome to my newest follower!! I now have 34 - yay!!
Hope you have a good week - thanks for stopping by!!


  1. BEautiful sewing cabinet!! I, too, buy my quilts from department stores. I have a cupboard full of handmade quilts, but the more you use them, the more you have to wash I hang them on my quilt rack. Its terrible how time passes so quickley...just like spend months planning, shopping, cleaning and in a blink of an's gone!

  2. How fun to have a visit with family. Love seeing the furniture, quilt and pillowcases. I have my Grandma's sewing table/cabinet in my bedroom -- and yes, I have a store bought quilt on my bed too. My MIL gave me a quilt that's over 100 years old, but it's too small for my bed and I'm afraid it will fall apart if I use it.

  3. Sounds like fun packed visit for sure! and a haul on furniyure and family heirlooms. Love the pillow covers and the sewing cabinet is super sweet.