Monday, October 26, 2015

leaves are so.....

plentiful. I am dying! Scott was out there using the blower for two hours before I went out to help. Took another two hours before it was done. There are leaves falling as I type - arrrrgh!!!  I didn't take any pictures but this is from a year ago - still the same!!
This is just training for shoveling season which is sneaking right up on us! We went to Anderson Apple Orchard and got our annual apple slushie, caramel apples and Winesap apples. I love going there - last year we picked raspberries - doesn't seem like that was a year ago.
Scott framed my Renato Parolin Easter tree - I absolutely love it!! He found the frame at Hobby Lobby - original price was $187.00 - he got it for 90% off!! Great price because the frame is perfect! Scott had to cut it down first - turned out FANTASTIC!!!

I was looking at a new Renato Parolin pattern I wanted to do and I asked Scott what he thought - because it matches one I did earlier this year and he noticed that on the one I did earlier - I missed the outside back stitching! I'm upset because it looks better with it - not that anybody will notice - and it's already framed so I wont be taking it apart to "fix" it. Grrrrrrr. I just realized this isn't on my finishes page (fixed!)
 Anterselva di Mezzo - Renato Parolin
missing edge grrrr
I am almost done with Rosignano Monferrato by Renato Parolin - I will show you next time. Scott has another fabulous frame he is working on. I was hoping to show it this time but he is not happy with it so he might change it - I can't wait to show you because it is a great frame!! In the meantime I have another finish
Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Church

 Attaching the steeple to the church was a little tricky. I am a member of Victoria Sampler CHAT group on Facebook. I read back through the posts and saw that a woman named Wendy Welsh used a curved needle to attach hers - and also the front part of the haunted house so I tried it. Working with a curved needle is hard and weird but it makes it so much easier to attach these pieces!! Thanks to Wendy for the curved needle idea - made my life easier!!
the latest Sunset magazine had two recipes I wanted to try - the first one is Boozy apricots
Boozy Apricots

2 cups Riesling
2 cups brandy
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 lb dried apricots
Mix first three ingredients until sugar dissolves. Pour evenly into two mason jars. Add half a pound of apricots to each jar. Shake periodically for three weeks. Then you drain off the alcohol and store it in the fridge - apricot liqueur. You can dip the fruit in chocolate. Makes great Christmas gifts according to the article.  Now I have to wait 3 weeks - exciting!!
The other recipe they had was roasted beet hummus - usually Sunset magazine is great about posting recipes online but I wasn't able to find either of these to link to. If you would like the beet recipe just email me and I will send it to you. It is pretty good but the most fun part was the color!!
PINK!!! I love it!! If you like roasted beets and tahini you will love this recipe. I also made the newest soup on Skinnytaste - Blissful Butternut Squash  I used leftover butternut from my freezer - also used curry instead of nutmeg - delicious!! I served it with super healthy (not) sausage and homemade pierogis - perfect Fall dinner!! Scott actually finished the soup and cooked the sausage and pierogis!!
The bread is a new recipe for me too - Fresh Baked Italian Bread   I had some trouble with the recipe - you have to use a lot more flour than it calls for. You just have to make it the way she says and be prepared to add more flour. I think I added over a cup more - and could have added a little more! It tastes good though so I can't complain!
The wind has covered the yard with leaves again - oh bother. I'm too sore to care right now though!! The next place we buy will be a condo - no yard work!!
Hope you have a perfect Fall week - with only a little raking - just to get you ready for shoveling haaaaaa!!!


  1. The gingerbread church is so gorgeous. You do great work. And your husband the framer, wow! Wow on the framing part, lol. That was quite a discount on that frame and it's perfect for the Easter tree!

  2. I"m glad to be of some assistance. I think Thea from the Victoria Sampler recommended using a curved needle on some of the later pieces, but I wish I'd known about it when I made my Gingerbread Church. It certainly makes attaching the steeple easier, but you're right - the curved needle is tricky to use as it keeps twisting around. Your church is beautiful and I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at it in the lead up to Christmas.

  3. That is a gorgeous frame. Very nice wall arrangement. You've stitched some really nice pieces and ate some really good food!

  4. The frame is perfect.
    You can sometimes find a great bargain at HL.
    Your Gingerbread Church turned out so pretty, congrats on your finish.
    We have a lot of leaves here also. :)

  5. Perfect frame!
    The Gingerbread Church is A-MA-ZING!!!