Monday, November 2, 2015


Really? Already? sheesh!! This will be a short post - no really it will. On the last post I mentioned that Scott and I had raked leaves - and it almost killed me!! haha. Well two days later the wind started blowing, we had buckets of rain and now it doesn't look like we raked even one darn leaf. So this weekend we will be back out there - ugh. Anybody need extra exercise? You can come help - come on - it's good for you!!
It was cold and blustery so I made some beef barley soup from Skinnytaste and bread from Brown Eyed baker. Scott was out of town for a few days so he missed out.
Last weekend we went to a letterbox meet at a campground. We stayed in a cabin overnight. We got to visit with great people and find letterboxes. The rain waited until after the night boxing event so that was good. We had a good time!!
I have a few small finishes - Renato Parolin

Rosignano Monferrato

I am now working on Mosey N Me Father Christmas - I've wanted to stitch it for a long time - love his face!! I'm having a hard time with the eye - it appears that it is over one but the close up of the pattern has all the face color around the eye the same size but I don't see how it could be over two - guess I will have to mess with it. I emailed the designer so we'll see.
Orientation for nursing school is this Thursday - wooo hoo. I'm excited!! That's it - I told you it would be a short post - I know you thought that was impossible.... haha. Hope you are having a good week - thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Beautiful stitching - take care of yourself raking those leaves! Been there, done that ;0)

  2. I grew up in an oak forest so I know just what you mean about the leaves!!! Such cute little projects and I love the Santa you are going to stitch.

  3. Great stitching as always!
    I feel for you having to rake all those beautiful leaves :) It looks wonderful with or without them, you are blessed to live in such fabulous surroundings!

  4. We don't rake anymore, we just mulch them up with the lawnmower. lol
    Mmmm, Love BB soup!
    Those RP designs are so pretty.
    Good luck at your Orientation.