Monday, December 7, 2015

random ramblings

Wow I have been away awhile - my absence is due to 5 in laws for 6 days. Six days doesn't seem like much but there are the days leading up to and the days following full of preparation and clean up. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was nice.
We had traditional foods - turkey, mash potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, etc. We played games - it was good. We took them to see the West Baden Springs resort - I know going to see a hotel seems silly but it is really spectacular, The story is a good one too! They have it decorated for Christmas - beautiful!!
Scott's grandma - who just turned 95 really enjoyed seeing the hotel. We took them over to the winery and then the casino hotel.
There they had people singing Christmas songs - grandma enjoyed that too.
They had a 7 foot tall gingerbread house - made of real gingerbread baked right there at the hotel.
We ate at a place called The German Cafe - it was very tasty!!
 Scott had a little beer haha
 The apricot liqueur I made was a big hit - I gave the recipe to my in-laws and Scott's aunt Elaine. Aunt Elaine and Grandma left on Saturday - they live in Ohio. Scott's parents and nephew stayed until Monday - before they caught the flight back to Colorado we took them all over Indy - a quick car tour.
I have a finish - this Mosey N Me Santa.
What a pain in the butt this pattern was - I didn't enjoy stitching it as much as I thought I would. I didn't realize until it was done that there is some back stitch on the cover picture that isn't on the pattern - also I think the staff is darker on the cover. bah. Now I am making some Prairie Sampler Santas to make into little pillows for a bowl in my dining room.
Bon Appetite recently ran an article on cured egg yolks of course I had to try it - I only made two - and they have been done for days but I have not tried them. Crazy!!

 They say you grate it over anything that you would grate a hard cheese onto. Speaking of weird foods - we went to a Mexican market in Indy and they had rambutan - it's a tropical fruit and I had to try it. It's kind of like a gummy bear - very good. I looked up how to eat them on Wiki-how and it said the seed has traces of poison and should not be eaten but the Wikipedia page says you can eat it because the seed being poisonous is folklore - a little contradiction there. We didn't eat the seeds.

If I had known people would love my dyed undies story so much I would have posted it much sooner. I think everyone has an idea of how it would look but it's probably not what they really look like. The waistband and the stitching don't pick up the color.and they get a swirly effect on them - see... they turn out cute.
Scott decorated for Christmas this weekend.
We are waiting to decorate the tree until Ryder is here - should be here on the 20th. He will be going to Georgia to Savannah College of Art and Design in January. Scott hung up a quilt I made years ago - I never really liked it but that might be because we hung it on a white wall which made it too loud - in this setting it's actually not so even has matching chair backs!
Scott dug up some things I made years ago that we haven't put out in years. ( last year we didn't even decorate!)  Like these eggs Santas I made - funny. They are paper mache eggs with split pea noses!!
I hope you are having a lovely Christmas Holiday!! Thanks for stopping by


  1. What? No Krampus? Shocking!

    1. the Krampus get their own post - don't post spoilers Mr. Burch!!

  2. Looks like Thanksgiving was a great family event. We never got to that hotel when we lived in Louisville. It looks very pretty. Those dyed undies are quite colorful!!! The Christmas decorating looks great. I think that quilt looks very pretty! My DH has helped a lot with the decorating this year. My back gets tired very easily so he is taking the lead. Of course, I am still the director!!!

  3. The tree and Gingerbread Houses are amazing!
    Very pretty decorating, love the Santa quilt and chair backs.

  4. The hotel looks beautiful. I don't think it's silly to visit it. I've gone to the Opryland Hotel several times because it's just so neat!