Tuesday, December 29, 2015

last post of the year

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I had a fantastic day - got lots of lovely gifts!! I am a spoiled girl!!
look at all those patterns - that man loves me!!

a bracelet I asked for at the last possible moment!

Jim Shore

San Pascual saint of the kitchen and cooks

hadncarved box - picture is upside down!

opens to look like this - it was FULL of chocolate!!
LOVE these gifts!! I got some other things - immersion blender, grater attachment for my Kitchen Aid, Nessie ladle, 2016 calendars. Scott is great at gifts and I loved every one of them. I got to stitch all day and then Scott made prime rib, crispy rosemary potatoes and French onion soup - I love that man.
Ryder made it from Santa Fe. It's hard to get used to having an adult child at your house. He is so skinny - I don't like it. He has to be in Atlanta GA by the 5th to start school. I hope he gets more out of than he got out of Santa Fe.
I have three finishes to show you. I almost have a third Prairie Schooler Santa done. The fabric on the right is wonderful to look at - soft to touch. It's natural oatmeal floba turns out I hate stitching on it. You come up in one hole and the thread slides to the next hole. You can't sew stitch which slows down all the red of the coat. I am still doing two on this fabric - the one I'm almost done with is on it too. Fabric on the left is vintage country mocha and I like it much better.
 It's hard to stitch these when I have new patterns. Scott got me Glendon Place Tiramisu I already bought the thread pack (Dinky Dyes) now trying to pick a fabric. I have so many great patterns to do - which one which one?!?!?!?
Scott asked me to make a doily for the new sewing cabinet.  I am no longer fond of crochet. It seemed to take forever and I can see 2 errors. It is pretty though.
So my stitching year is - 32 finishes (one of those is the doily) only two of those were WIPS from years past. That's not a bad amount of finishes.
 I can't believe the weather we are having. We had one of our trees fall - it was a small one and fell across the road but still. I don't like the wind because I'm afraid of the big trees falling. I don't mind no shoveling though.

What is this ridiculousness???????

I am ready to start nursing school - scared and nervous but ready. I bought all the books and other items I needed. I had to get 7 immunizations - still have two more to go. The MMR hurts - A LOT - it hurt all the way down my arm ugh. I have to get another one on the 11th of January. I also had two blood draws and two TB tests. I'll be glad when this section is over. It's been pretty pokey.
Have you all made your resolutions? I have two - get healthy and do my best in nursing school. I am ready. Plans for New Years? We usually stay home and that is what we are doing this year too. I hope you all have a safe New Years  Eve. See you  in 2016!!!


  1. Happy New Years, baby! I enjoyed this year, and I'm lucky to get to spend next year with you, too.

  2. Looks like Santa was very good to you this year!! My DH would not know what charts to buy for me. He is helpful as an advisor,however, when I want to change color. I hope school turns out great for both you and your son. Savannah is such a great city, I think he will love it down there. The shots sounded terrible. My son went through a lot of them before he deployed to Iraq several years ago. We will be home on New Years Eve too. I really don't like going out on that night, maybe an early movie and that's about it! I wish you and your family all the best in 2016!

  3. You had a fantastic Christmas! Good luck in nursing school. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. What a great end of the year post.. You certainly got a lot of needlework done this year, and by the looks of your gifts, plenty to get started in 2016. What a lovely box. A handsome son too! Lots of color and blessings to you this coming year.

  5. Santa has been so kind to you! Enjoy all these lovely gifts :) Happy New Year

  6. Wow - Santa really DOES love you! Beautiful stitching - and the doily is absolutely GOR-GE-OUS! WOW! Good luck with nursing school. I'm sure you'll do great. My mother was a nurse - a stellar one - I'm sure you'll be the same.
    Happy New Year -

  7. Wonderful gifts you received! Love the PS Santas and that doily is so pretty. I don't see any errors in it. I've been crocheting, but I don't like crocheting with thread like my grandma did. I am thinking about 2016, but I don't make resolutions. Best of luck with nursing school! Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!