Thursday, February 4, 2016

February? Seriously?

If this keeps up I'm going to be 100 before I know it! I have been so busy. I might be a once a month blogger this year. Ok let's get going here.... Scott and I went to Indy for something - can't even remember and we saw this Goodwill that was called a Goodwill Outlet - I made Scott pull over. Wow what a CRAZY place!!! I only got one picture because I was dumbfounded!!! They have these huge cubes of just stuff and they spread them into these bins and pull them into this room. There are people there - kind of like the crazy stories you see on TV for black Friday shopping - and they rush around going through these bins of stuff. They pay 99 cents a pound - yep you read that right. The bins get taken away once an hour and new bins get set out. The frenzy is overwhelming. We bought nothing and didn't participate but this one lady says she comes there with her friends every Saturday and you really have to search but you can find some great finds. The stuff goes to the dump after this stop. C R A Z Y!!
Scott had to go to Vegas for a convention. He went on Sunday and I followed on Tuesday.
Scott had to work Wednesday so I had to entertain myself. My first stop was Stitcher's Paradise

I bought this - when I packed to come home I threw the thread away accidentally - DOH!! Stitcher's Paradise is a lovely store - there were a ton of ladies in there stitching away and I felt a little jealous. My next stop was Christmas Goose
 ohhhh pretty
 I bought this cute little mug rug pattern - guess there are 12 of them - block of the month deal. I only got the one. The company is Buttermilk Basin - super cute stuff
Then I wanted a noodle bowl so I looked at Local Eats and the best noodle bowl place was Manta Ramen
It was delicious!! I hope to go back next time I'm in Vegas! I have a thing for bubble tea so I looked online to see if there were any in Vegas - lots of them!! I went to Easy Life Boba Tea and got a taro milk tea with boba in it - mmmm I could drink these all day long. Probably good there is one close to my house!!
Scott took me to Lollicup one night for a taro milk tea with boba in it before we left Vegas because he loves me!! We had Thursday and Friday together so we went to the Mobster Museum
Walked around Vegas - it is the Year of the Monkey this year and the Bellagio was decorated for it
. We also visited the Hoover Dam - WOW!
We took a self guided tour and it is very interesting. The way they built it is very impressive. They built a new bridge because of the 9/11 stuff - they don't want trucks going along the dam. The bridge is pretty impressive too. Scott and I went to the middle - he was in Nevada and I was in Arizona. Scott bought me this rabbit
made by Jose Olivera Perez it is an Oaxacan wood carving. I absolutely love it!!  We ate at two Diner Drive in and Dives places
 John Mull's Meats and Roadkill Grill

 very good BBQ
 Osaka Japanese Bistro
 sushi roll sampler
we sat in the area where you had to take your shoes off and it looked like you were sitting on the floor but there was room under the table for your legs - it was so much fun. The food was FANTASTIC!!!
 sashimi with tempura
Osaka rice (heavenly) teriyaki beef (omg!!) We came home the next day. All 4 of my flights were awesome - of course xanex is the only way to go but on all four flights the plane wasn't full so there was an empty seat between me and the other person in my row. I had coffee and snacks and stitched - oh and watched movies. It was great. It was a really nice vacation.
So let me tell you about my wash machine.... I didn't know you have to run tub clean every three weeks on these h.e. machines. So I've had mine for 3 years (I think) and it started having some foul gunk come out onto my clothes. - not nice at all. Scott had unhooked everything before he left - the great freezing pipes problem. So when we got home I ran tub clean - by the time we got home the washer smelled so horrible I couldn't believe it. I ran it 5 times - bleach, vinegar, tide and oxyclean, baking soda and more bleach. Still smelled like sewage. Scott took it apart and we cleaned all the nasty gunk out of the bottom - gross. The bottom piece is metal and plastic with a gap inside that you can not get to. Well you can but then I don't think it will go back together correctly so we ordered a new bottom piece 80 bucks with two day shipping. I dropped Scott at the laundromat (bless his heart) and did the grocery shopping for the week. bah! The piece came in and everything is great - I will be running tub clean every three weeks without fail. I bought tub cleaner and more bleach.
Then my stitching - I know once a month posts make for long ones! I finished all my Santas.
 The one on the far right is one I made for my Gram in 1990 - it was in a little frame in her room and then in my room for all these years. I pulled it out and made it into a pillow so it could be with the others - I'm not sure if I used the called for colors because that is the year I started stitching. You can tell too because the stitches go all ways and there are knots on the back.
They look so cute in my wood bowl - but I need two more.I saw this Old World Santa when I was at the store in Vegas
but I didn't buy him - I wasn't sure I wanted to commit. A Heaven and Earth Design is like adopting an animal - it will be in your work basket for years! They are on 25 count - 2 threads over 1 and always large - this one is 18x18 I thought about it for a few days and then bought it. They are now having a sale if you think you want to do one. So I've decided to do a rotation. One week will be this Santa, second week is Tiramisu from Glendon Place, third week is assorted smalls so I don't feel like I never get anything done - for now it is the two PS santas I need but then it might be some other smaller picture from my basket. The fourth and final week will be that dratted Teresa Wenzler fruit bell pull I have been dragging around for FOURTEEN years!!! That is longer than some marriages. I hope doing a rotation will get it done. My last work on Tiramisu - I finished page one YAY
I also bought this fabulous pattern off ebay
I adore her!! She goes in the smalls rotation week!! A few random pictures to share.....
Scott plays racquet ball and hit himself in the hand
Isn't that awful? Glad it wasn't his face. I think he has bopped himself in the head before!! I know he hit another man in the head - on accident - and the guy had to get stitches. This is why he has to play alone!!   I bought the cat a running water thingy so his water doesn't get gross when I am out of town
He wasn't sure what to make of it - he has it figured out now.
 look at the size of that guy!! See the tufted titmouse staring at him - he's huge!!
Ok I have to go make dinner. Thanks for stopping by - and making it to the end of this post haha. Hope you have good plans for Valentines Day - I'm taking Scott on a date tomorrow night - a little early but that makes it more of a surprise Ü


  1. Now that's what I call a fun post!!!!!
    I love Vegas except eat too much!

  2. A long but very interesting post. Boy, I need to check my dumb washer fast!!(Never ran that stuff) Anyway the trip looked like such a nice little winter get away. Looking at the places you visited on your own, we could definitely shop together. They were both great. That little witch pattern is so cute. Poor Scott. I agree, thank goodness it wasn't his face!! Have a great little pre-Valentine date!!

  3. Pileated woodpecker at your feeder, very cool!

  4. Pileated woodpecker at your feeder, very cool!

  5. Love your post. What a great trip to Vegas. And the Indy post...sheesh...sounds like mayhem. Nice stash.

  6. Love seeing where you've been! Awesome pic of the woodpecker and titmouse. I've never used anything to clean my washer, but I use vinegar instead of softener (no, my clothes don't smell like vinegar). Also, I always leave the door/lid open and Hubby does a clean out of the hoses, filters and drain a couple times each year.

  7. You've been to some great places.
    The food all looks delicious!
    Great projects.
    Tiramisu is looking great.
    That looks like a Pileated Woodpecker.
    So cool!

  8. Wow, what a busy month! Thanks for sharing your trip... loved the armchair traveling. :) That Goodwill Outlet sounds crazy... I would've loved going there. The food looks AMAZING!