Thursday, January 14, 2016

What the.....

Geez has it ever been a week AND it's not even over yet. I went from winter break hanging out to having to jump into everything which would have been fine but the snow and freezing weather really made it a challenge. Then Alan Rickman died - I am pretty sad about that - I didn't know him or anything but I always enjoyed his performance in movies. Of course we all loved him as Snape - sad, just sad. I'll start with Ryder - we went with him to Georgia. As I have mentioned before - he is now going to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)
What a wonderful and amazing school. Scott and I are so excited for Ryder - and jealous. The school really is amazing. The student dorms suck - I mean really bad. They took an old hotel and converted it into dorms - no carpet - three beds to a tiny room with the smallest bathroom I have ever seen. They are supposed to renovate them but not soon enough. Atlanta is beautiful and has great things to see and do but driving there is AWFUL!! They have packed 4 lanes into a 3 lane spot and the amount of cars.....I need a Valium just thinking about it. Luckily the craptastic dorms are across the street from the school so he doesn't have to drive - and the school proves transportation to all the other buildings until something like 2 am. It was sad to leave him there  but we have grand dreams for his future!! We did manage to hit some Diners Drive Ins and Dives, so that was fun. We got home Thursday night and I had orientation Friday. Of course it started with the snowing and got colder than a pocket full of penguins. So I'm trying to get used to my new schedule and getting back into going to the gym - not going well. Gym door was frozen shut one morning - shoveling one morning - got there late so only worked out 20 minutes - honestly. Garage door stopped working correctly - ugh School is going well - already got checked off on two skills (don't be too impressed it's hand washing and taking off protective gear)  I found out that my summer is going to be hard - 6 classes to do in 10 weeks. Tomorrow I have CPR class. I can do this.... I. CAN. DO. THIS.  The car I drive was a lease - we thought that was a great idea and then we went way over on the mileage. So we have to do the whole end of lease thing. I have to say that I hate hate hate dealerships. You could stop in to drop off cookies and still walk out feeling like you've been screwed. They have such shady ways of dealing with you. We have bought two vehicles from Enterprise car rental - and my mom bought one there too. I think we will just buy from them from now on - the cars are in good shape - low mileage - the cost is printed there and they don't try to haggle or try any shady tactics. This place had us sitting there for 2 hours - they wanted me to buy a new car, I said fine but it has to be the same as what we are paying because I'm in school and can't afford higher payments. Two hours later Tweedledum (and he really looked like Tweedledum - even tha the bow tie) came up with much higher figures. So I am keeping the one I have - which is fine - I just don't like the jerking you around aspect. We have to go back because Tweedledum was soooooo busy he was having a hard time getting our paperwork done - hard to believe since we were the ONLY ones in the place. While typing this it is taking a TON of self-control not to pepper that whole explanation with terrible language - bastards. So I have a finish - I  mentioned that I started Merry Two but needed to order three skeins - when they got here I realized I missed on AHHHH. So I had to substitute Barn Grey - geez.
I started Tiramisu by Glendon Place while I waited for the thread - usually stitching large blocks of color is annoying but I am enjoying this one. The thread is soo silky oooooohhh
I have a few pictures for you and I am outta here - I hope you are all having a better January than I am - 2016 better shape up or I am going to have to write a sternly worded letter to it.
give me all your yogurt and nobody gets hurt


  1. You are so lucky to have those cute little cardinals around!

  2. Wonderful winter pictures!Well, I hope 2016 improves for you. I HATE car things, I know just what you mean. That lease thing got us too! We finally got out and bought the car so all the little problems will disappear. I hope school is going very well. Good that it started out easy. Love the part about washing hands. Both of your stitches look good. I love that little holiday finish. So happy you liked SCAD. I really never saw much of the school but as I have said, I love Savannah. If it weren't so hot in the summer, we might have moved there.

  3. Sorry 2016 is starting out so rough for you. I hate dealerships too, especially when the salesman physically tries to prevent you from leaving. Your stitching is looking great! I went to college in Florida and our dorms were also an old motel. Actually, even though the rooms were so small and crowded, it really wasn't that bad. Of course, it helped that it was 80 degrees in January, lol.

  4. I hope you had SOME fun while in Georgia.
    Too bad about the dorms.
    I hate going to car dealers, they all have smiles like Chesire Cat! LOL
    Your cat like yogurt?
    Hope everything straightens out for you.
    Good luck with your schooling.

  5. Sorry to read that 2016 is not starting the best for you, not good at all. Shame about the dorms for your son and yes, car dealers in Oz can be really shady, too. I hope that all your woes pack their bags and go back to wherever they came from really soon - at least you always have your stitching and your blog (and feel free to explete away if you need to - lol!). Good luck in school this year, hugs, Kaye

  6. Love your fur baby and stitching. I want to do one of the Glendon Place charts. Cheryl Granda is an awesome designer.

  7. First - lovely stitching. Second - I've been to Atlanta and agree the traffic is AWFUL!!!!! Take care - and best of luck in your CPR class. You CAN do this.