Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Now we're cookin'

Today the realtor comes to take pictures and list the house. Now that we've done all this work I'm sad to see it go - but after we've done all this work I am glad to see it go. I'm excited not to have to work so hard on the place I live! So, as soon as I said we never have visitors Ryder came home from school. He has been struggling and needed to come home. Some regular sleep and a few home cooked meals will help get him on the right path. (a bonk on the head might help too) Then my mom came to visit!!  We had so much fun - except the part where I made her work her little fingers to the bone! The first day she was here I took her shopping and then hiking! We actually letterboxed but it was also a 1.8 mile hike. It was fun! The next day I made her help me redo the rocking chair she brought me. It was originally a wedding gift to my grandparents. Then mom redid it for my baby room when I had my first kid. Then it ended up in storage. Now it's back with me

during - that's my mom - isn't she a cutie!
We used quilt squares my grandmother made - there were only two that matched. I don't know why there were only two but it worked out perfectly. It's a little poofy on the bottom but that wont last long. We had a good time working on it - and only spent $15 on supplies!! Then the next day I put her to work in the garden! She weeded two rows between the bushes and a huge area in the front. We put down black mulch - we only had to go back three times for mulch darn it all!!

I also planted two planters full of flowers but I didn't take a picture. Monday we went letterboxing again but didn't have much luck. We had lunch at a cute tea shop - that was fun!! It was great to have her here and I really appreciate all the help. She left this morning - boo.
 I haven't' stitched much - here is my updated Tiramisu
The Bothy threads kit came - I opened it and accidentally laid it on the sticky strip on the packaging and ripped off part of the pattern - **sigh**
all the way across - grrr
I've emailed them to see if they can send a picture of just that spot. The fabric is lovely and I can't wait to work on it!!
color is brighter in person

The rotation is currently on One Starry Christmas Eve by Brenda Gervais (converted to Crescent Colours)
I have to say I was pretty impressed with the tree removal guys. We had the big tree out front removed - they had to come take some limbs off it first. It was scary because I live on a steep incline. The tallest bucket truck in Indiana (their claim not mine) came out and did as much as they could but couldn't reach the highest limbs - I'm tellin' ya - these trees are monstrous!
The picture doesn't really show you the crazy incline - he said it was scary because of the incline and being on a hill made it seem like he was higher. I really wanted to see the thing come down but I missed it - bummer. They have been logging for 40 years. They have 6 deaf employees - at first I thought they were just signing to each other because it is so loud but one of the guys was talking to me without using his voice - I was impressed.
I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Shelly at An Arizona Stitcher she sent me her copy of the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine I was looking for - Thank you Shelly I hope one day I can return the favor!!
Well, I better get ready for the realtor - I hope selling goes quick and easy - exciting!!


  1. I love your rocker re-do. The quilt blocks used are beautiful. Best wishes in selling your house!

  2. Good luck with listing your house!

  3. Wow - lots of work done - lovely rocker...and your grand mother's quilt squares are perfect.