Monday, May 2, 2016

this little piggy..

Wanted to put it's house on the market! Today I have workers at my house fixing the walls from the tree falling. We are still waiting on the roof to be repaired and we still have the  HUGE dead tree that needs to come down. Like I said in the last post, we never did much to the kitchen because we were going to remodel it. Above the stove there used to be a microwave - really dumb because there wasn't much clearance between it and the stove. The guy who sold us the house had used that cabinet refinish junk on the cabinets and left it here - so we did that to the microwave hole haha


Doesn't look bad at all! This weekend Scott and I raked the entire yard and then mowed it. The yard here is huge and bumpy - exhausting!
This is an old picture and snowy - but see how big and steep that yard is? Seriously, almost killed me!
I caught a frog in the yard and this guy. I touched its tail with the rake and it coiled up - I think it bit itself on accident! pretty ferocious! It is now under the porch - as long as it eats mice I'm ok with that! Yard work was just one more thing that had to be done before we could list the house - want nice pictures after all. So, the house is almost ready to go on the market - if we could just get the other people to come do their stuff..... The only stitching I have to show is one week worth on Pleasant Unity
I have taken out almost as many stitches as I have put in. Luckily I am done working on it for 3 weeks. I am anxious to finish it because I will put Bothy Threads - Mad Hatter's Tea Party in it's place.
picture from the internet
 I found the kit on etsy for $36 - with shipping - great price!! Seller is Hixxysoft. Currently I'm working on Glendon Place Tiramisu.
When contemplating packing I look at all the framed things we have on the walls. I love all of it of course. We do have a fun wall called The Wall of Shame. Scott found a folder with all these certificates we had gotten - from as far back as elementary school! We bought a bunch of cheap frames and hung them all up

some of them are awesome!

locks of love - Scott donated hair

Q clearance - ohhhhh

Scott got good citizenship in 1975-1976

Scott was the singer in this band Die Smiley

a bat we adopted at Carlsbad
I love looking at the wall - it's fun.
Does anybody have September 2008 Cross Stitch & Needlework that they are willing to sell to me? I know it's hard to find because of the Nora Corbett in it (which you can buy at Herrschners) - but I need it for the door hangers series. It looks like this....
Well, I guess that is all I have to talk about. Hope you are having a nice Spring. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are in luck. I have this magazine! I kept it for just that reason-the Mirabilia. Seriously, I'm not sure if I'll ever stitch the pattern! So I'm off to email you. BTW, the Wall of Shame is fun. Good luck with all the remaining house repairs.

  2. How nice of Shelly! I didn't have that magazine. You guys have a wonderful sense of humor with your wall of shame, very funny. Your yard reminds me of the one my parents had as I was growing up. My Dad only had 2 daughters so we had to do the kind of work you did last week-end! You have my sympathy.

  3. Wow! Your house is looking great - and what a HUGE yard. You must be exhausted.And - WOW! You're getting the magazine you've been looking for! This is your lucky week!!

  4. Isn't that lucky that Shelly has the mag that you need and so nice of her to send it to you. Good luck with getting the house all organised for the sale and I love the Wall of Shame - cute idea!