Wednesday, September 28, 2016

oy vey

Happy Fall kids - loving the cooler weather and the pretty foliage. I have another finish - finally. A continuation from my last blog post - they mailed the thread the 17th but I didn't get it until the 23rd - earlier that day I had to stop by my lns for some other thing -  I bought a skein- so of course it showed up. They included a skein of limited edition Gentle Arts Sampler (because I paid more for shipping than the skein itself) so I will stop complaining .
I had a week to work on Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place before it rotated out
called for threads and fabric so it's weird that it is hard to see the thread on the fabric
I am currently working on a Just Nan Halloween Tweet - I am changing it to a needle minder. Let me say again how irritated I am that they use hard to replace supplies in their kits - and don't sell extra. I am sure I was boycotting them because of it and then bought the kit - I can't keep track of my irritation boycotts. I bought a clearance piece of fabric to use for Scary One by Plum Street Sampler. It got here and it was way too light. I want to be like Marly over at Samplers and Santas - she dyes things with crazy abandon and they always turn out perfect.  So I questioned her and tried it. Well, rats it didn't turn out. I sprayed it with straight dye - too dark so I rinsed it thinking it would be perfect lighter but it turned purple
and you can see my spray bottle pattern. It doesn't look purple but it really is - looks like a pen leaked on it. So I asked Marly again  (I might not be following her suggestions - I do that sometimes - I think she said try a corner....) So then I bleached it and most of it came out. Then I thought I would ice dye it - I've seen others do it and it sure is cool! Well - mine turned out cool but way way too dark.

I didn't do the soda ash soak and I only left mine until the ice melted (impatient). I guess I will try another bleach dip and hope it lightens without changing the colors. I would have already done it but I ended up going to the ER Saturday for a cat scan (Mo is mad at me so I had to pay for one - haha I'll be here all week) Even though I had 12 inches of colon removed a few years back because of chronic diverticulitis - it's back. I can't even tell you how disappointed I am about that. What's worse - no insurance. Worse still - spent ALL day Saturday doing that - so half of Scott's weekend was wasted.
That is all that is going on here - pretty exciting! Hope you are having more fun.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have sure had your share of frustrations! I am so sorry to hear about the health deal. It's no fun to have surgery then to have the problem back must be very frustrating. I had this stupid knee replacement a few years ago. I join a easy going exercise class and guess what knee is driving me crazy, yep the replaced one. Go figure!! At least you tried to dye the fabric. I am such a chicken I don't even try!!

  2. Sorry to hear of your health woes. They spring up at the worst possible times, don't they? I applaud your restraint at only buying a skein of thread from an ONS! I would've been adding charts on to the order! Good luck with the fabric dyeing:)

  3. Whoa. My spray bottle adjustment mists so fine it's like fog! It doesn't leave a pattern. You used dye without mixing with water? Guts girl! Never heard of ice dyeing. I'm sorry about the ER visit and hope you're feeling better. Hope the insurance goes into effect soon too.

  4. Your finish is so cute and I have to give you credit for even trying to dye your own fabrics!! So sorry about the health issues returning--that must be beyond frustrating... Take care now!

  5. Can't wait to see more of Red Velvet Cake.
    Never heard of ice dyeing, thanks for the link.
    The fabric turned out interesting though.
    Hope you get your health issues solved.

  6. Oh no! You are busy in between fabric dyeing frustration (although your adventure made me smile) and health issues (nope, not funny here). I hope everything settles down nicely for you and you can enjoy plenty of stitching time. Beautiful little crosses, as always!

  7. Good luck with the dyeing - you are so clever to try all of those methods. Also, good luck with the cat scan, I hope that all is well with you in the long run. Lastly, lovely stitching on both pieces.

  8. I bet the one you ice-dyed will look great once you bleach it. I hand dye a lot of my own fabric and it always takes me a few steps to get it close to the shade I want. It's fun though seeing the results. Hope you are feeling better by now, I can't imagine an ER visit without insurance, hubby and I are both covered and we still get charged huge co-pays and deductibles.

  9. You had quite the foray into fabric dyeing, lol. Hopefully, it turns out like you want it.

    ER visits... ugh. Hope you're feeling better soon.