Thursday, October 13, 2016

rain rain go away

Just kidding, I love the rain!
We were hoping to go out letterboxing this weekend and a little rain doesn't scare us, but they said storm.....possible flooding... high winds... that is no fun for letterboxing.
So we will stay home - plan a trip and finish hanging things. Let me tell you the things I love about this house - taking the trash out is a one car length struggle - instead of a steep long hill. Lawn mowing takes less than 30 minutes - not an entire day. We won't be raking every weekend for two months - we won't be raking at all!! House cleaning is 2-3 hours instead of all day! We are so close to so many things instead of  20 minute drive to anywhere! We can sleep with the windows open - no swarming bugs or humidity! A girl could get used to this easy life! I will do a post showing the house in a week or so - there are still a few things that need hung up.

When we got here I looked into the closest college for nursing. They evaluated my transcript and decided it was not up to their standards - I would have to either take again (who knew anatomy and physiology could be so different from one school to another) or take more classes because  I didn't have enough credits in a subject.  So basically my time in school in Indy was a big fat waste of time. I feel like maybe they just want you to spend more money at their school. I was pretty down about that. Dispatchers make good money here so I thought maybe I would just go back to that - but then I am on nights, weekends and holidays as the low man on the totem pole again - bah! Either choice had me down. When I went to the ER, the nurse that took care of me told me there was another - better in her opinion - school. It's 45 minutes away but so was the last school I went to. I enrolled today and I have to wait - forever - for a transcript evaluation - but it looks like the same amount of classes as my last school. Fingers crossed kids!!
Yes, you heard right - I just found a home and I am ready to travel!! Scott's boss won a weekend at a swanky Portland hotel at a fund raising auction. They were going to expire before she could use them. She offered them to her managers and Scott took them - I feel like everyone else thought it was weird to want to stay 20 minutes from home. If we had to pay for it it would be about $600!! We plan on walking all over the city of Portland - it will be fun!! Scott's new company also buys crates of apples for the employees to take home - I have a big box of local organic apples - delicious!! Another trip I am hoping to take is The Butchart Gardens Holiday lights tour. You get to ride over to Victoria on a clipper, visit the holiday light display, stay in a hotel and return the next day. It looks like so much fun!! We are going to talk about it this weekend!!
My mom, stepdad, uncle Joel and aunt Carol are all coming for Thanksgiving - I am trying to find a restaurant. I know - shameful - but it's so much easier than cooking and cleaning! It will be fun to see everybody.
Last but not least - stitchy news. I have 4 new starts because I recently finished all the projects in my rotation. I showed the Red Velvet on my last post - nothing new on that. I have a finish from week 2
Tricky Tweet Just Nan

Yes, I made 6. I have 4 lovely stitchy friends that I thought would enjoy these - one for me and an extra in case a need a quick stitchy gift. I think they are adorable.
Remember that fabric I dyed, bleached, ice dyed blah blah blah. Well it was gorgeous but way to dark so I bleached it - and then bleached it some more. Then I tea dyed it and damn it all - something happened that made big black splotches - there must have been brown crystal in the towel
before tea dye

after tea dye
 So I measured and I can fit the pattern inside the splotches - geez what a crazy adventure this has been. From now on I'm buying the called for fabric.
new start for week 2 -  Scary One
Week 3 is Teresa Wentzler Fantasy sampler - started in 2005
This is how much there was when I pulled it from the WIP box

after one week
I got three animals done - including the backstitch, some border backstitch that you can't see because it's gold cord and added some green to the inner border.
Week 4 is Bothy Threads Mad Hatter Tea Party - started Sunday 9th - here is my progress as of this morning - rotates out on Sunday - back to week 1!
Our Whole 30 is going as well as can be expected. I am tired of meat and I am tired of cooking. We go to the gym 3 days a week. Weekends are spent on our feet for the whole weekend moving boxes around. I feel thinner so it's hard to complain too much - I only want one little donut - or 12  - don't judge.
There you have it folks - my whole week. Thanks for stopping by and listening to me blabber on about things!


  1. Good luck with the new nursing school, Jamie! I really hope it works out for you. This weekend will be the perfect time to get more settled into your lovely new home, and maybe even get in a little bit of stitching. :) Stay dry this weekend!

  2. Fingers crossed you can continue your nursing studies. House cleaning-what the heck is that? Ha. I can see staying somewhere nearby, especially when it's all paid for. Forget something? Run home real quick for it! Enjoy the donut!

  3. You two always have fun no matter where you are. What the heck happened to that fabric? You're right, must have been something in the towel. Good luck with the school.

  4. Oooh I am curious to know more about letterboxing!!!
    Cute Just Nan finish, it really looks adorable :)

  5. I so love the rain too♥ Enjoy your weekend♥

  6. So glad that you are enjoying the new house and good luck with the new Nursing school. Lovely stitching, too. Your hotel stay and trip sound great, too.

  7. I don't know how I missed this blog. I really enjoyed hearing why you like your house, very funny! I do have my fingers crossed for you and school. You have put so much into it already, I sure hope you can make it work. Love all the stitching plus, I think you are very brave for trying to dye fabric, I'm just a coward about that.Hope your week-end went well. We had a fairly easy storm compared to what they were predicting! We went to Butchart Gardens one Christmas time, it was beautiful and fun!

  8. Love the cloud photos... just gorgeous!

    Congrats on your little tweet finishes. They are very cute. Glad to hear you can still use the fabric. I'm sure it was annoying trying to get it just right.

    Good luck with getting into the new school!