Sunday, March 16, 2014

woo hoo!!

Howdy folks,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend! We have had a wonderful weekend - I have some fun pictures!! First I have a finish
L'arbre aux Oiseaux by Jardin Prive
I used Wisper thread to do the sheep - which you can hardly see on the picture. Yes, I know - sheep again - wth!! It's only 6w x 5h so it stitched up quick! Next up is the pin cushion
Carré d'abeilles by Jardin Prive
Love it - can't wait to see it finished!!
I have some funny cat pictures for you as well - Mo does not like the new ottoman. I don't know why - he's ridiculous! So he tried so sit right up on my lap - most nights this is fine but one night I had my stitching board where he usually sits....
why is that in my way?

fine I will go under

 what a goof - it made me laugh!!
This weekend we went to Ohio to The Heart of Ohio Antique Mall  in Springfield Ohio - about 3 hours from us. Wow!! What a lovely HUGE place!!  We got there at 930 and didn't leave until 530!! They give you a map and a piece of paper so you can write booths down that you want to revisit. You get 10% off anything under 100, anything over 100 you can place an offer on - they call the vendor and get an answer for you. We found a pew that I really wanted - they wanted $160 (which is a great price compared to all the other benches we've priced) we offered $120 - we ended up paying $136
I love how it's distressed!

love love love this!!
We also got a little table for the entry
underneath is a V shape for books - kind of hard to see it

got the blossom light at Kirkland (love that store!!)

perfect - right!?!
We bought a shutter - have a great idea for it but it has to be cleaned up - so you'll have to wait!! Also a pretty lighted Tiffany shelf

 not my picture - found it on the web and it didn't have a link so I don't know who it belongs to. Ours isn't up yet so you'll have to stay tuned for that as well. Last thing we bought were these beauties....
 I think we did really well - and spent less than I had expected!! We had a great time!! Here are a few pictures of things we didn't buy...
a little creepy

foot warmer

whaaaa? who stuffs a skunk? yikes!!
We went to Columbus to the Melt Bar and Grilled for dinner - we have eaten at all their locations now!! The sandwiches are a bit ridiculous but still fun and delicious!! 

hangover fries

big popper

fish and puppies
I failed to mention that we made it to our 50th Diner Drive in and Dive!! Momocho in Cleveland - funky fun food!!
We decided to start raking our huge yard this week. We decided on doing 45 minutes a day - only worked for 2 days because of the weather. I feel like we did a lot but we still have so much to go - and the damn wind blew Friday - but the yard still looked good - is blowing today and now it's covered with leaves again - *grrrr*
sooo many leaves

see all that yard behind him - whew!!

 The internet here has been up and down and I had to re-type part of this twice *grrr* So I'm going to sign off - hope you have a good day!! Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. First, What a beautiful finish!! I did a Jardinh Prive Halloween a few years ago and I still love it. Mo is so funny, I was laughing out loud at his antics. Now about the antiquing, I think you did wonderful. I LOVE the pew and the other things you got are super. I had heard of that place in Ohio but never made it up there. Your place is really coming together so well! Sorry about the leaves, but you do have some great old trees and when the summer heat hits you will be blessing them.

  2. Congrats on your finish.

    The antique mall visit sounds like a great time. We have one near us that I enjoy going to. You came home with some nice goodies.

    What do you do with all the leaves once you rake them?!

  3. What a sweet finish and such a silly kitty. :) awesome finds at the antique mall; love that bench, girl!! Might want to invest is a bagger on the back of the riding mower. Will save you time and aches and pains. :) that's a lotta leaves.

  4. Great finish, can't wait to see your next finish of the pincushion.
    Great finds!, love the bench.
    Silly kitty, but cats always get their way, don't they. ;)