Monday, March 3, 2014


I have a finish - more than just a picture - a room too!! I finally finished A Year In The Life of....

Now I am working on Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs. I already have 6.5 of the blocks done - 3.5 to go!! I posted a picture of the box a few months ago when I painted and distressed it. I'm looking forward to seeing it done!! I had another happy mail day - last one though - I don't have anything else on order.

This week Scott finished up the fireplace room - he filled in the nail holes on the baseboards - then sanded - then painted them. Saturday we moved the furniture into the room - we put the entertainment center on 3 different walls to see which we liked. this is the placement we chose...

This is that night - no decorations hung up. Sunday Scott decorated - I don't help decorate because Scott has a knack for it and I just muck things up.

Here it is during the day with some pictures and quilts hung up - I love it!! In the pictures it looks a little cramped but it isn't when you are in there. It is cozy - especially with a fire going. Now we need to buy furniture for the front room. We bought this metal candle holder to put in the downstairs bathroom
That quilt I made a few years ago - cant remember the name of it or the magazine but if you need it contact me and I will find it!!
 It snowed again Sunday - so we shoveled and then it snowed again so this morning we shoveled - again. I heard that we were really close to having the snowiest winter since in Indiana since they started keeping track. I still blame the long steep driveway for all the snow. I think we need to do a Spring dance or something - noooo morrrrre snooooooow!!!

Gram's Autograph Book

This one has no date.

Dear Mary Ellen,
Doesn't it get you mad,
Doesn't it get your goat,
When your in the bathtub
and can't find the soap,
Dotty Moss

Thanks for stopping by - Hope you have a good week!


  1. I'm just plain loving this blog of yours! Always newsy and fun. What a treasure to have your gram's autograph book. Love your decorating skills and your wonderful stitching also. You have a wonderful week.

  2. You finished project is just wonderful!!! I love all the little designs. How very cozy the room looks!! And I'm really glad to be moved away form the mid-west. I can't believe the horrid winter you are having!!!

  3. Your room looks lovely and cosy. I love how all your artwork is displayed together. I notice that's a Historical Sampler company chart that you finished. I have done a couple of theirs and find the charts very difficult to follow so congratulations on a great finish!

  4. Great finish and stash!
    The Fireplace Room looks inviting and cozy.