Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another finish!!

Happy Sunday!
I finished another project - Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs. I made a huge mistake - I guess I didn't read ALL the directions so the 4 bigger pieces are on too small size fabric. They are suppose to be laced and then glued down - I just stuck them in there on a mound of batting.

You can tell on the right side ones that I did try to lace them anyway - but the left side looks better so I will probably undo the lacing. *grrrrrrr* I think it's cute but I am irritated with myself for such a silly mistake!!  I am now working on this Jardin Prive...
I'm half way done with it so next week I will have another finish!!
We bought curtains for the one window in the new living room. We bought them from Primitive Home Decors. It's hard to take a picture of a window. I took one and then one of the tie backs (also from Primitive Home Decors) and the cute bird curtain rod (Lowes) Isn't that corner cute - love it!!

We also bought a toilet paper holder from Primitive - they really have some lovely stuff!

 I remembered to get a picture of the ottoman we just got - great price on that thing!!

It has a nice wood tray underneath - The front opens and the tray comes out...
 This weekend we went to Bloomington because we heard of a big antique mall - waaaaaaay overpriced!!! Yikes!! I did find a "Lucky Brand" purse that I just had to have! I tried to look it up online to see if I was paying too much but I can't find one like it anywhere.It's brand new suede - the green and brown are pockets and it has pockets on the side - adorable!
While there we found a delicious pizza place called Mother Bear's Pizza  First we had stuffed shrooms and then we got a half  Dante's Inferno and half Pride of Palermo -it was really good!! We also went to a bakery - Scholars Inn Bakehouse we got cupcakes (one lemon and one pumpkin), a brownie and a bar with coconut, chocolate and nuts on it (can't remember the name).
Last year when we went to Live and Breath we bought a few letterboxing patches. I finally sewed them on today. I really hate sewing patches - the fabric is always hard - I even had to use pliers on some of them. They are in hard to reach spots and it makes your fingers hurt! I had 13 to sew on- blech. Ryder bought Scott a tool backpack for Christmas to use as a boxing bag - so half the patches went on his. It's a great bag for boxing - has a rubber bottom and lots of loops to put flashlights and pens (his is in the left - mine has pink on it Taylor gave it to me as a Christmas gift a few years ago)

We've had a nice weekend - Hope you have too!! Thanks for stopping by...

Gram's autograph Book

Dear Mary Ellen        Sept 24, 1941
When you get married and
live across the sea don't
 forget to send me a piece
 of your wedding cake
      Your Classmate
            Angelia Masintonio


  1. I am loving the quotes from the autograph book. I have that BBD spell box to do. Yours looks great!! I can't see any real problems. I love the decorating you are doing. The curtains look great. I love the homespun fabric. Sounds like a fun day in Bloomington, sorry the mall was so pricy. At least you have interesting antique malls, that's more than I can say for the Pacific NW. We do have just a few worth the trip to see them.

  2. It looks good anyway.
    Can't wait to see the JP piece.
    LOVE the bird curtain rod, and the ottoman is huge! Great with the tray underneath.
    I don't like sewing on patches either, they're too thick and hard.