Tuesday, August 5, 2014

funny friends and craft projects

Shocking that I am already back again right?! It was a month absences so I have a lot to say! I only finished a few things but my friends did something so fun that I Had to mention it! Jessica and Sharon did the shop hop in Colorado and they were sad that I couldn't go-so they figured out a way to take me with them!!
  Headed to Wyoming

Guess I had an accident

Trying to get a dispatch job with these guys

But hung out with an outlaw and ended up in the hoosegow

This better be ice cream because I am NOT ready for snow yet

Made it!

Sharon and I liking at the menu at the Mad Cow in Greeley Colorado

Mmmmm ham(I think) the pop is Dr Pepper so I refuse to drink it(I'm a handful as you could see from my jail photo!)

Country Crafts and Supplies in Greeley Colorado

Fancimats and More in Littleton Colorado

Worn out!

Sharon me and Jessica
Wasn't that fun! I wish I could really have been with them! They got me a surprise-don't know what it is yet! Fun! Aren't they adorable?!
I am still working on Renato Parolin's Noel
Turns out they are HUGE! Yes, it said so on the pattern but I was so excited to have another of his patterns that I didn't think about it. There are four and they are 11x11 yikes!
On the trip to Colorado I took Quaker Turtle by With My Needle. I'm not gonna lie to you- I hated working on them. Over one on 32 count takes some getting used to plus little glasses and lots of light. Then I had to put them together. They turned out cute. I didn't like the needlebook cover so I made the pocket into a needlebook. Also, there was some crazy loop directions that I couldn't understand so I used a robin to bow for the buttons. Works great.
Ribbon attaches to the 2 buttons -Damn it the trail is on upside down

Backs- see how small they are!

 Jessica put together this t-shirt quilt for me. I tied it and added the binding. There will be two quilts-Scott has been dragging these shirts around for years. There were 5 shirts left over I made into pillows

Scott framed this for me.I made it last year. Chessie and Me -Buzzing Round You.
I am currently working on four projects.I am working on an ornament on my lunch breaks. I am quilting a small quilt by hand 2 nights a week. I am working on a WIP 2 nights a week-to get my WIPs down-Little House Needleworks "Orchard Valley Quilting Bee" is the one I chose. I am working on Noel 2 nights a week. I just bought the limited edition Just Nan "Charming House Of Lindy Mouse" Yeah I KNOW - I didn't need another project. I BOUGHT IT ANYWAY -adorable.
I guess that's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a stitchy day with fun friends!


  1. Looks like CO was fun!
    Love the RP Noel, so pretty.
    And what a cool T-shirt quilt too.
    Those turles are too cute.
    The Chessie is pretty, what a pretty frame.
    Sounds like you are busy!

  2. You are one very busy girl!! First, what good friends with a great sense of humor!! I bet you miss them. The turtles are very cute but I hate over one anything!Your WIP is so pretty! The quilt is great. So you are hand quilting, it took me 8 years to hand quilt a queen size quilt and now I'm afraid to use it!!!!