Monday, August 4, 2014

house projects

Didn't think I'd be back so soon-huh? Ha! We have been working on house projects - Scott does most of the work! I have some pictures to share....


Moved the birdhouse to the back- too much poo on the porch!

The top is a work in progress- got the quilt hanger for less than $45!

Always wanted one of these - this one was a great price!

Adorable cabinet-bought from a store going out of business-another steal!

Cherries in rum - small one is cherries in whipped cream vodka mmm

July 4th decoration!


Perfect spot
Lasagna rolls from Skinny Taste

There were so many chipmunks we were sure one would climb up us while taking this picture!
We got this 5 and a half foot garden door to put on the wall for quilts or wreaths. I LOVE it! If I could find the key I'm sure it would open to a magical garden!
Thanks for stopping by- I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh so much eye candy! Love all your little refurbs. The house is looking so cozy. Great work guys!!

  2. You now have a house full of treasures! What progress you guys have made since you moved in a fairly short time ago. We always take the feeder down after we clean our deck for the summer. Our deck is on the second floor and a great place for a feeder IN THE WINTER!!!!