Friday, May 1, 2015

A finish and a win!!

Another win? Yes - maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!! I found L'Atelier Perdu Stitch Me 2013 on ebay - I won it for $20!! Woohoo last one went for over $50. I would still like either the Snowflakes pattern or the reindeer pattern but I am not holding my breath!! I finished the Blackbird's Designs Mystery Sampler - here is the last section

and here is the whole thing. I ended up taking the year off the 4th section, it was between the crows in the middle, I didn't like it so I added some of the little flower thingys. There were two sets of initials - didn't like those either so I didn't put them. I love it. So now it's on to Shakespeare Peddler pattern that I will be giving away when I am done. Should only be a few days so stay tuned if you want it. 
Scott is away on business. After he was done working he went and saw his grandmother - unfortunately she had already eaten dinner or he probably would have taken her out.
What cuties
On his way home he passed the corporate office for Longaberger - isn't that cool!!

I am home cleaning, doing grocery shopping and throwing away the treat our stray calico left in the yard
I actually saw her catch it - pretty impressive. Ugly little creature. My cat catches nothing - except some zzz's on my electric stitching blanket
Lazy lima bean
The latest entry from Gram's autograph book is full of misspellings which I am not going to correct. Hope you enjoy..
The higher the mountain
the coller the breze
the younger the
couple the harder
the squeze
forget me nor
your pal Antury or Authury?  (oh that one is racy!!)

                                     September 21, 1941
Dear Mary Ellen
As the short years roll on
And these pages dim may be
just remember Wendell Culbertson
Your cousin  -------- one of many.
                          Yours for constant victory!
                            Wendell Culbertson

On September 21, 1941 my Gram turned 11 - I'm surprised there no mention that it was her birthday! Pearl Harbor was bombed in December of 1941.
Hope you have a lovely weekend - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations on getting the chart you wanted and your awesome finish! Those offices look great.

  2. Jamie, I love the BBD design. It makes me want to drop everything and stitch it. Yours is beautiful. What a great photo of Scott and his Grandma. He is lucky to have her still with him.I think your cat has the right idea!!

  3. Congrats on the chart - I love your stitching. The autograph book is so cute. And the HQ for Logaberger - too funny!!

  4. Congrats on the finish and winning the chart you wanted! Love seeing Scott and his Grandma. How lucky he is to be able to visit her.

  5. what a finish! great job! and HURRAY for finding the Atelier Perdu chart!! at last!
    those HQ are just hilarious, and by the way the only thing I ever bought on Ebay is a Longaberger basket!

  6. What a great score! Enjoy it.
    Nice Blackbird finish also.
    Love the HQ basket. lol
    Ewwwwww! What is that little critter?
    Your cat looks like it is saying...oh, turn the light off. lol

  7. Your sampler looks great. WHAT is that critter your kitty captured?

  8. Congrats on your lovely beautiful finish!! Great bargain too :) Those offices looks so funny!!

  9. What a gorgeous finish!! And a great win on Ebay :)

    I had heard about the Longaberger office design--what fun for your husband to actually see it in person!