Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016

Hope it is going great so far.... on New Year's Eve I finished another picture - that makes 33 for 2015. Not bad.
2005 Prairie Schooler

Merry One by Plum Street Sampler
I changed Merry One a little I took of the date and the word Merry. I used Gentle Arts Mulberry for Santa's coat and Weeks Dye Works Mocha for the reindeer. As usual it wasn't because I didn't like her colors but I didn't have the suggested colors so I used what I had. I am in love with this fabric - 36 ct Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh. On New Year's Day I started Merry Two - same fabric. This time I was missing three skeins but I didn't feel up to choosing new so I just ordered them. I am stitching the two colors I have and then will start One Starry Christmas Eve by With Thy Needle and Thread while I wait for my threads to come in the mail. I really want to start Tiramisu from Glendon Place but I am waiting for the floss pack. Ebay had it for $41.56  with $3.13 shipping which is cheaper than the stores!! I found it on etsy for $31 but she wanted $16 for shipping - NOPE. I still need to pick a fabric for Tiramisu but I want to see the threads first - I might like the Vintage Country Mocha - but we shall see.
I have started using Instagram and I really like it. I used my first hashtag - #stitchersofinstagram it adds my picture to that group - I like to look at all the stuff other stitchers put on that group too. I am following a few stitchers. It's fun - if you are on Instagram I am Cricketbug33.
Yesterday we took down all the Christmas stuff - feels like we just got it up. It's funny how you can spot any ornament on the tree when you are gazing at it but when you are holding the box it goes in - you can't find it ANYWHERE!! I even told Scott at one point that Ryder must have hung his on a tree at another house because I couldn't find any!! I managed to find them all. We moved some furniture around - I was using this one chair and ottoman as my stitching chair. It was pretty uncomfortable but I liked the big ottoman for the cat and I could set my stitching there when I had to get up. Usually I don't have much time for stitching but on this break from school I got a few days in and that chair was making me so sore. Scott brought my old stitching chair back into the living room - wow it is so comfortable!! . It's smaller so the cat and I are kinda crammed on it but it is so comfy.
bum buster

smaller comfy chair!
  Ryder leaves Monday for Georgia. I start school on Friday - it's a nursing boot camp - real classes start Monday. I hope to get some more stitching in before then. I hope you are all getting some quality stitching in already this year. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Wow. 36 count. I ordered some 35 and would like to make more attempts to use higher counts. LOVE Merry One.

  2. You had a great stitching year! I only got 23 done. I'm not too sad as in the group were 2 pretty big ones. Still not sure what this year will bring. I just might try that linen if it comes in 32 count. My "old " eyes are not too happy with the small counts. Since I do it for pleasure, I think that doing something that is a strain just isn't worth it. I did a 36 in the Fall and quit. It might have been the fabric so I might give it one more try. Best of luck to you and Ryder as you both start new adventures!

  3. I love your thread changes! Beautiful stitching as well. :-)

  4. I love these patterns - both are just wonderful. And your choice of threads are perfect. Sometimes I take their suggestions but often I choose based on what I have or what I love. :) blessings, marlene