Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just a few things

Hello! A quick blog for a few finishes! I have two to show. First one is Acorn Shaker Box by Jeannette Douglas Designs - I changed the variegated thread - but I am making it again and changing it again. I will find one I like.
My second finish is Ghoul Tidings by Plum Street Sampler - I have too much stash (said no one ever) so I ordered the pattern and then realized that I had it in my stash in a magazine! The magazine (Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2013) has a typo - a oddly placed black pumpkin. I stitched it because there is also a floating acorn - so who am I to say if it belongs. Someone on Facebook pointed out it is wrong so I have removed it!
I tea dyed this fabric - I can't be stopped!

Remember how I said I wouldn't be dying fabric again - well, I can't be trusted..... First let me say that every time I go into my craft room I come out with another pattern kitted - I just gotta stop going in there - I think I have (Scott look away) 14 kitted ACK!!!! I went in there with Scott so he could look at what needs framed and BAM I realized I had a piece of fabric for a Barbara Ana Design
In person this pattern looks like gray fabric - on the back it says natural. So in pictures it sure does look natural - but I had already decided to dye it gray. Ampustitcher on Instagram had dyed a piece of fabric and I liked the way it turned out - she pointed me to Primitive Stitcher on Flosstube. I followed her directions for Rit dying - without the gloves and I used kitchen utensils *gasp* I love love love the way it turned out.

There is a weird thing on the video though - she says her spoon is 1/8th of a teaspoon and she puts in 4 of those - but then says it's a teaspoon. I used a 1/2 teaspoon and it turned out right. Now I want to dye all my fabrics - but I'm not. I am going to buy some instant coffee so I am ready for my next adventure. I am avoiding the craft room..... but look at all the fun - no - stay out!!
Last weekend we went letterboxing. Washington is gorgeous!!

not sure what this is - but it looks like jewelry

Mt Adams

the Wailing Bell on WSU Vancouver campus
The bell looks superimposed right?

Afterwards we had pizza - oh yeah baby!! Worth every bite - I ate it like it was trying to get away! I lost 14.2 lbs in 36 days. We will be off and on Whole30 for the next two months - holidays. I know it's not supposed to work that way but I can't just go back to "normal" eating for two months.
The cat is asleep face down on my foot - guess I stood in one place too long! HAA
Ok kids - I said quick. Hope you are having a wonderful month. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such pretty finishes, Jamie! And your fabric dyeing--wow! I admire your bravery :)

    Good for you on the weight loss--I'll be you have so much more energy these days!

  2. Wow Jamie, you are getting a lot finished. That little acorn design is so pretty and I love the Ghoul Tidings. I just might have to do that one. I like Barbara Ana too. She has lots of cute designs. I love the photos of Washington. It's fun to see a different part from where I live. I love Washington but this Oct. rain is getting to be a bit too much!

  3. Great job on the fabric dyeing! I saw that on FB about the black pumpkin. I'll need to remember that because Ghoul Tidings is a WIP of mine. Nice pictures of where you're at. Congrats on losing that much weight in 36 days! I just plug along!

  4. Beautiful finishes.
    I love Ghoul Tidings and have the mag, I hope to stitch it one day and had no idea about the black pumpkin! Thanks for the tip, it does look much better without it.
    I have looked into letterboxing as advised and can compare it a bit with geocaching. Seems fun and gets you out and about.
    Congrats on the weight loss too!
    I am trying to be good but know I fail miserably on the exercise bit...

  5. Nice finishes. I use RIT dye to do my fabrics and have good luck. Glad to hear you tried again.

  6. Great projects.
    Love the dyed fabric.
    Thanks for the link.
    I stitched Ghoul, I would have to go look and see if I did stitch the Pumpkin.
    I might've, and just thought it was suppsed to be there1 lol

  7. I've been away from blog reading for quite a while and was surprised to see you moved so far away from Indiana. All of your stitching looks great. I haven't tried to dye fabric, but I love seeing your results.

  8. The fabric looks great! I tried the instant coffee and think you may have better results with RIT tan dye. Concoction isn't dark enough and my latest project smells like cheap vanilla extract. ;)
    I ended up adding RIT liquid tan into the coffee in spray bottle and went to town. Also tried ice dyeing which was fun.


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