Monday, October 17, 2016

house tour

Scott finished decorating the house this weekend and I love it! Someone on Instagram asked how many framed pieces I have - 89 - it's true. That doesn't count houses, pin keeps. bell pulls, things I gave as gifts, pillows or boxes. I have been at it for 27 years though! There are still blank walls in this house so I have to get busy!! 
entry we are using the pie safe for quilt storage

hall from entry to living room
same hall different angle

other side

our room - since we didn't use the master we have this extended room

Santa wall and the rocking chair my mom and I refinished!

That's it - I like the way it looks.
Yesterday was day 30 of the whole 30. We are staying on it until our Portland weekend and then after that weekend we are getting right back on. Scott lost 13 and I lost 12 lbs I  had a rough start with the infection but I feel pretty good. I got the nom nom paleo cookbook - there was a recipe for eggs in purgatory that called for a pound of sausage. It's hard to find compliant sausage - Whole foods has it but it is so expensive. I found a recipe (if you use the recipe and are Whole 30 just leave out the sugar) online and made my own - turned out pretty good and was surprisingly easy (much much cheaper too!!!) I also made the nom nom paleo Mexican beef (left out the fish sauce) recipe in the instant pot - love that thing!! Scott made some fried potatoes to go with it - delicious!!
Since I just posted recently I only have one stitchy pic - Bothy Threads Mad Hatter Tea Party
ahhh headless creatures!! I have decided to take a little break from my stitching rotation - I know I KNOW!! sheesh. I love my craft room and I love to look at my patterns but then I think - oh I could get that done in no time and I put together a bunch of small ones - next thing you know I have 10 kitted with stuff coming in the mail - DAMN IT!! No self control. So I thought I'd get some smalls out of my system. Shake it off Jamie!! SHAKE IT OFF!!! Plus I just finished Tiramisu and the Red Velvet feels just like it so I am having a hard time working on it. Again - don't judge! Ü
The storms were pretty rainy - glad we didn't go out. We found a window that is leaking from the top wood part - lucky for us we are renting so I put in a maintenance request - HAHA no work for us!!
We got our Victoria trip planned and booked - it's months away and I can't even wait!! I'm so excited!! Guess who lives there - Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler. Wouldn't it be cool if I got to meet her? I'm not counting on it though!
That's all I got folks - thanks for stopping by!!! Stay dry!


  1. Great house Jamie. And holy crap I had no idea how many pieces you have framed! I bought the Instant Pot. Pretty expensive way to make eggs. But I'm sure I'll try something else eventually.

  2. Your house looks just wonderful. You guys have truly made it yours, that's not always easy when you are renting. You do have a lot framed. but your DH makes cool frames for you. I keep suggesting that my DH gives it a try. It would save us lots of money. So glad you got your trip booked you will love Victoria! I did not know that a great designer lived up there. Forgot to say that I love the Santa wall. I keep Halloween up all year in my craft room but not Christmas.

  3. Wow! I just love all your framed finishes--I am SO bad about framing. I finish my smalls, but the larger things I tend to put in drawers. Shame on me!!

  4. Oooh I was so looking forward to this post and here it is :D
    I love your new house and you've certainly transformed it into a wonderful home... I'm on my way! ;D
    Amazing finishes everywhere, I love it!!!

  5. Your new home is beautiful!! And your husband does an awesome job decorating!! Your stitched pieces are just wonderful and everything is displayed just perfectly!! I love your craft room too...I have so many patterns...I've never put them in kits, but maybe I would be a lot easier...I so enjoyed your post!! Have a great day and enjoy your new home!

  6. Looks like your rainy weekend was well spent! Loved the tour around your new home.

    Yes, Thea lives near Victoria, in a town just to the north. She's hosting a retreat in April and I am going! I've been to a few others and it's always a marvelous time in such a beautiful setting!

  7. Oh my what an amazing display of your framed work, I must sort out mine which are all languishing in drawers!